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My experience on Shivarathri in Parthi

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  • Bodla Ramesh
    Sairam I would like to share with you, my experiences on Shivarathri 2006 in Parthi. On Shivarathri day morning around 11:00 AM I came outside from Sai
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      I would like to share with you, my experiences on Shivarathri 2006 in Parthi.
      On Shivarathri day morning around 11:00 AM I came outside from Sai Kulwanthall after having Swami's darshan. And I was walking towards ganesh temple, already there was a lot of rush at the temple. I entered through that rush, and with closed eyes, folded hands i did Prayer to Ganapathi and just was walking few steps towards gayathri mata temple. once  i checked my pant pocket, found that i lost my money purse. Oh!!!! my god..yes definately this might happened when i was in prayer.
      What to do..Swami what is this test on this Shivarathri day, i lost my return reservation ticket also with that purse. I had searched the surroundings, but its of no use. I have checked all other my packets, found that i have some Rs.50 note in another packet..unfortunately yesterday i kept this note in another packet with my telephone diary. This amount is enough for my food for these two days. So, now only the thing required is I want the reservation ticket. Again I Prayed at Ganesh temple Vigneshwara this incident happened infront of you, that too when i was in prayer with closed eyes..i am obeying this..but anyway please make me to get the reservation ticket back. So, that tommorrow i shall return to my home.
      Other few members from my own town came to parthi, but i have not disclosed to anybody and did't ask them for help. And even i did't call to home.  I have faith and confidence on swami that, definately Bhagwan will arrange for my return journey.
      And then i went to Prashanthi security office and told about the situation, they replied to give complaint in Police Station. I went to Police Station and given Complaint.
      S.I. told that tommorrow you come  and take the letter.
      From there i went to Busstation, explained everything and requested the manager to arrange for my journey. He replied that Sairam don't worry Swami is there...definately
      i will arrange for your return journey.
      I felt that the problem solved.
      Next day morning I went to Police Station and taken the letter.
      I had given that letter to Bus station Manager. He told that sairam you come at Bus time i will arrange for you.
      Evening While returning I Prayed to swami wholeheartedly and came to bus station.
      When i entered into the office of busstation manager he was not there in the office.
      Oh!!! my god only 1 hour left for bus time..and again i Prayed to swami..swami again why you are testing swami..Please make him to come to office.
      After some times manager came to office.
      Around 5:00 PM bus came, the manager called the driver by explaining my situation  given that Police Station letter, his letter, duplicate reservation chart.
      I entered into the bus and occupied my seat.The bus was full and everything was ready..just waiting for conductor..that's all.
      After few minutes conductor entered into the bus, came to my place and told that
      Sir, you got your ticket. Just the reservation counter employee has given to me, telling that someone came and given to him.
      Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my god..is it true that  I got my ticket. Yes it was the same ticket that i lost with my money purse. Tears were rolling in my eyes.
      Now i have no words to say .......
      i.e. Our Swami.........
      Then conducter returned back all my letters return to me and aproved my journey through that ticket. Next day morning i reached safely my home with Bhagwan blessings.
      Even I am not bothering for that purse and money.I think that must have gone to a person who might have been blessed by swami. I think the person is in need of money.If my money fulfilles any of his needs, then i feel so blessed.
      But even for today that is mystery..if that person is good then why he did that wrong thing..and if that person is bad then why he returned my ticket back. Even there was a chance that he can get cancelled that ticket at reservation counter and take the ticket amount. Some times we can't understand all these Swami's leelas.
      It's all maya.
      If we have faith on swami and if we surrender fully to swami then swami will look everything. No need to worry for anything.
      May swami bless all of us.
    • saibabanews_webmaster
      From: suresh thuppalay Date: Thu Jun 1, 2006 3:42pm Subject: Re: [saibabanews] My experience on Shivarathri in Parthi Thanks for narrating
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 2, 2006
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        From: suresh thuppalay <sureshtc@...>
        Date: Thu Jun 1, 2006 3:42pm
        Subject: Re: [saibabanews] My experience on Shivarathri in Parthi

        Thanks for narrating your experience. It must have been a great sigh
        of relief when you got your ticket back. Swami always helps us in
        the last moment if you leave everything to him.



        From: sai ram <sai_psg03@...>
        Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 2:52am
        Subject: Re: [saibabanews] My experience on Shivarathri in Parthi

        Dear Sairam

        Only swami has came to give the ticket back to u...

        How the person was?(swami)....

        really divines paly is good....He is the

        Iam Sairam.K from chennai.......
        Plz send if any flight to parthi from chennai,fare,service
        details,name of flight service...

        Jai Sairam....


        From: "sheela krishnamurthy" <sheela1959@...>
        Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 2:57am
        Subject: Re: [saibabanews] My experience on Shivarathri in Parthi

        Sai ram,
        Very good experience....I couldn't control my tears when i read this
        mail...He has tested u and blessed u...

        --- In saibabanews@yahoogroups.com, Bodla Ramesh <rameshbodla@...>
        > Sairam
        > I would like to share with you, my experiences on Shivarathri
        2006 in Parthi.....
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