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The 45th Meditation Technique of Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

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    AUM SAI RAM My humble pranams at the lotus feet of Bhagavan. Dear Saibandus, Sai Ram. The 45Th Meditation Technique of Vigyan Bhairava Tantra. Lord Shiva
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                                                     AUM SAI RAM


      My humble pranams at the lotus feet of Bhagavan.


      Dear Saibandus,


      Sai Ram.


      The 45Th Meditation Technique of Vigyan Bhairava Tantra.


      Lord Shiva explains to Devi:  “ Silently intone a word ending in ‘AH’ then in the “HH,”   effortlessly, the spontaneity.


      SILENTLY  INTONE  A  WORD  ENDING  IN  “ AH”.  Any word that ends in “AH”--- intone it silently. Emphasis should be given to the ending “AH”  Why?  Because the moment this sound “AH” is intoned, your breath goes out.  Is it not? Just ‘try now and know.’ You may not have observed it, but now you can observe:  whenever your breath goes out you are more Silent, and whenever your breath comes in you are more tense—because the outgoing breath is death  and the incoming breath is life.  Tension is part of life, not death.  Relaxation is part of death; death means total relaxation. Life can not be totally relaxed, it is impossible.


      Life means tension, effort.  Only death is relaxed. So whenever a person becomes absolutely relaxed he is both- - alive outwardly and dead within.  You can see in the face of a Buddha both life and death simultaneously. That is why there is so much silence and calm, they are part of death. Life is not relaxation. You relax in the night when you are asleep. That is why the old traditions say that death and sleep are similar. Sleep is a temporary death and death is permanent sleep. That is why night relaxes you, it is the outgoing breath. The morning is the incoming breath.


      The day makes you tense and the night relaxes you. Light makes you tense, darkness relaxes you. That is why you can not sleep when there is light, it is difficult to relax because it is similar to life : it is anti-death: it is pro-death.


      So darkness has deep relaxation in it, and those who are afraid of darkness can not relax.- -  impossible, because every relaxation is dark. And darkness surrounds your life on both the sides. Before you are born you are in darkness; when life ceases you are again in darkness. Darkness is Infinite, and this life and this light is just a moment in it. Just a wave arising and then falling back. If you can remember the darkness that surrounds both the ends, you will be relaxed here and now.


      Life, death- -  they both are two sides of Existence. The incoming breath is life, the outgoing breath is death. So it is not that you die someday, you are dying with every breath out. That is why the Hindus have been counting Life in Breaths, they do not count life in years.  Tantra, Yoga, all the old Indian systems, they count life in breaths: how many breaths you are going to live. So they say if you breath very fast, with too much breathing  in a short time, you will die very soon.. if you breathe very slowly and your breaths are less in an interval, you will live very long. And this is so.


      If you go and observe animals, those animals whose breathing is very slow,  live long. Take the elephant: the elephant lives long; the breath is very slow. An elephant only takes four to five breaths per minute. So are the giant tortoise and snakes and the slow breathing types who live long. A giant tortoise who breaths 4 to 5 times in a minute lives more than 200 years. Then there is the dog: the dog dies soon; the breath is very fast. It breaths around 50 breaths a minute and lives around 15 years.  Take the example of bees and ants. The queen bee and queen ant live for five and three years respectively whereas worker bee live for one year and worker ant live for six months only. It may be  because the workers spend more energy per day and exhaust the store-house of Pranic Energy quicker. You spend prana faster and live shorter. Whenever you find an animal in which the breath is fast , the animal will not have a long life.  A Long Life is always with Slow Breath.  


      There is a simple technique to feel the flow of Prana during various states by the Gyan Mudra- - -Gyan means knowledge and Mudra means action by any part of the body. If you perfect this mudra, it will give you knowledge of your progress in yoga by knowing the flow of Prana---.  Gently touch the tip of your thumb by your index finger making the shape of ‘O’, spread other fingers pointing forward.With some practice and concentration

      You will feel some pulsation at the point of contact. When you have started feeling the pulsation, to know as to how the Prana is released, move slowly one of your legs up and down a couple of times. The frequency of pulsation remains the same, but the amplitude increases, the throbbing is suddenly more vigorous. It is not that the blood flow increases or the heart starts pumping more with only shifting your leg. It is simply because more Prana is released by activating the ‘ Muladhara Chakra’ ( the store-house of prana).  You may try this by taking a deep breath or two and you will find same increased pulsation. 

