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  • Sai Aravind
    Sairam Sairam to all...
    Message 1 of 52 , Mar 31, 2012

  • Meenakshi Chintapalli
    Sai RamIf one foot of the Lord is the total VISHWAM ( UNIVERSE) , seen and unseen, are we not in him?? Without the LORD there is NO UNIVERSE. Without the
    Message 52 of 52 , May 15, 2015
      Sai Ram
      If one foot of the Lord is the total VISHWAM ( UNIVERSE) , seen and unseen,
       are we not in him?? Without the LORD there is NO UNIVERSE. Without the UNIVERSE there is no expression of the LORD.

      Miracles are his visiting cards. Total devotion has no emotion and filled with surrender in troubles, in crest and trough of life , and is attained in solitude. All karmas are surrendered at the DIVINE LOTUS FEET. They carry Swami in their heart and do not expect even a thank you or a smile from people who reaped benefits from the devotees service .
      Why are we discussing miracles??
      Swami said in his discourse time and again what is seen is not the truth.
      "Drishtaantaraalu lenidey ADRUSHTAM!!"
      Yat Drusyam Tat Nasyam. What is attained is never seen and that is the atmic awareness of Radha, Tukaram, Meera, Ramadasa, and so many more even today of Swami's devotees. They prefer to feel him in solitude.
      Swami will give them the service that suits their karmic accumulations.
      NO external worships ,. services, bhajans anything is needed when the karmic balance comes to a ZERO point.
      Meena Chintapalli

      On Thursday, May 14, 2015 2:42 PM, "Ravindra Yemula raviyemula@... [saibabanews]" <saibabanews@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Well said and its true Sister. 
      We should stand as example of Swami and spread his messages to world.
      Regret to say now we are hurting our beloved Swami with these episodes. 
      We need to develop heart to heart connection with Swami and then he speaks and guides from within.
      My suggestion to all of you is not to give energy to these episodes, close your eyes and contemplate on him and enjoy the bliss.
      Oh dear Swami….guide and bless us to live as unity with purity.
      Jai Sairam
      Ravi Yemula

      On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 5:50 PM, Vijaya Rajesh vijiadiraji@... [saibabanews] <saibabanews@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Sairam to all.

      Regarding what is going on now one thing came to my mind and I cannot be at peace till I share this with all of you.

      Even when SWAMI was physically present among us there were two types of devotees.

      One who are hardcore devotees who found peace only by attending samithi bhajans and service activities, nagar sankeerthans etc. These devotees could see SWAMI everywhere and in everyone. They did not expect any miracles like vibhoothi appearing or any such blessings. 

      Second type of devotees always found peace, faith and happiness only by visiting places of miracles like vibhoothi appearing on SWAMI'S photos, or any manifestations of letters or idols etc. These devotees would not attend samithi bhajans or any service activities .I am not saying all but some of them.

      So always there were silent rift among the two types of devotees. First type not liking second and second not liking first for whatever reason, really I cant understand. So same thing is going on now but in different proportions.
      SWAMI did not interfere in this even when HE was physically present nor will HE now.

      But what I feel is that SWAMI is present in both  the places and SWAMI is everywhere.
      Let each of us do our part slowly, silently in SWAMI'S mission with full faith and love for SWAMI.


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