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The Glory of Shirdi Sai - Issue 18-2005

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    THE GLORY OF SHIRDI SAI Third Year of Publication Published as Bi-Weekly Issue 18 / 2005 01-09-2005 Please visit our Web site: http://www.saidarbar.org ...
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      Third Year of Publication
      Published as Bi-Weekly
      Issue 18 / 2005
      Please visit our Web site: http://www.saidarbar.org


      5. SAI IN DREAMS
      15. SAI'S BOOK WORLD
      16. EDITORIAL.
      Rajeswari Kasturi, Saidarbar – Hyderabad.
      From the Satsanghs of Saibanisaji

      69. We should follow the traditions / standards given
      by the eminent personalities which will be beneficial
      to society.
      70. Any spiritual book reveals that helping the
      humanity is dearer to the God and harming the humanity
      is the sin.
      71. You should live in a spiritual World where truth
      is your mother, wisdom is your father and
      righteousness' is your brother, kindness your friend,
      peace as your wife and forgiveness' is your son.
      72. Try to talk the truth in a sweet manner, even
      though the truth looks bitter.
      73. Do not waste your energies in the arguments and
      quarrel and try directing your energies for acquiring
      the good will of the society.
      74. Earn the money and be happy by following path of
      75. Think that the things which will bring sorrow to
      you will create sorrow to others also.

      76. We will all know that the God is truth. So do such
      things where you can please God.
      77. You are inviting your downfall by damaging the
      justice and encouraging injustice.
      78. We all know that the idle man's brain is devil's
      workshop. In a similar way keeping the physical body
      in lazy condition is inviting ill health.
      79. While offering the charities, select the
      -Going to their house and extending is the best way
      if you can.
      -Inviting them to your house and giving them is the
      - Remember that giving charities to your servants is
      not a charity. It is only a duty.
      To be Continued…
      September 9, 1918: Dasa Ganu wrote " Sri Sai Sthvana
      Manjari" at Maheswaram on the banks of the river

      September 28,1918: Nathpanth Saint Rama Maruthi of
      Kalyan passed away.

      September 29,1952: " Kalash" of gold was fixed on the
      spire of Samadhi Mandhir.
      From http://www.saidarbar.org

      All of us are aware that there are many examples
      quoted in Sai Satcharitra which unfailingly
      established that Sai appeared in dreams of individuals
      and uttered distinct words and cautions. The incidents
      as predicted have taken place and in most of the cases
      were like early warnings and indicators for the coming
      events. I hereby take the privilege to place before
      you all, two such experiences.

      It was on the wee hours of Sri Ram Navami festival
      during the year 1991,Sai appeared in the form of a
      saint and addressed me that he would grace my house in
      the form of Ram and Lakshman and have the prasadham
      from my house. As usual I informed my wife about the
      dream and his words. My wife by then was not in the
      fold of Sai and gave a casual laughter and ignored the
      whole episode. I have gone through the rituals of all
      the four Aaratis and my wife distributed prasadham to
      all our visitors and guests. Just before bed time, my
      wife put me to embarrassment with a question as to
      whether any of the visitors who all turned up during
      the day were Ram and Lakshman. I was in a state of
      confusion as to what should be my answer. My memory
      scanned through all the visitors of the day and paused
      at my friend Raghu Raman Satulury who happened to come
      to my house along with his two daughters for the
      evening Aarati and had Baba's prasadham. I have gone
      to bed with out answering my wife's question as I
      myself was not sure. Sri Sai again appeared in my
      dream in the form of the same saint and addressed to
      me that he has fulfilled his promise. Next day I met
      my friend and he cleared my wife's doubt. His two
      daughters were twins and it is normal practice amongst
      south Indians to identify twins with Ram and Lakshman
      the inseparable divine brothers of the epic Ramayana.
      Sai has graced the occasion in the form of twin
      daughters of my friend. I bowed to Sai with folded
      hands and with full devotion.

      Let me quickly take you through the second experience.
      It was on the eve of my daughter's marriage, I had
      been to her would be in - law's residing in the
      township of Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. I planned to
      leave on 8th of March 1992 and return back by 9th
      March 1992. On the night of 7th March 1992 ( early
      hours of 8th March 1992 ) Sai appeared in the form of
      a middle aged person wearing cooling glasses and a cap
      dressed in a pant and shirt and demanded a Dakshina of
      Rs.5/-. As a devotee of Sai, I knew that it would
      happen as indicated and was mentally prepared to face.
      I have completed the planned task and was on my way
      back to home.

