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It is Essential to Get Rid of Interest in Transitory Pleasures (Mar 26, 2013)

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    ... It is Essential to Get Rid of Interest in Transitory Pleasures [http://www.cuttingloose.in/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/images.jpg] 26th Mar 2013,
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      || Shri Hari || 

      It is Essential to Get Rid of Interest in Transitory Pleasures

      26th Mar 2013, Tuesday
      Phalgun Shukla Chaturdashi, Vikram Samvat 2069, Mangalvaar

      Questioner -  How can undivided, exclusive spiritual practice take place?  

      Swamiji -  Undivided, exclusive spiritual practice will take place when one leaves attraction to worldly pleasures.   If you get rid of the interest in hoarding worldly things and in gaining sense pleasure from it, then you will be greatly benefited. In this there is no doubt whatsoever.  I am not saying about renouncing money, I am not saying to become a sadhu.  I join my hands and pray to you with utmost sincerity that some way or the other get rid of this relish you have for enjoying sense pleasures and for hoarding things.   If that relish goes away, then there will be much gains.  This desire, will lead to downfall of both the world and you; you will gain nothing besides that.   Relish for hoarding and sense enjoyments is very detrimental, there is no doubt about this.  The relish for the transitory, is the root cause of ruins.   Even drinking poison is not so ruinous, as this is -      It is said in the Ashtavakra Gita that -  

      If you desire liberation then give up sense objects, as if they were poison.  


      There is only one point that the inclination for the world must end.  In place of inclination for the world, develop inclination for God, enlightenment, liberation, love of God,  beholding God, then you will be most benefited.  In this there is no doubt.  You cannot live because of desire to live.   Even though you may want to live, then too you will have to die.  If you give up the inclination to live,  then there will be no harm, rather there will be much gains.   Even if the relish and inclination is reduced, then too there will be much gains.   Not coming under the sway of relish, then too there will be gains -   

      Tayorna vashmaagacchet || (Gita 3/34)  

      If you eradicate it, then what more to say!  

      Questioner -  This relish does not go away Maharajji !  

      Swamiji -   Your present condition is that this relish is not going away.  It is not that the relish does not go away, rather it is not the kind that will remain.  The interest you had for toys in childhood, that interest is not there at present, is it?  The interest you had in pebbles, stones and colored glass pieces in childhood, is not there today, is it?  It is not that the relish is not going away, the relish is unable to last at all.  It cannot stay.  You give rise to new interest and relish,    and then you say that it does not go away !  The relish cannot last. The relish for the transitory, will remain transitory only.   If you have an inclination for God, then that will not end, rather the result will be that it will make you realize God.  Gita says -   

      "Jigyasurapi Yogasya shabda Brahmaativartate." (Gita 6:44)

      A seeker of Yoga, transcends actions and their fruits as laid down by the

      Vedas, and will surely attain God Realization or salvation.

      If you do not have such quest, then no problem.  When worldly inclination is removed, then quest for Union with Divinity will also take place.  It is entirely false that inclination does not go away.   It is you present condition that you cannot get rid of this relish, due to which you are saying so.  

      Interest in hoarding and enjoying sense pleasures is cause of much harm.   The association of saints is the gateway to liberation and association with men inclined toward sense enjoyment and pleasure, is the gateway to hell -   

      Association with sense enjoyments and pleasure is not as harmful, as the association of people with relish and inclination is harmful.   It is like saying that an association with a lepor, can cause leprosy.   Therefore having inclination towards sense enjoyments, is harmful both for yourself and the world, and it is very beneficial to give it up.  Therefore have mercy and do that which is beneficial for the world.   If you cannot do what is beneficial, then at least do not do anything harmful.   (to be continued)

      From book in Hindi "Nitya Yog ki Praapti"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji  

      Ram Ram 


      Date : 25th March, 2013 

      (Anitya Sukh ki Ruchi Mitaaneki Aavashyaktaa)



      ENGLISH:           http://www.swamiramsukhdasji.net         
      HINDI :               http://www.swamiramsukhdasji.org  
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