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Sai Baba's Kripa - Anonymous Devotee

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  • Hetal Patil Rawat
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2011
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      A Sai sister who wishes to be inveil has shared her experiences as below.

      Jai Sai Ram!

      I am sending my experience today but please do not disclose my identity or email id to anyone. Thank you!

      I have been reading the experiences of so many "Sai ke Bande" here. Thank you very much for sharing as it help all the people like me to make there faith firm on "their own SAI".

      In year 2008, It was going all great for me and my family. We had bought a house, I had a job, my husband had a job and kids were also doing alright. Probably that was the reason that (I think) I had become proudy. I was doing prayers every day but I think I had in my mind that now every thing is good and nothing can go wrong. Baba I am really sorry for that attitude that I had. Please forgive me for all the mistakes that I did. Please keep me under your blessings always.

      In the first few days of September 2008, I had an accident. By Baba's grace I was not hurt but on doctor's advise I had to undergo Physiotherapy. because of this, I had to take little more than a week's off from my work. This was covered under work cover. A night before the day I had to join my office back, I had this shock of my life. My dearest son had a seizure... at first I didn't realise what has happened. I was so panicked I had my younger one with me and my husband was also not at home.

      Frantically I called up the ambulance but whatever they were saying I failed to understand. I called up my husband screaming loudly that something had happened to our son. He ran from where he was. In the meanwhile, he called up some friends who were living nearby reach and help me immediately. I also called up another friend who were very close family friend but were living away. These nearby friends reached in minutes and they started calling the ambulance and coordinating with them. In the meanwhile my neighbours came out to help and console. In all this episode I forgot totally about GOD. Then I remembered watching "Sai Baba" serial on star plus. I remembered that I had some udi in my home temple. I ran inside the house and shouted for Sai Baba. I screamed "Sai Baba please help" and had applied udi on my son's forehead...there he goes...as soon as I applied udi...he vomited out and his hand and legs started moving...I Thanked HIM for coming for my rescue...and then ambulance came and we had gone to the hospital.

      This made me realise that I was going wrong and because of my attitude and thoughts my family was in trouble. But now I am in his refuge. I know he will take me out of all the troubles.

      I have many more experiences to share which has made me a firm follower of HIM. He is my baba and our baba. He is very kind if he can forgive me he can forgive all. JAI SAI RAM



      Shri Sai Nath Arpanamastu


      Jai Sai Ram

      Hetal Patil Rawat

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