      On reaching Railway station I understood that the
      train was behind schedule by two hours. At six ' o
      clock in the morning I was waiting for the train to
      come sitting on a bench on the platform NO 1. After a
      while a middle aged person with similar attire and
      cooling glasses sat on the bench adjacent to me. My
      joy knew no bounds and I was in an enlightened state.
      How am I to offer the Dakshina of Rs.5/-? If I
      directly offer him he may not accept and on the other
      hand may shout at me for the mistaken identity. I took
      courage, stood up, walked towards his bench, dropped
      the five Rupee currency note and told him that his
      money has fallen down, all performed in quick
      succession. He picked up the note with a typical smile
      cast at me and walked away fast. I could see Sai in
      him and the promise in action.
      To be Continued…

      Also known as Raidas, Ravidas lived in Varanasi
      (Benares) and is generally thought to have been a
      younger contemporary of Kabir. In his poetry, he
      describes himself as a leather worker.

      He is revered by both Sikhs and Hindus. The two oldest
      attested sources of his work are the Sikh scripture,
      the Adigranth, and in the collections of songs
      compiled by the Dadu Panth. According to some sources,
      Ravidas was initiated by the famous guru Ramananda.
      Ravidas is said to have, in turn, been a guru of the
      great saintly poetess Mirabai. Because of his
      professional background, he has become an important
      figure to reckon with in India today and his
      followers addressing themselves as Ravidasis.
      5. SAI IN DREAMS:

      These are the dream sequences and messages as received
      by SAIBANISA
      From our beloved GURU LORD SAINATH OF SHIRIDI. In
      Anticipation that this feature will help in one's
      spiritual growth are hereby compiled from
      his personal Diary and presented to SAIBANDHUS.

      Translated and presented by RAGHU RAMAN SATULURY.
      Dared: 19-11-1993.

      Yesterday was Thursday and I wanted to know why it is
      important to Sai. The visual ran like this. Those were
      the days of First World War. Indian soldiers were
      fighting in the foreign countries. They were all
      moving in a group and the leader was a Sai devotee.
      The enemy camps that were large in numbers spotted
      them all. They opened fire on the leader. He ordered
      his fellow men not to retaliate. He advances and takes
      the name of Sai and fights all alone. In the process
      he lays down his life. The Atma later merges with Sai
      and that happened to be a Thursday. That is perhaps
      the reason as to why Sai likes Thursday.

      Call the name of Sai and rest assured you are taken
      care of.

      Dated: 26-11-1993.

      By the end of the day I was fully engrossed in the
      thought that I have done a lot towards the well being
      of my wife and children, and that they are not
      grateful to the extent required. These thoughts made
      me restless and I went to sleep. He has shown me all
      that was happening in my family and gave me a piece
      advice-Fall back on wife for advice only when it is
      really required. Gratitude is more to be shown in
      action rather than expression in words.

      Fulfill your commitments with out anticipating any

      Dated: 05-12-1993.

      How to help others and what should be anticipated in
      return was the question in my mind. As usual I prayed
      Sai and retired to bed. I was astonished for the crisp
      answer I got. It was a green belt of healthy land with
      abundant crop. No farmer was seen ploughing the field
      but still the crop was looking very healthy. I was
      thinking about the possible reasons and stepped in to
      the field. I have spotted huge number of earthworms
      stationed there and were extending help to the farmer.
      I deciphered the message that one should emulate the
      earth –worms and be of help to the society for a
      better living.

      Be useful to the society.

      To be continued…..
      (By Late Sri Bharam UmamaheswaraRao)
      "Shashi": shashi_31@...
      10. Uniqueness of Sri Sai Baba and his Teachings

      To describe Sri Sai Baba's Gospels and His actions is
      a futile attempt to be trying with a salt ball to
      measure the depths of the sea. Though His sayings and
      actions are outwardly very simple, they reveal the
      depth of Upanishathic sayings. Though He was capable
      of satisfying the hunger of all living beings, He was
      begging from door to door for His food. Though He was
      competent to quote the Gospels and passages from great
      scriptures, His utterances were simple and solacing.
      His Universal love is extraordinary and His actions
      moderate. Though at times, He was angry, He was always
      serene and sober. Thus, when we visualize Him from a
      distance, we get perturbed by His activities. The more
      we go near Him with devotion, the more we can
      understand Him as PURUSHOTTHAMA and see His Divinity
      in every action. He never asked for anything for
      Himself and lived on simple food offered by His
      devotees clothed in simple.

