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Living In The Presence of God (VolII/PtII)-Chapter 31

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  • Adeline Teh
    CHAPTER 31 How unfortunate is that man That has all the money, But knows not its right use! How unfortunate is that man That has before him a feast But
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      CHAPTER 31

             How unfortunate is that man
             That has all the money,
             But knows not its right use!
             How unfortunate is that man
             That has before him a feast
             But experiences the disease of no appetite
             How unfortunate is that man
             That spends his life in fear of its love
             And loses his self in loving the world!
             How unfortunate!  How pitiful!  How horribly ignorant!
             For man comes as God!
             Lives as a beast!
             Dies as the victim!
             And takes with him
             The clouds of misery,
             Only to make another life
             It's painful shadow!

             The most blessed of all beings, man, has brought upon himself the misfortune, by making this transitory world his eye for the truth and his only home.  The chains of his worldly attachments bind him to his form and prevent him from experiencing the limitless nature of his own inner powers that will allow him to rise from the grave of the dead, only to become one with that moment that lies beyond the breath of time!  For one to experience the infinite nature of one's own self, one must first encounter with his own disgust for the limitations of pleasures that this world brings.  Such limitation can be experienced, when one feels incomplete, even upon the fulfillment of his burning desires.  A man that reaches this stage of disgust for his own selfish expectations will begin to yearn for that strength that overpowers and overwhelms him with self contentment and stops every urge within him to receive from any outer source.  For such a one, God will slowly awaken in the pure silence of his undying spiritual efforts.

             Remember, My child, that life can only be understood and experienced, when one makes God its only medium - only vision!  Without God vision, man will be deluded by the unreal illusions of the worldly temptations and will begin to follow the complexities of his unfocused mind, rather than being fixed and affirmed to the purity within.  Such a one, will temporarily lose the power of the divine spirit within him and will accept the constant errors of the human mind as a part of his expression.  Such constant expression of errors will convince him that the perfection of the Divine Mother is anywhere else but within him!  With such an attitude, his search for God will be fruitless, and in the desperation of the untrue search, he will envelope his life in more of the worldly miseries.  Constant suffering of the misery will give birth to a fear that will lean more and more upon the outer sources for relief.  Such false dependence will give one the biggest of all diseases - i.e., the lack of self-confidence - and it is this deficiency that makes man live the lowest life, with no inspiration to reach the supremacy of the Divine ideals.

             Realize, O love, that without the pure love for your own self, you will never be able to experience God and His will power.  Catering to your own desires, will, in no way, nourish the needs of the higher self.  To reach the self, one has to pave his way through the thorns of the worldly comforts - one has to rise above the poverty of every dependence - one, My child, has to peel the mask and accept and adhere, always, to the true image.  Do not let the grace of God be the condition for one to exert his all in his every spiritual effort.  Let the effort come first - let the faith come first - for faith is the blessing that awakens the will to connect with the current of the highest and purest love.  Remember, time is only a beggar in the palms of a true devotee.  Hence, do not fear it - overcome it by steering it to focus upon the reality of life.  Start, today, for there is little time for you to experience, realize and become the power that brought the beauty of all creation!

      Source : LIVING IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD (Volume II/Part II)
                   Divine Messages received and recorded by Mrs Seema M Dewan

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