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Some thoughts on Atma-14

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  • G. Balasubramanian
    *Sai Ram Dear Brothers and Sisters,* *(continued from posting no. 13)* ** *The Atma is unattached( Nissanga, Viraga, nirlipta etc. etc.). Atma is desireless
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2007
      Sai Ram Dear Brothers and Sisters,
      (continued from posting no. 13)
      The Atma is unattached( Nissanga, Viraga, nirlipta etc. etc.).  Atma   is desireless (nirichha, ichhavirahita etc.,). Atma is without pleasure and pain( Sukhaduhkhavivarjitha).    These arise when the intellect is present or alive.  These  are not present in deep sleep  when the intellect is absent.  Hence attachment, desire, pleasure and pain  belong to the intellect and not to Atma.
      The above-mentioned four experiences are interrelated.  When we lack something in life we feel a sense of dejection, unfulfillment or a sort of incompleteness etc. etc.   Such a feeling causes our intellect to devise a method for filling up the void and thereby regain a sense of completeness or fulfillment.  Such a plan entertained by the intelect  causes a stream of thoughts to flow from us to the object of acquisition or gratification.  In the initial stage  when the flow of thoughts is thin, the thought-flow is called attachment( Raga).  When the same thought gets gather more bulk and momentum, the flow intensifies to become a desire(Icha).  When a desire is fulfilled it produces joy(Sukha) and when it remains unfulfilled it produces sorrow( duhkha).   These experiences are interpreted by the intellect.,which is considered  to be the enjoyer or experiencer of these mental conditions.  They do not exist in in the state of deep sleep when the intellect ceases to function.  They rise again in the waking  and dream states  when the intellect resumes functioning. Hence these   experiences are related to the intellect and not to the Atma. 
      The Katopanishad states," when all the  desires of the heart  are overcome,  this very mortal becomes immortal and experiences the Atma here in this very life.  When the knots of the heart(Hridayagranthi) are untied  and man is free from worldly attachments, he becomes immmortal."  That summarises the whole of Spirituality.
      (to be continued)
      With Loving SAI RAMs,
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