      As per the clear saying of Sri Hemadpant, Sri Sai Baba
      is `ATMA RAM' i.e, personification of impersonal God.
      The omnipresent God has manifested as Sri Sai Baba to
      uplift the Universe.

      The Gospels of Sri Sai Baba are mainly regarding the
      Universal God and in the methods of His Teachings,
      there is none to excel or even equal Him. Sri Sai Baba
      was accepting all the rituals performed by devotees
      and was accepting the offerings by them, as these were
      necessary for purifying the minds of the devotees.
      Only when the mind is pure, one can understand the
      teachings of great saints and can concentrate on
      sadhana. Baba's only aim was to improve all persons
      and guide them to the state of Atma Sakshatkara.

      This ultimate goal can be attained by the purified
      mind only and purification of the mind can be attained
      by pure, selfless actions and perfect worship. Man is
      bound to worldly ties because of his ignorance and his
      feelings that he is the body. To know that one is not
      the body, but pure self (Atma) one has to get rid of
      his ignorance by serving saintly people like Sri Sai
      Baba and by worshiping them. The blessings of such
      great Saints can help the Sadhakas to a great extent.
      Sri Sai Baba's teachings were of varied types. He was
      allowing all types of worship to Him like decorating
      Him with flowers and offering fruits etc., but He was
      teaching that God is present everywhere and is not
      limited to His body alone. For attaining the goal of
      perfection Sri Sai Baba was teaching the devotees to
      do Nama Japa thinking of His form with one pointed
      devotion. By doing this with great concentration, one
      can supercede the idea that he is the body and further
      he will realize that he is the real-self present

      Sri Hemadpant described Sri Sai Baba's teachings in
      this way: The world we see is not real. This is
      created by Maya which is under the control of God.
      This is like seeing a mirage in a desert. There is no
      water and thirsty person walking in the desert thinks,
      there is water and runs after it but in vain. The same
      is the case with worldly pleasures. They are very
      transitory and actually unreal. He who realizes that
      the world is like a mirage in the desert does not
      crave for worldly pleasures. Our prayer to Sri Sai
      Baba is to remove this evil ignorance and to provide
      knowledge of the Universal self. In reality, we are
      all the Universal Self, but we forgot this truth and
      so we pray to Sri Sai Baba to make us recall this
      truth and remember our selves.

      To be continued…..

      Saibanisa-Gopalarao Ravada—Saidarbar Hyderabad –India


      5) King Dhruva returns from the battle field after
      fighting the Yakshas.Lord Kubera, the God of riches
      blesses Dhruva with the words - "The fruits of
      reciting Harinama (Vishnu sahasranama) removes the
      Agnana (the state of ignorance)from your mind and,
      unknowingly and Lord Vishnu will always be with you".
      Baba presented the holy book of Vishnu Sahasranama
      with the following words to Shyama , "Remember to read
      the book carefully. Once I was in deep crisis and my
      heart beat was abnormal. My life was in danger. I have
      opted for holding the book tight to my heart .That
      made all the difference and I am saved".

      6)King Dhruva ruled his kingdom for thousands of
      years, later he retired to the forests of Badhari for
      undertaking Thapasya(penance). While in
      thapasya,messengers from Lord Vishnu appeared before
      him and took him to the heavenly abode in an
      aeroplane. True to his words,Lord Sainath presented
      Kakasaheb Dikshit on(05-07-1926) and Mahilsapathi
      on (11-09-1922),both of his ardent devotees with
      similar moksha to their lives. The promise which Baba
      made while in flesh and blood that- "I shall take you
      in an aeroplane to the destiny" was fulfilled.

      7) Lord Sri Hari was over whelmed with the Thapasya of
      Prachethasa and brothers and thus addressed them -" I
      shall dwell (live) in the hearts of those who
      constantly think and pray to me with full devotion".
      Lord Sainath appreciated the devotion of Cholkar and
      said-" I am in you and my place is in the hearts of
      all beings". "I reside in you and in everybody, who so
      ever takes recourse in me?.
      - ON 27th August, 2005

      Krishna has influenced the Indian thought, life and
      culture in myriad ways. He has influenced not only its
      religion and philosophy, but also into its mysticism
      and literature, painting and sculpture, dance and
      music, and all aspects of Indian folklore. The
      birthday of such a favourite deity is bound to be a
      special occasion for the masses, who consider Krishna
      their leader, hero, protector, philosopher, teacher
      and friend all rolled into one.

