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Main Obstacle to God Realization is Attraction to Sense Pleasures (Mar 18, 2013)

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    ... Main Obstacle to God Realization is Attraction to Sense Pleasures (Paramatmapraapti mein Mukhya Baadha - Sukhaasakti) 18th March 2013, MondayPhalgun Shukla
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      || Shri Hari || 

      Main Obstacle to God Realization is Attraction to Sense Pleasures

      (Paramatmapraapti mein Mukhya Baadha - Sukhaasakti)

      18th March 2013, Monday
      Phalgun Shukla Saptami, Vikram Samvat 2069, Somvar


      Questioner -  Maharajji !  We do not always get `satsang'

      Swamiji -  Then whenever you get it, that time grab hold of it.  I have heard an exceptional point on the subject of satsang, that satsang takes place only once, not twice.   Twice one may hear, one may discuss, one may reflect, one may perform actions.  Real actions, real reflection, real listening, real sharing / relaying!  these can happen time and again, but "sat ka sang"  i.e. association with the "real"  (truth), takes place only once.   If it takes place once, then it takes place once and for all, forever. It is only for that 

      one time "satsang", that

      one has to do time and again.

      When one realizes their real-self (becomes enlightened) then satsang has taken place once and for all.   When the eye opens, then it opens once and for all.  Does one need to practice to wake up from sleep?  Yes one can attain salvation through practice, but there is much delay in this.  However, on becoming enlightened,  on acceptance of God or on renunciation, one can attain salvation immediately.   Enlightenment, belief and renunciation,  can never be compartmentalized.  They take place all at once, in an instant -  baam !!!  

      Just as after marriage,  to regard the wife as your own does not require any practice. It requires no effort whatsoever.  You firmly, undoubtedly accept that she is my wife. In the same way when you accept a Guru, it is the same belief.  Likewise  "God is mine"  one must firmly believe and accept.   Just as it is deeply ingrained in the wife,  that this man is my husband and vice-versa.  Greater than this acceptance is the acceptance that God is mine. The feelings and sentiments by husband and wife is created by themselves, but we are God's is not our own creation,  rather it is self-evident and axiomatic. Your attention simply has to go in this direction that Oh ho!  I belong to God!  Just as Arjuna said - "Nashto mohah smrutirlabdhvaa"  (Gita 18/73).  My delusion is destroyed,  and I now recollect !  Recollection, is not new knowledge, it is not a new relationship.   If one remembers the relationship with God,  then this is a lot stronger bond than that of husband and wife.  Because relationship with husband and wife is assumed, and later begins.  There was no relationship at first. When the couple gets married,  at that time the relationship begins.  But relationship with God does not have a beginning.  This is an eternal relationship.  We have to only accept this relationship.   There is no reason for delay in this relationship.  The day you accept it, that very same day,  satsang will take place.  "Sat ka Sang"  (association with Truth, Real) takes place !  

        (to be continued)  

      From book in Hindi - "Swaadheen kaise Bane"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji   


      Date : 18th March, 2013 

      (Paramatmapraapti mein Mukhya Baadha - Sukhaasakti)

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