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Devotees Experience By A Sai Devotee

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  • swamy mahadevan
    Devotees Experience By A Sai Devotee   It was 24^th April 2009 I came to know that my love Sandeep was suffering from TB but he was unaware of this because he
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2009
      Devotees Experience By A Sai Devotee
      It was 24^th April 2009 I came to know that my love Sandeep was suffering from TB but he was unaware of this because he did not go for the x-rays. He used to get little cough, he used to get up in the morning. He was losing weight; He used to get sharp pains in his back at night. He went to his family doctor & the Dr gave him some antibiotic each time & told him to go for the x-rays. Eventually, he left out breath & dizzy. A few days off work he was feeling sick & weak. He went to the Hospital as advised by his Dr. the Dr took x-rays which showed that he was suffering from TB. Then he took the same x-rays to his family Dr to confirm that whether it was true or not. He also said the same thing & found his left lung full of fluid. His Dr suggested him to go & get admitted in the Hospital for 2 days for lung tap. But Sandeep was getting scared & little upset & did not wanted to stay in the Hospital. When I came to know this I was very much tensed & tears was not stopping & I was not getting patience for a minute, but I knew my father my Shree Sai will make everything alright as Baba said have shraddha & saburi. My friend Sheryl also supported me a lot Baba keep her & her family at your lotus feet. I cried a lot in front of Shree Sai Baba & prayed to keep Sandeep healthy like before.

      Then I gave my Sai's udhi & one orange thread, which I received from Shirdi & tied on his right hand. And the miracle took place I gave him udhi in water & at the same spot he started feeling better then the next day i.e. 27^th April he went to the Hospital the doctor did the check up & told him that there is no need to stay in the Hospital as it will take just half an hour for lung tap & at the same time Sandeep messaged me & I became very excited & I thank Baba the same time the Dr started removing the fluid with an injection. Immediately Sandeep started feeling relaxed & without any pain the fluid has been removed & I am sure the doctor who was removing the fluid was surely my Sai Natha this all happened by my Sai's grace. Now he is diagnosed with TB & had put on a course of drugs for nine months. I am sure these 9 months will also pass soon by my Baba's grace. Sandeep is now tensed of his job please Baba bless him with nice job with suitable timings as u know his first job KFC where he was working was not suitable for him & some or the other way his first job was also responsible for his bad health coz of taking no rest, drinking Pepsi instead of water, coming late from KFC. & having one time meal.

      I am thankful to Baba for all the miracles I have experienced in my life. I know that is all because of my Shree Sai.


      Baba create an urge in me to visit Shirdi & get your Blessings always be with my family & with Sandeep's family & bless him with a nice job & keep us all at your lotus feet.

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