      Krishna took birth at midnight on the ashtami or the
      8th day of the Krishnapaksha or dark fortnight in
      month of Shravan (August-September). This auspicious
      day is called Janmashthami. Indian as well as Western
      scholars have now accepted the period between 3200 and
      3100 BC as the period in which Lord Krishna lived on

      The birth of Krishna is in itself a transcendental
      phenomenon that overwhelms one and all with its supra
      mundane happenings. Mother Earth, unable to bear the
      burden of sins committed by evil kings and rulers,
      appealed to Brahma, the Creator for help. Brahma
      prayed to the Supreme Lord Vishnu, who assured him
      that he would soon be born on earth to annihilate
      tyrannical forces.

      One such evil force was Kamsa, the ruler of Mathura
      (in northern India) and his people were utterly
      terrified of him. On the day Kamsa's sister Devaki was
      married off to Vasudeva, an akashvani or voice from
      the sky was heard prophesying that Devaki's 8th son
      would be the destroyer of Kamsa. The frightened Kamsa
      immediately unsheathed his sword to kill his sister
      but Vasudeva intervened and implored Kamsa to spare
      his bride, and promised to hand over every new born
      child to him. Kamsa relented but imprisoned both
      Devaki and her husband Vasudeva. When Devaki gave
      birth to her first child, Kamsa came to the prison
      cell and slaughtered the newborn. In this way, he
      killed the first six sons of Devaki. Even before her
      8th child was born, Devaki and Vasudeva started
      lamenting its fate and theirs. Then suddenly Lord
      Vishnu appeared before them and said he himself was
      coming to rescue them and the people of Mathura. He
      asked Vasudeva to carry him to the house of his
      friend, the cowherd chief Nanda in Gokula right after
      his birth, where Nanda's wife Yashoda had given birth
      to a daughter. He was to exchange his boy and bring
      Yashoda's baby daughter back to the prison. Vishnu
      assured them that "nothing shall bar your path".

      At midnight on ashtami, the divine baby was born in
      Kamsa's prison. Remembering the divine instructions,
      Vasudeva clasped the child to his bosom and started
      for Gokula, but found that his legs were in chains. He
      jerked his legs and was unfettered! The massive
      iron-barred doors unlocked and opened up. While
      crossing river Yamuna, Vasudeva held his baby high
      over his head. The rain fell in torrents and the river
      was in spate. But the water made way for Vasudeva and
      miraculously a five-mouthed snake followed him from
      behind and provided shelter over the baby.

      When Vasudeva reached Gokula, he found the door of
      Nanda's house open. He exchanged the babies and
      hurried back to the prison of Kamsa with the baby
      girl. Early in the morning, all the people at Gokula
      rejoiced the birth of Nanda's beautiful male child.
      Vasudeva came back to Mathura and as he entered, the
      doors of the prison closed themselves. When Kamsa came
      to know about the birth, he rushed inside the prison
      and tried to kill the baby. But this time it skipped
      from his hand and reaching the sky. She was
      transformed into the goddess Yogamaya, who told Kansa:
      "O foolish! What will you get by killing me? Your
      nemesis is already born somewhere else." In his youth
      Krishna killed Kansa along with all his cruel
      associates, liberated his parents from prison, and
      reinstated Ugrasen as the King of Mathura.
      " Wish you all A Happy Ganesh Chathurdhi"

      Lord Ganesa, as everyone has observed, has a human
      body and an elephant head. According to the folk tale,
      he was born of the Goddess Parvathi. One day when he
      was a boy she told him not to allow anyone into her
      house. Lord Shiva, coming to see Parvathi, his
      consort, was stopped by the boy. Angered, Lord Shiva
      beheaded him with his trident. When she saw what had
      happened, Parvathi was filled with anguish. Seeing her
      distress, Lord Shiva restored the boy to life by
      affixing to his body the head of the first animal that
      came along, which happened to be an elephant.