      The more you breath or more you walk or run you spend more prana but at the same time you are nursing your body with added amount , and that is how you remain healthier when you exercise.


      There is another simple way to know whether prana is reaching all your organs  in full measure. First look at the finger nails of any person aged around 21 years. You will find a white half moon at the base of the nails. If that person has it on all the fingers, then he is very very healthy. The larger the better. As the Nadis( Pranic Channels) start getting blocked half moons first start getting smaller, then vanish altogether. Absence of these half moons, though does not say that you are sick, they do tell you that your systems are working below par. With further observation on other’s fingers you will notice that the half moon vanishes first from the little finger. The extremities of nadies which end at outermost organ , that is skin, get blocked first and that is how the skin starts loosing its elasticity and you notice onset of wrinkles. These white half moons represent flow of blood to various organs.


      The pranic nadis start getting clogged as one grows old due life style of living and not caring to cleanse it regularly. Pranayama ( regulated breathing exercises ) does it most efficiently, though one may also achieve it by vigorous exercises which also generate more Prana but are comparatively inefficient as they waste most of the Prana it bring forth, through rapid exhalations. Jogging is better that Running, Walking regularly is better than Jogging, but Pranayama is the best to harness Prana and stay younger and fitter.


      Pranayama increases the capacity of the body to live with higher levels of CO2 by regularly performing Kumbhaka ( retention of breath) and lesser requirement of oxygen, and in case of an advanced yogi, with no oxygen at all.


      Ancient Indian scriptures and majority of Hindus believe that, a person lives so long as the prana is within the body and he breaths his last when it leaves. The last act of a person before dieing is to breathe out. All forms of energies are but the manifestation of Prana. While in the body it is known by ten different names depending on the region of the body it operates. Prana and Apana, amongst the ten, are considered to be the most important.  Where as Prana acts from and above the heart, Apana operates from navel and below and flow through two prime Nadies, ‘ IDA’ and ‘PINGALA.’  The third, the most important nadi for the Yogis, is ‘ SUSHUMNA’ , the central channel which remains dormant until Kundalini is aroused through Yogic Processes and opened for prana to operate through it. These nadis are comparable to very fine thread like channels, and originate from  Muladhara Chakra, located at spinal centre of region below genitals.  Ida is located at the left of sushumna, whereas Pingala is at its right and are located within the spine. Ida and Pingala traverse upwards crisscrossing at other five chakras. Thes chakras are: 1. Swadhisthana, 2.Manipura, 3.Anahata, 4.Vishudhi, 5.Ajna. These chakras are respectively located at spinal centre of region above the Genitals, the Naval, the Heart, the Throat, and middle of the Eyebrows and end up in the nostrils, Ida at left nostrils and Pingala at the right nostrils. The Sushumna also starts from Muladhara, but straight goes to the top of the brain in the head to a place called ‘ SAHASRARA’, meeting the other two nadies while on its way up at Ajna chakra which is the centre of the two eyebrows. This channel is blocked or knotted at three places and hence Prana can not flow through channel, unless worked up by Yogis or sadhaks in specified manner.  Prana brings consciousness to the body and it operates at the level of the cells through the network of 72000 nadis. The trillions of cells in the body together then make it conscious of itself.  As long as Prana is operating , we are conscious or else we die. Sahasrara region in the brain remains dormant because it has not been made conscience by the flow of prana. It is said that this region contains all the secrets of the Nature. And if a Yogi is able to UNTIE the knots in the Sushumna and is able to make the Prana flow through it, and make this region CONSCIENCE, he enables himself to know what all there is to know in this universe. Such Yogis are known as ‘ SIDDHAS’ and such Siddhas have walked the land of India in the past, and even now there are a few but they may not show themselves. These siddhas have raised from the human level by undertaking severe sadhana and penance over innumerable number of births. Only Avatars are different, because they are not ascending from the human level; they are descending from the Paramatma level to the human level for the sake of mankind, but retaining all the Powers within themselves and exhibiting them when the need arises or proper time arrives for the upliftment of  Truth, Righteousness, Peace , Love and Non-violence.  Bhagavan Shri Sathya Sai Baba belongs to the later class.


