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Why does the Jeev (Embodied Soul) Return? (Jan 2, 2013)

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    ... (Jeev Loutkar kyon aata hai?) 2nd January 2012, MondayPaush Krishna Panchami, Vikram Samvat 2069, Budhvaar Brothers and sisters, have mercy ! Now admit
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      ||  Shree Hari   ||
      Why does the Jeev (Embodied Soul) Return?

      (Jeev Loutkar kyon aata hai?)

      2nd January 2012, Monday
      Paush Krishna Panchami,  Vikram Samvat 2069, Budhvaar

      Brothers and sisters,  have mercy !  Now admit that all the things that are yours, belong to God.   Admit from the heart, that O' Lord,  everything here, is Yours.  Jewellery, clothes, food, house,  etc. it is all Your gift.  Now, wherever God wills keep it.   Thereafter,  why will we return?  We have no sense of mine-ness with anything.  No one whatsoever is ours.    In this manner, please turn everything over to God.   In reality, everything is God's only.  We have assumed it to be our own.  We have to only give up that belief, that assumption.   Maharaj Raghu,  performed a Vishwajeet Yagya, to conquer the world, and later give everything away as charity.  This is Vishwajeet yagya.  Gentlemen !  You and me, we can all do Vishwajeet yagya.    From the heart we can turn everything over to God.   Even this body is to be not regarded as ours.   If from the heart we accept that nothing whatsoever is ours,  then Vishwajeet yagya would be accomplished, and you will not need to go anywhere for it.      


      People say that it is due to God's divine potency, His illusory powers  (maya) that we have become entranced.   We have not become enchanted by God's divine potency, rather we have conceded God's divine and illusory power as ours, therefore we have become enchanted.   God's divine potency does not enchant anyone.  God's divine potency, showers it grace, and provides the means to ensure that everyone's activities takes place properly.    But you take possession and ownership of the things that are received. You grant them to be your own.    Gentlemen !  these are not yours at all, they never were, and they will also not remain yours.    Even at present constantly they are separating from you.   Pay attention,  the number of days that you and I have lived, regarding these things as our own, that many days we have separated from them.  If somethings are to stay with us for fifty years, and ten years have passed, then will it stay with us for fifty years now?  Now it will stay with us for only forty years.   Therefore separation is most certainly taking place constantly.  The objects that you assume to be your own,  those things are every moment separating from us.   It was separate before,  later on it will be separated from us, and at present too it is separating from us.   The objects never say that "that you are mine and I am yours".  It is you that says -  "that this is mine"    Therefore you have to return back here.   The house never said that you are mine.  The objects did not say that you are mine, and truthfully speaking, as long as you are alive till then the family says mine-mine.   The moment the life breath leaves, they will burn you ashes, simply wipe you off - 


      Swaans thakaam sab aas karai, swaas gayaa ab kaadho re kaadho |

      Dharati ko dhan bataaya diyo, ab naakh saneti mein baandho re gaadho||

      Ados-pados ke aap khade sab. Koyu na kahavat raakho re thaadho |

      Thet masaan pounchaay diyo ab, rah gayi jaan chalyo gayo laado || 


      Then too you say -  this is mine !  this is mine !  what is yours?  Even the body will remain right here.    Brothers and sisters,  have mercy,  with a true heart please acknowledge and say it  that all this belongs to God   (to be continued)  




      Date : 29th December, 2012    (Jeev Loutkar kyon aata hai?)

      From "Satsang ki Vilakshantaa" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

      Ram Ram 




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