      In addition, Lord Shiva ordained that henceforth the
      boy would be called Lord Ganesa, meaning Ish (Lord) of
      Gana (the followers of Lord Shiva who live with him).
      Obeisance and worship would be done to Him before any
      activity, without which insurmountable hurdles and
      difficulties would result. Thus, it is imperative to
      worship Lord Ganesa before undertaking any action. If
      devotees worship Him with due devotion, He will
      fulfill all their wishes.

      Even gods must pay obeisance to Lord Ganesa. For
      example, Lord Shiva, when he embarked to destroy the
      'tripura' demons (three Demons taking the form of
      Gold, Silver and Steel) found the axle of His chariot
      broken. Realizing His mistake, He prayed to Ganesa,
      whereupon the axel was restored, and Shiva was able to
      destroy the three demons. Similarly, when Ganesa's
      younger brother, Lord Subramania (Kartikeya), did not
      seek his elder brother's blessings, he could not win
      the hand of Goddess Valli whom He loved. Only when He
      prayed for forgiveness, did Lord Ganesa help Him with
      the marriage.

      Lord Ganesa also relishes Modakam, a dish prepared out
      of rice flour and jaggery (a sweet paste made from
      sugar cane). This sweet dish symbolizes the
      fulfillment or joy hidden within everything. Coconuts
      and plantains are also offered to Ganesa during puja.
      Lord Ganesa broke one of his tusks to become a scribe
      to sage Veda Vyasa in order to transcribe the verses
      of the Mahabaratha which Veda Vyasa dictated. Thus,
      Ganesa demonstrated the noble principle of
      self-sacrifice. By taking down the dictated verses, he
      became the first stenographer. While all the Gods and
      Goddesses have their own Vahanas, or mounts, Lord
      Ganesa's mount is a tiny Mouse. Though very small, it
      is always active and moves under the cover of
      darkness, carrying Ganesa's grace to every nook and
      corner. In effect, Mushika (mouse) is the unseen grace
      which influences our lives.



      Gal 1 http://www.vedicempire.com/vedichampa.htm

      Gal 2 http://www.vedicempire.com/vedichampa1.htm

      Gal 3 http://www.vedicempire.com/vedichampa2.htm

      Compiled by SaiSevak SrinivasaRao Kasturi
      Saidarbar – Hyderabad.

      World Hindu Federation Meeting Set for Malaysia

      KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, August 22, 2005: The World
      Hindu Federation (WHF) will be holding its 17th
      Executive Committee Meeting at Hotel Grand Seasons,
      Kuala Lumpur, on August 27 and 28, 2005. About 200
      participants representing about 15 nations are
      expected to attend this meeting which is being held
      for the first time in Malaysia. This Federation was
      established 25 years ago in Nepal. Malaysia Hindu
      Sangam is hosting this meeting. A very interesting
      feature is that while the WHF is celebrating the
      silver jubilee, the Malaysia Hindu Sangam is
      celebrating its 40th anniversary. This meeting will
      give the opportunity to about 50 local leading Hindu
      organizations and temples to attend as observer
      delegates and participate in the special forums being
      held discussing the globalization of Hinduism in the
      21st century.

      Y. B. Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu, the Minister of Works
      Malaysia, will officiate the opening ceremony and host
      the lunch for about 400 delegates, guests and
      journalists after the ceremony. The meeting will be
      presided over by the WHF President Hony ADC Gen.
      Bharat Kesher Sinha of Nepal.
      SUVA, FIJI, August 15, 2005: The festival of lights,
      Deepavali, has not lost its beauty, joy and
      auspiciousness for people of Fiji, says the Opposition
      Leader Mahendra Chaudhry. "This is because Diwali has
      become an integral part of our culture and traditions
      and its religious significance far transcends the
      events that may have led to its creation in the first
      place," Mr. Chaudhry said. The significance of
      Deepavali for the Hindu community is embedded deep in
      ancient India.