      Yogic exercise and Pranayama are the two ways to bring forth Prana in a controlled manner and to nurture it. Pranayama is derived from three root words from Sanskrit;

      “ Prana, ayan and ma.”   ‘Prana’ is the life sustaining energy.  ‘Ayam’ means To Bring  Forth,  and ‘Ma’ mean  To Nurture.  You bring forth the prana through Ida and Pingala and then nurture it. In Pranayama, nurturing is achieved by Kumbhaka[stopping the breath]. By stopping the breath, the Prana which gas been sucked up from Muladhara by deep inhalation is GIVEN TIME TO MOVE through all the nadis rather than being wasted out in the Out Breath. One breathes alternatively from each nostril, retaining the breath each time one inhales to as much duration as possible.  Generally the guiding factor is 1:4:2   Say you inhale for 2 seconds, then stop the breath for 8 seconds( 2x4), and exhale it for 4 seconds( 2x2). Longer inhalation will ensure the pranic energies to raise higher filling the chakras. One gradually increases the period of inhalation, retention and exhalations and with a sustained and long period of practice, frequency of breathing cycle can be reduced from 15 breaths per minute to say 10 or 8.  Yogis are said to achieve breathing cycle of less than one per minute. This not only will Extend your Life Span but also make you healthy and disease-free by supplying prana to cells of all parts of your body.


      This Manthra, this technique uses the outgoing breath as the method, the medium, the vehicle to go deep into silence. INTONE SILENTLY A WORD ENDING IN ‘AH’.  The breath has gone--- that is why a word ending in “ AH”


      This ‘AH’ is meaningful because when you say AH , it completely empties you. The whole breath has moved out; nothing remains within. You are totally empty—empty and dead. For a single moment, for a very small interval, life has moved out of you. You are dead- - empty. This emptiness, if realized, if you can become AWARE of it, will change you completely. You will be a different man. If you miss the awareness, the utterance of the word AH is not any waste. It will REFRESH or Freshen up  you immediately for the next few seconds. All the readers  may have viewed the very popular  programme “ Kaun Banega Crorepati” aired by the ‘Sony Entertainment Channel’ and hosted by the Bolywood Super Star Sri. Amitabh Bachchan. You all may have also simply observed that Sri Bachchan  several times sighs  “ AH”, while seated on his seat- - to us it appears as HA, but it is AH.  Why is  he  uttering it frequently? Unknowingly Amitabji is refreshing himself  by intoning the word “AH”. Awareness is not required there, but high level of refreshing or freshening up is required to entertain crores of viewers.


      The you will know well that this life is not your life and this death is also not your death. Then you will know something which is beyond the incoming and outgoing breath- - - the Witnessing Soul.  And this witnessing can happen easily when you are Empty of Breath, because life has subsided and with it all tensions have subsided. So try it, it is a very beautiful method. It will Refresh you also and Enlighten you also.


      We always take the breath in. We ALWAYS take it in, but we never throw it out.  Means we take the breath in and THE BODY throws it out. Observe your breathing and you will know. We take it in. WE never exhale, we only inhale. The exhaling is done by the body, because we are afraid of death, that is the reason- - - because deep in our psychic it is etched that if exhaling is done with Awareness then it will be the end of everything and ending of this cycle of  births and deaths so early, leaving behind the earthly enjoyment is difficult- - -. If it were in our power we would not exhale at all, we would inhale and then control it within. No one emphasizes  exhaling- -  inhaling is emphasized. Because we have to do exhaling after inhaling, that is why we go on “suffering” it. We tolerate it because we can not inhale without exhaling.


      It is just like the ebb and tide: with every breath a tide of life comes to you; with every exhalation, everything ebbs- - the tide has gone. You are just a vacant, empty shore. This is the use of this technique.  SILENTLY INTONE A WORD ENDING IN “AH.”  Emphasize the exhaling breath. And you can use it for many changes in the mind. If you are suffering from constipation, forget in taking. Just exhale and do not inhale. Let the body do the work of inhaling; you just do the work of exhaling. You force the breath out and do not inhale. The body will inhale by itself. ; you need not worry about it. The body will take breath in, you just throw it out and let the body take in.  Your constipation will go.


      If you are suffering from Heart disease, just exhale, do not inhale. Then you will not suffer from heart disease.  If while just going upwards on a staircase, or anywhere, you feel tired- - very much tired, suffocated, breathless- - simply do this: just exhale, do not inhale. Then you can climb up any amount of steps and you will not be tired. What happens? When you go with an emphasis on exhaling, you are ready to let go. , you are ready to die. You are not afraid of death; that makes you open. Otherwise you are closed- - fear closes you.


