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  • Yasmin Sundberg
    Thank you brother Satish for Parthy news! I shall definetely keep your youngest brother Suresh in my prayers, may Swami bless him with happy and a blessed
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      Thank you brother Satish for Parthy news!  I shall definetely keep your youngest brother Suresh in my prayers, may Swami bless him with happy and a blessed married life.
      Jai Sai Ram

      On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 8:00 PM, satish naik <satishnaik22mba@...> wrote:

      Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

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      Puttaparthi is awaiting a very interesting and "Action packed" December 2012, to give a grand farewell to the year 2012 which was much better and worthwhile in Sai activities compared to 2011. This year so far was  very convincing, rejuvenating as thousands visited Prashanthi, many countries and states within India visited in big groups, lot of activities in the ashram, very inspiring talks and dramas by various visiting group of devotees, by Students of Swami's colleges, Balvikas children etc.

      This December, the atmosphere is very serene, with some drizzle now and then. The night temperature is around 20 degree centigrade and day mercury level is averaging around 32 degree centigrade. 
      After a little quietness post Birthday celebrations, there are many devotees slowly coming to Swami's Abode to celebrate Christmas. 

      (This is an unofficial, unconfirmed schedule sourced from various people)
      Mean while there are series of activities lined up for this Christmas starting with a dance programme by Swami's students on December 21st
      22nd December Parthi Yatra by Srikakulam devotees.
      23rd December  Parthi Yatra by Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh Devotees
      24th December Christmas Eve
      25th December Christmas (Morning) Carols by Swami's students
      25th December Evening programme
      26th December A drama by South Africa devotees
      27th December Parthi Yatra by Odhisha devotees.
      28th&29Dec     Parthi Yatra by Rajasthan Devotees
      30th December A special band from Europe would be performing
      31st&1st Jan   Allumuni day of Swami's students 

      "New SAI Land" as Swami said once referring to New Zealand is blessed to decorate Prashanthi Nilayam this Christmas. It is one of the first major opportunities bestowed upon this little country which has a good number of QUALITY devotees, involved in His mission.
      Keeping the tradition of Local Maorian culture of New Zealand, Christmas 2012 decoration will have this "Maorian touch" in Puttaparthi.
      This year's theme is LIVE IN LOVE which is translated into Maorian as AROHA.
      The following is the symbol which will be predominantly seen in the Christmas decoration, which slightly resembles HEART shape with little 
      Inline images 2

      Green, Blue and White colours representing the spectacular landscape of New Zealand. 
      The GREEN colour represents "Earth", the clean green image of New Zealand
      The BLUE represent "Sky & Ocean"
      The WHITE represents the breath taking snowy mountains representing Purity, and Swami also used to give His Christmas morning darshan on balcony dressed in white.

      All the devotees of New Zealand are very excited for being blessed to decorate Swami's Abode and about 300 devotees would be on this job from a week's time. Devotees from various other countries would also be visiting Prashanthi ,which includes about 50 Youths from Australia, close to 900 devotees from South Africa and so on. An estimated 3000 over seas devotees are expected for this year's Christmas in Prashanthi.
      The Choir practice will be starting around the 15th December and with Swami's grace, Mr.John Behner is back in Parthi hail and healthy, after a brief hospitalisation in Bangalore.

      A special video of Sai Baba done by Brother Jiten Thakrar:
      Below is the link of the beautiful song sung by Cee Cee James on Swami. 

      For all those sisters and brothers that are uploading Swami's videos on YOUTUBE please be also vigilant about the  demeaning comments that are being posted in reply to the videos on Swami by miscreants who failed to understand the glory and magnitude of Sri Sathya Sai Avatar.. Please monitor all the comments and you may change the settings of the comments section. Click on ADVANCED SETTINGS and in the ALLOW COMMENTS section change it to APPROVED as shown in the following example. By doing so you would first get an email and the comment would be made public only after your approval. 

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      On a personal note, i would want to request you all to keep my youngest brother Suresh Naik in your prayers as he would be getting married on December 23, 2012 in Parthi Sai Dharmasala, Puttaparthi. For those who would be here in Parthi during this time, please bless him with your gracious presence.

       In the recent past, because of His infinite mercy and grace, many many NEW devotees are visiting Prashanthi Nilayam. Even among sevadals there are quite a few new members who never saw Swami in the physical form. This is a very positive sign for continuity and prosperity of Sai's mission. Let us all pray that those devotees who have stopped coming to Sai Centers or left the organisation would come back and start doing His work with much more vigor and dedication. No matter we leave Him or be with Him, our compassionate Lord would never leave us.
      It is also HIGH TIME for the Center heads to give up ego and discourage groupism. The POSITION is given to you by Swami, only to let you know that you have a long way to go in service path. I have many friends, most of them crying, complaining of the stubborn attitudes of few heads of Sai Centers. This is nothing but "betrayal" of Trust that Swami had on you. If any member walks out, sheds tears  because of your attitude then it is  a complete failure on your part. Let us all stay united and works towards fulfillment of HIS mission which is verily OUR mission.
      Our generation probably is one of the "rarest" and most fortunate ones. We are the ones who were blessed to experience the FORM and FORMLESSNESS in one life time which is indeed an unique blessing. Great saints, sages and even our own yesteryear Sai devotees like Sri.Kasturi, Sri.Hislop etc could only speak about the FORMLESSNESS but we are blessed to experience both. let us not under estimate or ignore this rare boon. Our Lord has left tons of responsibilities on us and let us promise Him that we will not leave the Sai Path.
      May this Christmas bring tons of joy and bliss to all. May all of us be His chosen instruments.
      Wish you all a very happy and merry Christmas. In spite of the family wedding, will be keeping you posted on the happenings in the HEAVEN ON EARTH as and when possible.
      With pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,
      R.Satish Naik

      Best regards
      Yasmin Sundberg

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