      Mr. Chaudhry said for some people it was a joyous
      occasion to mark the return to Ayodhya of Lord Rama
      after 14 years in exile. To many others, however, it
      is a celebration to mark the end of harvest and
      prayers for continued prosperity in future. "For the
      Hindu community in Fiji which is cut off from its
      ancestral roots, Deepavali each year renews the
      teachings and values enshrined in the Ramayana and the
      life of Lord Rama." "For us here in Fiji, teachings of
      Ramayana are even more relevant on a day-to-day basis
      as the Holy Scriptures help us to take a strong stand
      against iniquities and injustices in whatever form
      they may appear," he said.
      Montreal Murugan Temple Dedication Set for August 28
      Montreal Murugan Temple Dedication Postponed
      MONTREAL, CANADA, August 24, 2005: The
      Mahakumbabhishekam (dedication) of the Montral Murugan
      Temple has been postponed indefinitely pending the
      arrival of the Deities from India. It was scheduled to
      begin August 28. To keep updated, visit the temple
      UK hosts biggest Hindu gathering outside India
      Friday, 26 August , 2005, 18:41

      Watford, England: The largest gathering of Hindus
      outside India was
      taking place Friday in Britain, organisers said.

      Up to 75,000 people were expected to flock to
      Bhaktivedanta Manor
      Hare Krishna temple near Watford, northwest of London,
      to mark the festival of Janmashtami, the birthday of
      Lord Krishna, born around 5,000 years ago.

      Compiled by SaiSevak SrinivasaRao Kasturi
      Saidarbar – Hyderabad.
      Date: 8/11/2005 01:04:18 -0600
      Jai Sai ram
      First I want to do sakshat pranam to Baba, well I am
      not a very true devotee of Baba, but still I feel like
      writing I am reading experiences of devotees on this
      website from quite some time, since then I come to
      know the importance of Sai Satcharitra, I have already
      read this earlier but I came to know that you have to
      complete it in a week start from Thursday.

      So I started all over again today is Thursday I have
      completed satcharitra yesterday and I cant believe
      Baba called me Shirdi for his divine darshan so early
      I have completed satcharitra yesterday and today I m
      going to shirdi, I am going for the first time I never
      thought of going to shirdi but by his grace I m going,
      I am so excited for this visit and thankfull to Baba
      for blessing me.

      I just want to say that Sai is the ultimate god ,he
      loves his children like anything n gives you whatever
      you wish, Baba is great Baba words are always true,
      believe Him, love Him, and He will be always their
      with you, I want to say that everybody should read
      satcharitra, and experience miracles, I think its a
      quite long mail, so at last I just want to say try to
      improve yourself everyday, by devoting your self in
      the feet of lord Sai, He doesn't ask for any thing
      just give him your total shardha and saburi and He
      will be with you always, may Baba bless everybody,
      thanks Baba, love you always.
      8/17/2005 12:20:36 -0600
      Om Sri Sainathaya Namaha.
      Saibaba, thanks for fulfilling my wish. I had prayed
      that if all goes well for my husband, I will post it
      online on your website. As promised, I am doing it
      now. I humbly bow before Thee and seek Your Blessings
      in all that we do. Koti pranams to you, Baba.

      Venkateswaraswamy Swarna" swamysv@... &
      Tue, 30 Aug 2005 00:11:52 -0700 (PDT)

      Sai Ram. Let us continue with the Chapter on Brahma

      "(4) Catharsis from (Purging away of) sins. Unless a
      man has turned away from wickedness, and stopped from
      doing wrong, and has entirely composed himself and
      unless his mind is at rest, he cannot gain
      self-realization, even by means of knowledge."

      Sai Ram. This point is important since doing sins is
      like getting muddied after taking a bath. So,
      continuing to do the sins makes a waste of all good
      sadhanas of the Sadhaka. However, keeping away from
      sins (and that includes sinful thoughts let alone
      actions), is easier said than done. The mind doesn't
      settle down easily. The old Vasanas (desires) don't go
      easily. The path is slippery and the sadhaka slips and
      falls many a times. In the beginning of the sadhana
      and later too, (especially when the ego again props up
      and one starts thinking of one self as holy and beyond
      desires), the most unwanted desires crop up and the
      sadhaka is very much troubed by these long-left-behind
      enemies. However, Sraddha (Faith in God and one's
      Guru) and Saburi (Patience) will see one through. The
      last sentence "he cannot gain self-realization, even
      by means of knowledge." is really important.

      Intellectual knowledge is important but is not enough.
      The intellect and the emotions (desires, aversions
      etc., which impel us to do actions, good or bad)
      should be united in their actions and goals. It is
      like two bulls, which if not properly yoked and
      trained, try to go in different directions, leading to
      poorly ploughed field. Most of us are having the
      intellectual knowledge but lack the experience
      (realisation) of the Self. Any amount of reading the
      description of the sweetness of sugar or honey is of
      no use without the experience of tasting that sugar or
      honey. Any amount of the Oneness of all souls is of no
      use, when Maya (Illusion) makes us steal, fight or
      covet some one else's wife, property etc. So, turning
      away from the path of sin is really important.

