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    Kindly note post Divine discourse on Maha Shivaratri sent earlier is actually from 21st Feb. 2009. Although the discourse was initially released as
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      Kindly note post "Divine discourse on Maha Shivaratri" sent earlier is
      actually from 21st Feb. 2009. Although the discourse was initially
      released as MahaShivaratri discourse by SSBPT:ORG however, it has been
      emended to 21st FEB.now! We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


      21st Feb. 2009 This being a long weekend culminating in Shivarathri,
      Prasanthi Nilayam is filled to the brim with devotees.There was a
      sweet pleasant surprise for all the devotees gathering here and it was
      personally planned by Swami. As usual, the bhajans had begun and were
      on in full swing. Swami completed the darshan rounds and after sitting
      for a few bhajans, called out to Mr.Ajit Popat, the "puppet" as he
      calls himself. It was a surprise for everyone. Offering his
      salutations, Mr.Popat learnt that Swami wanted him to address the
      gathering. In his inimitable style, beginning with the now famous,
      "Namaste Premaroopaya" poem, Mr.Popat spoke with energy and gusto for
      about 45 minutes. Swami advised him to speak long and strong! He spoke
      on the joy of being in the Divine presence.

      After that, there seemed to be a slight confusion! Swami told Popat
      that more should be spoken. So he promptly obeyed and came to the
      mike. Then Swami said, "I'll speak." Mr. Popat said over the mike, "
      It is only Swami who speaks. I am just a puppet!" Swami then said
      again that He wanted to speak. It was with a thunderous applause that
      devotees woke up to the beautiful fact that there would be a flow of
      nectarine words from the Divine lips! Swami began to speak,

      Discourse LInk:

      The Bharatiyas are like the elephant which does not know its own
      strength. It gets trained by the mahout and meekly sits down or gets
      up as commanded. Following the foreign culture, the Bharatiyas are
      forgetting their own culture which is so sacred, noble and immortal.
      How can you call yourselves Bharatiyas if you forget thus? It is said
      to treat one's Mother, Father, Preceptor and Guest as God. If you
      forget the mother who is also the first Guru, what use is life then?

      We speak for hours because we see changes all around. The Jagat(world)
      is negative. All that we 'see'- the forests, the cities - all are
      negative and a product of your imagination- the reflections of your
      mind. The Atma is positive, the Nayaka or leader. There is nothing
      other than the Atma. Where is the Atma? Mamaivamsho Jeevaloke
      Jeevabhootha Sanathana - The entire Universe and beings that are seen
      are parts of the Atma. That is One with no second. Duality is only an
      imagination and hence it is said that a man with dual mind is half
      blind. Only One exists and that is only known as the Sahasra Sheersha
      Purusha.( One with a thousand heads.) But today, you are dividing the
      heads! For Unity to be achieved, you need Purity. For Purity you need
      to realize the inherent divinity in all.

      Never forget the inherent unity. Even the Taittriya Upanishad stresses
      on the Atmic principle. Without that, there is no existence.
      Everything is a mere reflection of that. Whatever be the caste creeed
      or country, there is only one Atmic principle. Rama, Krishna and
      others came. Their bodies, however, lasted only a while. Nothing is
      permanent. Nothing in the Jagat is the Truth. However great one may
      become, he is not permanent. Only the Atma is permanent.It has neither
      beginning, nor end. That Consciousness is truth and Existence.
      Everyone here is a form of the Atma. Forgetting that, you imagine the
      ephemeral as permanent. All that is a hallucination and it leads to
      plurality. Only the Atma is Satya (Truth) and Nitya (Permanent).

      We undergo changes as we move from infancy to childhood to adulthood.
      But we remain the same! We should have faith in that changeless
      reality. Man today is immersed in changing things. A true Manava (man)
      is one who is changeless. And to achieve that, Self- Confidence is
      needed. You know that Abraham Lincoln was born poor; other students in
      the school treated him contemptuously when he went to school wearing
      torn clothes. His friends mocked and jeered at him. He became sad and
      ran to his mother who consoled him thus, "Child do not cry. The world
      is like this, but just don't you pay heed to it. Have Atma Vishwasam.
      (Self-Confidence)." That word struck deep inside. As a result, he
      became the President of America. Before occupying the seat of the
      President, he prostrated to his mother; he knew that he could rise to
      such a high position only by his mother's advice and blessings.
      Everyone were surprised and the friends too were amazed - a poor boy
      became the President only by implicitly obeying the Mother and
      developing Self-confidence. The mother was a tailor by profession and
      she charged a dollar or half for clothes that she stitched. Her
      blessings and good wishes ensured that he completed a successful 5 years.

      There is nothing great in studying. Teachers and books will help you
      do that. Self Confidence is important. The nine fold path of devotion
      is of no use if there is no self confidence. Cultivate that. Even if
      you have big friends, there is no use. Help ever, hurt never. And the
      Mother's teaching is the greatest help. That is why the mother is
      worshipped. Never disobey her command. Her love will always be with
      you, around you, above you, below you and in you. People think they
      are big an they forget their mother. They treat her like servant
      maids. Let her say anything, you must follow it. The mother alone is
      the true teacher; all others are mere helpers. There is no greatness
      in staying abroad or earning money. Follow the mother and all problems
      will dissolve. Otherwise life is a total failure. To follow the
      mother's command is the main goal of life. And one must do this not as
      a duty; but out of love.

      In Bharat, never consider the woman as insignificant. None actually
      comprehand the power of a woman. Savitri brought back her dead husband
      to life while Sita passed through the test of fire. It is the chastity
      of the woman that brings greatness to the country. Bharat is great and
      it has survived all the problems. It is a land of merit and glory. You
      are all so special, having been born in BHarat. See that you fulfill
      that boon. High grades are not needed. Have the culture of Bharat and
      life will be a victory. It may not have the affluence of the west but
      it enjoys spirituality and sanctity. Thus, the Bharatiyas enjoy great
      bliss. To get this, people from everywhere else come to Bharat. It is
      the spiritual power that attracts.

      There are three stages- Concentration, contemplation and meditation.
      It does not mean just sitting steady, but steadying the mind.
      Concentration is like primary school. Contemplation is secondary
      school while meditation is the University level. Then you should get
      good degrees. You become true students only after reaching the
      meditation level. That is the state of ever steadiness. From God's
      point of view, you do not need high % of marks, but meditation to pass!

      Dear students, do not crave for first class. Marks are not that
      important. Ensure that ou do not get remarks. True marks is determined
      by your self-confidence.

      Swami concluded with Hari Bhajan Bina. After His hour-long Discourse,
      Swami accepted Arati and returned to His residence in the chair
      itself, accepting many letters on the way.
      Divine Discourse on 21st Feb 2009

      Discourse LInk:
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