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  • Ramchand Chugani
    Curth of Sweden.. in Baba s Heart Inner Circle ...     ... .   The author had the unique opportunity to spend  years with a lord who is so near and dear  
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2009
      Curth of Sweden.. in Baba's Heart Inner Circle
      Swami and Me Malini
      The author had the unique opportunity to spend  years with a lord who is so near and dear


      From The Heart of Sai by R Lowenberg 57 Main Rd. Whitefield 560066

      Curth Orefjard of Sweden first heard of Sai Baba about 18 months ago
      from the time of writing, namely May 1980, when he was given the book
      Sai Baba Man of Miracles by Howard Murphet to read.

      One year later he decided to come to India
      with his wife Sisko to see Sai Baba.

      Ten years earlier in Nepal he was given a statuette of Lord Shiva by
      a man who was completely unknown to him. This man stopped him and said
      "Excuse me, but this is for you." He would take no payment for it,
      nor did Curth have any idea why the man should pick him out as the
      recipient of the gift. He had a small gold box made and had the
      statuette mounted inside same. This box was attached to a gold chain
      and Curth wore this around his neck.

      On Curth's first day in Puttaparthi, Swami called him in for an
      interview. Pointing to Curth's golden box, Swami said "Give me that"
      and Curth promptly handed it to him. Baba blew on the container,
      and instantly it changed into a beautiful locket with Baba's picutre
      on one side and Shirdi Sai's on the other. The locket was mounted in

      Swami told Curth to go back to Sweden, liquidate his business there
      and to return as soon as possible, because "I have been waiting for
      you a long time, but you were not ready to come to me until 2 years

      I heard this part of the story from Richard LeVan who had been in
      Puttaparthi at the end of December 1979 when Curth arrived there.
      In March 1980 I met Curth at Brindavan, and invited him and his
      wife Sisko to our hom.e He then unfolded something of his past
      life and what Baba had done for him.
      End part 1

      Ram Chugan
      Kobe, Japan

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