      (5) Right Conduct. Unless, a man leads a life of
      truth, penance and insight, a life of celibacy, he
      cannot get God-realization.

      Sai Ram. This is a continuation of the previous point.
      An idle mind is a devil's workshop, goes the adage.
      Till the mind is totally controlled (when it is
      emptied of all thoughts, good and bad), it is
      important for the sadhaka to consciously engage the
      mind in doing good works. "Satsangatve Nissangatvam,
      Nissangatve Nirmohatvam, Nirmohatve Nischala tatvam,
      Nischala Tatve, Jeevan Muktih, Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja
      Govindam..." sang the great Adi Shankara. Good company
      nullifies the previous bad acts, just like soap and
      water clean the dirt of the body and the cloth. Only
      then can the mind settle down. And only in a calm
      mind, can the Brahma Jnan remain, just as the flame of
      an oil lamp remains steady in a room which is free
      from breeze.

      God is truth. So, one must first get on to the path of
      truth to deserve the Brahma Jnan. Penance means tapas.
      Tapas produces heat which burns down the dirty fabric
      of materialism and sensory pleasures. Insight is
      antarmukhata, introspection, and as already covered in
      the previous issue, is important since the sadhaka
      sees himself in a true light. (The whole world may be
      praising him but he knows his defects). Thus truth and
      insight go together. Celibacy means Brahmacharya,
      literally meaning walking in the path of Brahma. And
      that means, indulging in sex only at the right time,
      at the right place, with the right person, for the
      right purpose, viz., to continue the lineage. And it
      involves looking at all women as incarnations of the
      Divine Mother. Celibacy is not forced control of the
      physical senses, though that too is important.
      Celibacy is cleanliness of the mind. Remembering the
      transitory nature of the sensory pleasures is useful
      when confronted with such situations (one of them we
      will explore in a later chapter of Satcharita).

      Sai Ram. We will continue with this chapter in the
      next few issues too.


      Author, Editor, Proof-Reader and Book Reviewer

      To be Continued…….

      Smt. Madhu Gopal Ravada, Saidarbar, Hyderabad.
      Hello Children! I am Madhu aunty. Do you know Baba use
      to play with children and used to tell stories to
      them? I felt children visiting Saidarbar should be
      entertained with good stories. Baba told before He
      took His Maha Samadhi that He is Muralidhar and would
      like to play in Booty Wada (Samadhi Mandir) with His
      devotees. So far you have enjoyed Ramayan and this is
      the last part of this version of Valmik Ramayan and
      wait for the new feature which will be started


      Vibhishana brought Sita with full honour and respect.
      Sita and Rama came face to face. Rama knew that Sita
      was virtuous and faithful to him throughout her
      confinement in Lanka. But Rama wanted to dispel doubts
      people might have entertained in their mind, so he
      asked Sita to prove her virtue and chastity by
      entering fire. Rama ordered Lakshmana to prepare a
      pile of burning wood and Lakshmana obeyed his brother.
      Sita entered the blazing fire and came out unscathed.
      The fire could not harm the chaste, faithful and
      virtuous Sita. The whole army, Vibhishana and
      Lakshmana bowed before Sita in praise and respect.

      The period of exile was approaching end. Rama,
      Lakshmana, Sita, Vibhishana, Hanuman, Sugreeva, Angad
      and many others returned to Ayodhya by Pushpaka Viman,
      the flying chariot used by Ravana to abduct Sita.
      People of Ayodhya were waiting for this great day.
      They had kept decorated the whole city for this
      occasion. Bharata came out and welcomed Rama and
      others at the gate of Ayodhya. Rama and his retinue
      were taken to the palace with great festivities
      accompanied by singing, dancing and music. All round
      wave of festivities and merry making started with the
      coming back of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita to Ayodhya.
      Coronation of Rama took place on an auspicious day.
      The people of Ayodhya found in Rama a just, wise and
      generous king.
      "Sankaraiah Dubagunta" sainama@...