      When you exhale, the whole system changes and accepts death. There is no fear, you are ready to die. And one who is ready to die can live. Really, only one who is ready to die can live. He alone becomes of capable of life- - because he is not afraid.


      One who accepts death, welcomes it, receives it as a guest , lives with it, goes deep into life. Exhale, do not inhale, and that will change your total mind. Because of simple techniques tantra never appeals, because we think, “ My mind is such a complex thing.” It is not complex- - just foolish. And fools are very complex. A wise man is simple. Nothing is complex in your mind, it is a very simple mechanism. If you understand, you can change it very easily.


      If you have not seen anybody dying, if you have been protected from seeing death as Buddha was protected, you can not understand anything about it. Buddha’s father was afraid because some astrologer said that “ This boy is going to be a very great sanyasin. He will renounce the world.” The father asked, “ What is to be done to protect him from doing such a thing?”  So, that astrologers thought and thought, and then they concluded and they said, “Do not allow him to see death, because if he is not aware of death he will never think of renouncing life”


      This is beautiful- - very meaningful. That means all religions, all philosophies, all Tantra and Yoga, is basically death-oriented. If you are aware of death, only then does religion becomes meaningful. That is why no animal except man is religious, because no animal is aware of death. They die, but they are not aware. They can not conceive or imagine that there is going to be death. When one dog dies, other dogs never imagine that death is going to happen to them also. Always some dog dies, so how can he imagine that “ I am going to die?” He has never seen himself dying. Some other dog dies, so how can he connect that “ I am also going to die” Only man can connect others death to himself, not any animal. No animal is aware of death; that is why no animal renounces. No animal can become a sannyasin. Only a very high quality of consciousness can lead you to renounce- - when you become aware of death. And if even by being a man you are not aware of death, you belong to the animal kingdom; if so you are not yet a man. You become man only when you are aware that one day you too will die. Otherwise there is no difference between you and the animal.


      Everything is similar; only death makes the difference. With death encountered, you are no more animal, something has happened to you which never happens to an animal. Now you will be a different consciousness.


      So Buddha’s father protected him from seeing any type of death- - not only man’s death, but the death of animals and even of flowers. So the gardeners were instructed not to allow the child to see a dead flower, a pale flower dying on the branch, a pale leaf, a dry leaf; lest the child may get curious to know why the fresh flower of yesterday has faded to-day, why the fresh leave of yesterday has faded to-day, why the fresh green leave of yesterday has dried today. So, how to curb the natural questioning mind of the child? Only by not allowing him to see the faded flower, faded leave and dried leave; not even one of them faded in the bunch of many, lest the child may even get curious why only one flower has faded among hundreds of other fresh flowers, why only one leave has faded among other thousands of fresh leaves. It was an herculean task for the anxious and loving father. No, nowhere should the child come to realize that something dies- - he may infer from it that “one day I am going to die”  And you do not infer it even seeing your wife dying, your husband, your father, your mother, your child. You weep for them, but you never conceive that this is a sign that “ I am going to die.”  Even if it flashes momentarily, you never think or analyse  it seriously.


      The astrologer said, “ the boy is very, very sensitive; so protect him from any type of death.”  And the father was over-conscientious. He would not allow even an old man or an old woman to be seen, because oldness is just death heard from a distance; death is there from a distance, it is coming, the distance is reducing day by day. So Buddha’s father would not allow any old man or old woman to be seen by the child. If the child suddenly became aware that just by stopping the breath a man could die, it would be very difficult for him  to understand. “ Just because no breath is coming in, how can a man die?” he would wonder. Frankly are we aware of the importance of that single breath which could drop our body dead in its absence? Our hectic and busy life will not allow!.” Life is such a big complex process.”


      If you have not seen anyone dying, even you can not conceive that just by stopping the breath a man will die.  Just by stopping the breath? Such a simple thing! And how can such a complex life die? Vanish for ever not to come back again!!!


      It is the same with these methods. They look simple, but they touch the basic reality. When the breath is going out, when you are completely emptied of life, you touch death: you are just near it, and everything becomes calm and silent within you.


      Use it as a Manthra. Whenever you feel tired, whenever you feel tense, use any word which ends in “ AH.”   “ALLAH” will do- - in fact this is Divine, any word that brings your total breath out so that you exhale completely and you are emptied of breath. The moment you are emptied of breath, you are emptied of life also And all your problems belong to life: no problem belongs to death. Your anxiety, your anguish, your anger, your sadness, they all belong to life.


