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Future is not a Prerequisite for God Realization (Feb 3, 2013)

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    ... Future is not a Prerequisite for God Realization (Bhagwat Praapti ke liye Bhavishya ki Apeksha Nahi) 3rd February 2013, SundayMaagh Krishna Saptami,
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      ||  Shree Hari   ||

       Future is not a Prerequisite

      for God Realization

      (Bhagwat Praapti ke liye Bhavishya ki Apeksha Nahi)

      3rd February 2013, Sunday
      Maagh Krishna Saptami,  Vikram Samvat 2069, Ravivaar

      There is one extra-ordinary point, that aspirants are not much attentive towards. If one gives special attention to this point, then very quickly one can benefit immensely. 

      There is this wrong notion that is firmly ingrained in an aspirant that, just as any work in the world gets done by doing one task after another,  and not immediately;  similarly, i.e. in the same way God Realization takes place by continuing to do spiritual practices; God Realization cannot be immediately.  Such a notion itself is the cause of delay in God Realization. Just as if a child gets after his mother that I want "laddoo" (sweets) right now itself, then if the "laddoos" are not made, how can mother give it to the child immediately?  If the mother has much fondness and love for the child, as who is more loving to her than her child?  But then too it will take time to make the "laddoos".  In the same way, if we need to go to some place, if we want to improve a thing,  if we want to change a thing – in all of these there is a prerequisite of time.    The point is that in the acquisition of things in this world, it takes time; but in attaining God it takes no time whatsoever.   This is an extra-ordinary point.   

      We are all-in-all living in the shade and shelter of God. After living under the shelter of God, if we hold on to the sentiments that  subsequent to doing much spiritual practices, sometime in the future God Realization will take place, then according to our feelings and assumptions, we will meet God sometime in the future.   If we make our sentiments such that we will meet God right now, then we will surely meet Him now itself.  God has Himself said - 


      "Ye yethaa maam prapadyante taamstathaiva bhayaamyaham"

      "How so ever men approach Me, even so do I seek them" (Gita 4/11)

      Therefore in God Realization there is not a prerequisite of the future.  It is only in our ideas and notion that future is a requirement. 


      On this subject there is one point that is exceptional and of great importance that all the work in the world, it all-in-all generates and degenerates.   It takes time to generate something,  but that which is already generated (present), in that, how can there be a delay?  God is already present and we are also present.  Between God and us there is no time-space etc. , there is no partition or divider, then why should there be a delay in God Realization? 

      God is present at all times, in all places, in all things and in all beings.  Time, space, things, beings etc.,  all are the kind to change,  i.e. they do not stay constant.  Contrary to that,  we (the self) and God both, l, remain at all times.   To realize such a God, we have developed such a notion, such an idea, that when even the most ordinary work in the world does not take place quickly, then how can the work of God Realization which is the greatest of all, happen quickly?  But in fact, the highest of all things,  is innate-axiomatic and easy!  God is for everyone,  and is attainable by all.   (to be continued)  

      From "Jivan Upyogi Kalyaan Maarg" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.



      Date : 30th January 2013      (Bhagwat Praapti ke liye Bhavishya ki Apeksha Nahi)

      Ram Ram 





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