      To speak means express thoughts aloud or to say
      things. In the following lines an attempt has been
      made as to how we should speak. It is very important
      for all spiritual Sadhaks. Sai mummy declared " He who
      carps and cavils at others pierces Me in the heart and
      injures Me, but he who suffers pleases me most" (Chap
      44 of SSSC).If we analyse the above we will be
      convinced that Saima is correct. The sixth nama in the
      108 Glorious names of Sainath is "OM SRI SAI SARVA
      HRUNNILAYAYA NAMAHA" It means I bow to Sai who is
      seated in all hearts. As He is seated in all hearts
      arrows of sarcastic and offensive words against others
      will certainly pierce His heart Baba wants us to see
      Him in all. If once we develop this attitude ie., Sai
      dwells in the hearts of others, we will be pleasing
      Him to the maximum extent as we cannot hate or be
      jealous of Baba and talk in a discourteous way. Baba
      cautioned regarding our behaviour and how to talk in
      Chap 2,19,21,33 and 44. He says we should not hurt
      others by our speech, not to indulge in scandal
      mongering, always to speak truth etc., Now the topic
      for discussion is 'How to speak'

      Let us see the invaluable advice given to King Janaka
      by Sulabha, a sanyasin. She observed the King was
      restless when she wanted to argue with him. The
      essence of her advice is as follows 'when we want to
      convey any message through argument or speech, both
      the speaker and the listener should have a calm and
      composed mind with a sense of equality, devoid of
      anger ,ahankara selfishness etc., Man has two
      qualities latent in him, he can attract or repel
      another by his talk. There are three categories of
      men: Superior, equal and inferior whom we come across.
      The power of attraction if shown towards an equal
      develops into friendship, if shown towards superiors
      it turns into devotion and respect, if shown towards
      inferiors it develops into compassion.

      Dear readers, the best course will be to think that
      the other person is as nearer to Baba as we are. Our
      ego should not play any role so that the real purpose
      for which we talk to others is defeated. If we think
      superior to the other man the language will be
      different and will not enter into is ears. The golden
      rule is 'You treat others as you wish to be treated by
      others' This is possible if we adopt the rule of Three
      C's ---- Never Complain, Never Comment and Never

      "Krishna" : gvkskrishna@...
      20 Aug 2005 03:29:58 -0000
      I regularly receive your mails of Sai Charitra.
      Sending this mail just to wish my "Namaskaramulu" to
      Saidarbar team
      Thank you
      with best regards
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      Om Sri Sai Ram,
      Thank you for the Glory of Shirdi Sai. Each word is a
      godsend in this life.
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      Dear Saidarbar Team,
      Sai Ram,
      Thanks for sending me the E-magazine "The Glory of
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      Devotees speak about Sai in Dreams

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      It was a very good experience reading Saibanisa's
      diary 'Sai in dreams'. While reading every dream I
      felt very eager to see the message you left after
      every dream.
      Navitha Vasu
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      Wed, 15 Jun 2005 18:45:01 -0700 (PDT)

      I have read the dream sequences of our respected
      SaiBaNiSa Ji and my opinion is; Our Guruji, Sai Baba
      is ever and everywhere present. We only need to have
      the right vision and hearing power to enable us to see
      Him and hear Him.
      Anil & Rita Zutshi
      New Milford - Danbury (USA)
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      I read the Dreams from the E-book. It is an excellent
      and I am sure any Sai devotee will be more than happy
      to read the dreams published in the E-book "SAI IN
      DREAMS". I found all the dreams and experiences
      mentioned by SaiBanisaji in the E-book are so real
      and touching.
      Raji Gopi
      Toronto – Canada
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      Mon, 27 Jun 2005 07:43:26 -0700 (PDT)

      After reading about the visions and instructions that
      SAIBANISAJI received from our beloved Sri Shirdi Sai
      Baba, it is beyond any doubt that he is a blessed man.
      How beautifully conveyed were Sai's messages that he
      could easily relate them to Sai Leelas mentioned in
      Sri Sai Satcharita.
      Deepak Thota
      VIERA – VA-22180 –U.S.A
      gvsrk somayajulu" : gandikota2000@...
      Wed, 13 jul 2005 07:23:51 -0700 (PDT)
      Opinion in one word...excellent. The beauty of the art
      is in the eyes of the beholder; likewise
      the spiritual benifit one derives by reading this
      e-book can be ''tending to infinity'' depending on the
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