      Death is non-problematic. Death never gives any problem to any one. And even if you think that” I am afraid of death and death creates a problem,” it is not death that creates the problem but your clinging to life. Only life creates problems; death dissolves all problems. So when the breath has moved completely out, “AH,”  you are emptied of life. Look within at that moment when the breath is completely out. Before taking another breath in, go deep down in that interval and become aware of the inside calm, the silence- - a death like silence. In that MOMENT you are a BUDDHA. But do not limit it to only a moment. Try to increase it.


      If you can catch that moment, you have known a Taste of what BUDDHA might have known. And once known, once experienced, you can detach this taste from the incoming-outgoing breath. Then the breath can go on coming in, going out, and you can remain in that quality of Consciousness that you have come to KNOW. It is always there; one has  just to discover it. And it is easier to discover when life is emptied out.


      SILENTLY INTONE A WORD ENDING IN “AH.”   THEN IN THE  “HH,”  EFFORTLESSLY,  THE SPONTANEITY.  And when the breath goes out, “HH,”  everything is emptied.  EFFORTLESSLY: in this moment, there is no need to make any effort.  The SPONTANEITY: just be Aware, be Spontaneous, be Sensitive, and realize this moment of death.


      In this moment you are just near the door, just near the door!- - very, very near to the ULTIMATE.  The immediate has moved out, the superfluous has moved out. In this moment you are not the WAVE : you are the OCEAN- - just near, just near! If you can become aware you will forget that you are a wave. Again the wave will come, but now you can never be identified with it, you will remain the OCEAN. Once you have known that “ YOU ARE THE OCEAN” , you can never again be the wave.


      Life is waves…. Death is the ocean. That is why Buddha so much insists about his ‘ NIRVANA’ that it is death-like. He never says you will attain life immortal, he says you will simply die totally. Jesus says, “ come to me and I will give you life, and life abundant.”  Buddha says, “ Come to me to realize your death. I will give you death totally.”  And both mean the same thing, but Buddha’s terminology is more basic. But you will become afraid of it. That is why Buddha had no appeal in India. Because Buddha has used the language of death. Indians were using the language of life. They say THE BRAHMAN and he says  NIRVANA : Brahman means Infinite Life; and Nirvana means just Cessation, death- - total death.


      Buddha says, “ your ‘ Ordinary Death’  is not total; you will be born again. It is not total. You will be born again. I will give you a total death, and you will be never born again.” A total death means now no birth is possible. So this so-called death, Buddha says, is not death. It is just a rest period, you will become alive again. It is just a breath gone out. You will take the breath in again, you will be reborn. Buddha says, “ I will give you the way so that the breath will go out and will never come in again- - total death, Nirvana, cessation.”


      We become afraid because we cling to life. But this is the paradox: the more you cling to life, the more you will die; and the more you are ready to die, then the more you become deathless. If you are ready to die, then there is no possibility of death. No one can give you death if you accept it, because through that acceptance you become aware of something within you which is DEATHLESS.


      This incoming breath and outgoing breath are the life and death of the body., not of “ME”. But “I” do not know anything other than the body;  “I” am identified with the body. Then it will be difficult to be aware when the breath comes in, easy to be aware when the breath goes out. When the breath is going out, for that moment you have become old, dying, emptied completely of the breath; you are dead for a moment.


      IN THE “HH,” EFFORTLESSLY, THE SPONTANEITY.  Try it! Any moment you can try it. Just riding in a bus or traveling in a train or moving to the office, whenever you have time INTONE a sound like “ ALLAH”- - any sound ending with”AH.  This “ ALLAH” helped so much in Islam—not only because of the trust in ALLAH, but because of this “AH.”   This word is beautiful. And then the more one goes on using this word” Allah, Allah…” it becomes reduced. Then what remains is “ Lah, Lah…”  Then it is reduced further; then it remains as “Ah, Ah….”  It is good. You can use any word that ends in “AH”- - or just “AH” will do.


      Have you observed that whenever you are tense you will sigh – “AH”- - and you will feel relaxed. Or whenever you are in joy, overjoyed, you say “AH”, and the whole breath is thrown out and you feel within a tranquility that you have never felt. Try this: when you are feeling very good, take the breath in and then see what you feel.  You can not feel that well-being that comes with “AH.” It is coming because of the BREATH.


      So languages differ, but these two things will never differ. All over the world, whenever someone feels tired he/she will say “AH.”  Really he is calling for death to come and relax him. Whenever one feels overjoyed, Blissful[ the Bliss of Atman], he says “AH.”

