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Main Obstacle to God Realization is Attraction to Sense Pleasures (Mar 19, 2013)

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    ... Main Obstacle to God Realization is Attraction to Sense Pleasures (Paramatmapraapti mein Mukhya Baadha - Sukhaasakti) 19th March 2013, TuesdayPhalgun
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      || Shri Hari || 

      Main Obstacle to God Realization is Attraction to Sense Pleasures

      (Paramatmapraapti mein Mukhya Baadha - Sukhaasakti)

      19th March 2013, Tuesday
      Phalgun Shukla Asthami, Vikram Samvat 2069, Mangalvar


      In this the obstacle is that  the objects that we know to be perishable we regard  these as our own.  This is a mistake.  We find it difficult to get rid of this fault.  Realization of the Supreme Essence is easy,  but the difficulty is in renouncing the world.   We hoard the very same things that we know to be transient and perishable.  We seek pleasure from it -   it is dangerous to take this step .  We must change this.  Even in this step, it is only a change in the inner sentiments, that how can others gain happiness?  Start from your home, - how can mother, father, wife, son, family  be happy?   But in return, stop expecting to take pleasure from them.    Your state is such that you do not give happiness to those from whom there is no hope of getting happiness in return.  Whereas there continues to be the expectation to gain pleasure from those you give  pleasure  to.  This is the main obstacle.   Therefore having no expectation of  getting happiness from others, rather, give happiness to others, give rest and relaxation to others,  honor other's point of view.   If you insist on your own views and points, then it will cause many  problems.   T

      here is bondage in

      insisting on your own views and ideas.  

      Bondage begins when

      knowing full well that the perishable  objects will not remain, then too becoming pleased with them and relishing them.  

      Questioner -  Maharajji,  it has become our nature to take enjoy pleasures!  

      Swamiji -  Brother !  It is for leaving those habits that we are gathered here!  Are you getting any money here !  There is no greater progress than improving one's habit.   There is no greater goal of man than purifying your nature.   There is no greater gain than this.   Your goal,  endeavor, effort must be to see to the improvement of your nature.   Only nature can improve, what else can improve,  tell me?   Only the nature improves of even those who are saints and great souls.   There is no change in the body, only   there is change in nature.   therefore it is  our  habits, our nature,  that we have to purify.   We have to remove all the impurities that come in it.  This is the  and only main work that has to be done.    

      Remember this that we are independent in improving our nature, we are not dependent.   It is not so that someone else will do it.  Only you will have to do it, then it will happen.  Whenever it be, it is you only that will have to do.  You had put forward a question, that this will happen by Guru's grace or by the grace of a saint, then I will share with you an exceptional point on this subject.  If it happens by Guru's grace, then it is if you believe in the Guru, then it will happen.   God's grace is been there from time immemorial, but if you accept, then it will do its work.  Therefore it is said in the Gita, that  uplift your self by the self.  -  "uddharedaatmanaatmaanam"  (Gita 6/5).  Without your acceptance, what will the Guru do?  If we accept someone as a guru, if we believe in a saint  or a mahatma , then his grace will flow.  ( to be continued)   

      From book in Hindi - "Swaadheen kaise Bane"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji   


      Date : 19th March, 2013 

      (Paramatmapraapti mein Mukhya Baadha - Sukhaasakti)

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