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Parthi News-December 1st

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  • Ravi Yemula
    Puttaparthi Newsletter December 1st December 1st this Mornings Last Bhajan was Shyama Sundara Madana Mohana Murali Gopal Brilliant show by devotees from
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      Puttaparthi Newsletter

      December 1st

      December 1st this Mornings Last Bhajan was
      "Shyama Sundara Madana Mohana Murali Gopal"

      Brilliant show by devotees from Karnataka who are on Parthi Yatra

      Yesterday evening in the Divine presence of Sathya Sai Baba there was brilliant performance of folk dances by the Bala vikas from Karnataka District who are on Parthi Yatra. They performed all the folk dances that exist in Karnataka. There were more than 10 different types of dances. Before each dance began there was an explanation about the dance and when its performed and why. It was wonderful way to show their devotion to our Beloved Swami and also to showcase their rich culture. All the dances were performed to their traditional songs, which were sung in Kanada (their mother tongue). They even did a folk dance to a bhajan about Swami. They ended their performance thanking Swami and promising to lead their lives according to Swami's message.

       After their performance Swami blessed each group of folk dancer by taking photos with all of them. There were nearly 10 groups or so. Prasadam was distributed to all the devotees in Sai Kulwant Hall, while this was going on Swami presented clothes to the members of the Karnataka group on the ladies side. Swami also gave clothes to the Bala Vikas who performed as the bhajans were going on.

      The bhajans ended with Aarathi and Swami left Sai Kulwant Hall at 7:00 pm ending the events for the day.

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