      He is so overfilled with joy that he is not afraid of death now. He can relieve himself completely, relax completely.


      And what Will happen if you go on trying it, trying it? You will become fully aware of something within you- -  the SPONTANEOUSNESS OF YOUR BEING. ; of SAHAJ of being spontaneous. THAT  you ARE  already, but you are too much engaged with life, too much occupied with life. You can not become aware of the BEING which is behind.


      When you are not occupied with life, with the incoming breath, the Being behind is revealed; there is a GLIMPSE. But the glimpse will become, by and by, a realization. And once it is known you can not  forget it. - - and this is not something which you are creating. That is why it is SPONTANEOUS. : it is not something you are creating. It is there, you have simply forgotten. It is a Remembrance! It is a Rediscovery!


      Try to see children, very small children, taking their breaths. They take them in a different way. Look at a child sleeping. His belly comes up and down, not the chest. If you are sleeping and you are being observed, your chest comes up and down; your breath never goes down to the belly. The breath can go down to the belly only if you exhale and do not inhale. If you inhale and do not exhale, the breath cannot go down to the belly. The reason why breath goes to the belly is that when one exhales, the whole breath is thrown out and then the BODY takes in it. And the body takes only that amount which is needed- - never more, never less.


      The body has its own wisdom, and it is more wise than you. Do not disturb it. You can take more- - then it will be disturbed. You can take less- - then it will be disturbed. The body has its own wisdom, it only takes that amount which is needed. When more is needed, it creates the situation. It never goes to the extreme, it is always balanced. But if you inhale it is never balanced, because you do not know what you are doing, you do not know what is the need of the body. And the need for your body changes every moment.


      Allow the body! You just exhale, you just throw it out, and then the body will take the breath in- - and it will take it deeply and slowly, and the breath will go down to the belly. It will hit the navel point exactly and your belly will go up and down. If you inhale then really, you will never exhale totally. Then the breath is in and you go on inhaling, so the breath which is already in will not allow your breath to go down to the very bottom. Then just shallow breathing happens.


      They say that you have six thousand sacks in your lungs and only two thousand are touched by your breath. The four thousand are always filled with poisonous gases which need to be exhaled, and that two-thirds portion of your chest creates much anxiety, much anguish and misery in the mind, in the body. A child exhales, he never inhales. Inhaling is done by the body itself.


      When the child is born, the first thing he is going to do is cry. With that cry his throat opens, with that cry comes the first “AH.” The oxygen and air that had been given by the Mother is exhaled. This is the first effort with breathing. That is why if a child is not crying, the doctor will become uneasy, because the child has not shown the sign of life. He still feels dependent on the Mother. He must cry. That cry shows that now he is becoming an individual; the Mother is not needed, he will take his own breath. And the first thing is that he is going to cry in order to exhale that which was given by the Mother, and then his body will start functioning, inhaling.


      A child is always exhaling, and when the child starts inhaling, when the emphasis moves to inhaling, be aware. He has already become old; he has learned things from you. He has become tense. Whenever you are tense, you can not take a deep breath. Why? Your stomach becomes rigid. Whenever you are tense your stomach becomes rigid, it won’t allow breath to go down. Then you have to take shallow breaths.


      Try with”AH” It has a beautiful feeling around it. Whenever you feel tired, “AH.”- - throw the breath. And make it a point to emphasize exhaling. You will be a different man, and a different mind will evolve. With the emphasis on breathing in , you have developed a miser mind and a miser body. With exhaling, that miserliness will disappear and with it many problems will also dissolve. Possessiveness will disappear.


      So Tantra will not say leave possessiveness. Tantra says, change your system of breathing; you can not possess then. Observe your own breathing and your moods, and you will become aware. Whatsoever is wrong is always associated with the emphasis that is given to the incoming breath and whatsoever is good, virtuous, beautiful, true, is always associated with exhaling. Whenever you are speaking a lie, you will hold your breath in.  Whenever you speak truth, you never hold the breath. You fear that “I am speaking a lie,” so you hold the breath. You are afraid something may go out with it- - the out-moving breath. Your hidden truth may be revealed; so you are afraid.


      Go on trying this”AH,” more and more.  You will be more healthy in body, more healthy in mind, and a different quality of calm, at-easeness, tranquility will develop.


      My humble pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan.


      Sai Ram.























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