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Importance of Time (2.9.2005)

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  • Gita Prapann Parivar
    ... Bhadrapad Krishna Chaturdashi, Vikram Samvat 2062, Shukravar 2nd September, 2005, Friday Ram Ram This is the summary of the pravachan given by Swami
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      :Shree Hari:

      Bhadrapad Krishna Chaturdashi, Vikram Samvat 2062, Shukravar
      2nd September, 2005, Friday

      Ram Ram

      This is the summary of the pravachan given by Swami Ramsukhdasji on 15.2.1991 at 5 a.m. the cassette of which was played today at Gita Bhavan, Rishikesh, India.

      Importance Of Time

      This situation will not stay, this body will not stay - we all know this fact. We need to give importance to this fact. We should have faith and belief in that which will stay - not in that which will not stay. Only God will stay - have belief in Him. Utilise what you have received. The corporation supplies water during a particular time. You will fill up your bucket as soon as possible before the water finishes. Similarly, till we are alive we must attain salvation. There are so many pleasures in this world - we can never attain them all. So do what can be done only in this life - do what is most important - attain God.

      Take advantage of the opportunity that you have received. You do not know when you will get this human life again.You should take full advantage of the saints that you come in contact with. They will not stay forever. Sethji and Bhaiji are no longer here. Our contact will also not stay. Take advantage fast. Time is passing very quickly. Death is approaching at a very rapid pace.

      He is intelligent who spends his time in the best work. You pay so much attention on how your money is being spent. You should pay more attention on how your time is being spent. Time cannot be earned. It is being spent constantly. You cannot lock it up and keep it. It is the most valuable thing that you have in your life. It is the basis of your life and still you waste it. Become a miser with your time. Do not waste a single moment. You will die as soon as your time is over - millions of rupees will not be able to get you a single extra moment. You will not die if your money gets over.

      Be careful on how you spend your time. Carefulness is saadhana. You will prosper in this world and the next if you are careful with your time. Time is most valuable - attain what is most valuable by spending it. Do good to others - remember God. Like you learn the most during your childhood - childhood is best suited for studying. Similarly, the human life is best suited for attaining God. If this time passes you will repent later and there will be nothing that you can do about it. Eradicate your sorrows forever.

      Go towards God and perceive His Grace in everything that happens - you will realise exceptional things. Always remember Hi, call out to Him, bow down to Him. You will experience His divinity in yourself. This opportunity is not there in any other form of life. The human body is the most rare and you have attained it. If you do not attain God after attaining this body it is your loss.

      Past time will never come back. You cannot get Sethji or Bhaiji back. If I want to ask a question to Sethji, I cannot. So take full advantage as fast as possible. Learn from whoever you feel knows more than you. Sethji was always very enthusiastic to learn more and more from everyone. He had a board outside his shop that read 'If I ask you a question and you answer it - you will get a rupee and if you ask me a question and I am unable to answer it you will get a rupee.' In this way he was always interested in increasing his knowledge.

      Ram Ram

      Never waste a single moment. Always be careful that your time is not lost. Utilise your time to attain what is most valuable as time is invaluable. There is nothing more valuable than God - so you must utilise all your time in trying to attain God.

      For full pravachans in Hindi please visit www.swamiramsukhdasji.org

      P.S: Please pass on this message to whomever you think would benefit from the same.
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