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God Realization by Divine Name Repetition and Serving (Jan 10, 2013)

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    ... God Realization by Divine Name Repetition and Serving (Naam Japa aur Seva se Bhagwat Praapti ) 10th January 2012, ThursdayPaush Krishna Trayodashi, Vikram
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      ||  Shree Hari   ||

      God Realization by Divine Name Repetition and Serving

      (Naam Japa aur Seva se Bhagwat Praapti )

      10th January 2012, Thursday
      Paush Krishna Trayodashi,  Vikram Samvat 2069, Guruvaar

      continued ...

      I have said this many times,  and I am saying it now too.   When you were a child,  then you used to call yourself a child.  But now you do not call yourself a child.   On what date did you leave your childhood?  If any brother-sisters can tell me,  then please do so !   In fact, you did not leave childhood, but it left on its own.    Now that childhood has left on its own, then will not adulthood also leave?  Will not old age also leave?   It is its nature to leave.  That which is constantly departing,  you have only assumed a relation with it,  in reality there is no relationship at all.   But you have a relationship with God from the very beginning, it is there right now, and in future too it will remain.   This relationship will never break.   Never ever !    Even if one has to go to 8.4 million different wombs due to evil deeds,  even if one needs to go to hell,  then too you cannot separate from God, and God cannot separate from you.   You have forgotten this eternal relationship with God and assumed a relationship with this world and now you are repeating the Lord's name (naam japa),   therefore the glories of the divine name's are not perceived.    


      The relationship with the family is like the union of the river with the boat.    Everyone sits together in the boat on one shore, and the minute they reach the other side, they get off.    As long as they do not cross the river, till then the relationship remains with each other.   The relationship with the family is just like that,  as it will not remain further on.  It will most certainly go away.    This is the absolute truth.   If you accept this point "I am not body and this world, and this body and this world are not mine,   I am God's and God is mine and thereafter take the divine name of the Lord, then God does not have the power to not look towards you with an eye of grace and mercy ! 


      Becoming God's, repeat the divine name of the Lord  "Hoyi Ram ko Naam Japu".    The closer a child maintains a relationship with his mother, that quickly the mother comes to him.   When the child cries loudly, then the mother send the older daughter that child !  go and make your brother happy.  The sister gives him some play things, but he throws them away.  She gives him sweets, but that too he throws away.  She takes him in her lap, but then too he kicks and pushes her away and calls out Maa Maa !  Then the mother comes, she has no choice but to come.  If the child becomes pleased with the toys, then the mother would not come.  If the child becomes happy being in the sister's lap, then mother would not come.    Surely there isn't the mother's milk while sitting in his sister's lap.   Surely there isn't the kind of mother's love !     In the same way,  there is reverence for those who repeat the Lord's name,   Oh !  He is a devotee of the Lord !  He worships and adores the Lord !   Well !  now sit and play with the toys.    People begin to respect and honor you, they prostrate in front of you, they pay obeisance and pray to you,  they praise you,  that this is a great man.  This is the illusive power that is coming in the form of the sister and is taking you in her lap.   If you become pleased with this then God Himself does not come.    By selling, bartering the Divine Name, you are choosing to get honor and respect in return,  the gifts and prostrations in return.  And in that you gain pleasure,   then tell me,  how have you accumulated the divine name of God?    By gaining pleasures you are expending your earnings of the divine name.     (to be continued)    



      Date : 6th January 2013    (Naam Japa aur Seva se Bhagwat Praapti )

      From "Bhagwaan se Apnaapan" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

      Ram Ram 




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