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Why does the Jeev (Embodied Soul) Return? (Dec 30, 2012)

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    ... (Jeev Loutkar kyon aata hai?) 30th December, 2012, SundayPaush Krishna Dvitiya, Vikram Samvat 2069, Ravivaar Just as we have been given this building for
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      ||  Shree Hari   ||
      Why does the Jeev (Embodied Soul) Return?

      (Jeev Loutkar kyon aata hai?)

      30th December, 2012, Sunday
      Paush Krishna Dvitiya,  Vikram Samvat 2069, Ravivaar

      Just as we have been given this building for the purpose of satsang,  but now if I claim ownership of it saying that -  the floor covers are mine, the microphone is mine, because I am the one sitting on the podium, I have spoken from the microphone.  All this is dishonesty,  isn't it?    In the same way,   God has given us wealth, possessions, grandeur, family etc for serving them.   Provide from them well and give them happiness.    But instead you became the master, owner of these.   Will landlord hold over them, remain forever?  Will we be able to stay with them?  Will we be able to change them according to our wishes?   Will we have any hold and control whatsoever over them?  Not at all.  Then too we call them as "ours."


      We have only assumed a sense of mine-ness with the objects and things.  As such there is no sense of mine,  it is only believed to be so.   There is sense of mine-ness with God, most certainly there is,  we have only forgotten it.   Though being our very own, we have forgotten Him.  We have become disinclined towards Him, and the world never became ours, can never become ours.  We have only acknowledge and assumed it to be ours,  therefore we have to return back here.   If you did not assume it to be your very own, then you would not return here.    People have come here from various villages and cities.    Once the satsang is over, who will come here?   Only those people who have forgotten something over here,   will return here.    Those who have not left anything behind, why would they return here?   If you acknowledge the things of the world as your very own,  then those things will not remain with you,  yet the assumed relationship with them that you have established,  will not be released until you let go of it.    If you leave it, then that mine-ness will leave while this body is still alive.  Just as someone becomes a "sadhu,"  and he has no feeling of mine-ness with family life thereafter.   Now if all the family members, the wife, son, brother, etc,  all of them die together, then too the sadhu does not worry.   If he worries,  then he is not yet a real sadhu, he is still holding on to the family.    A genuine sadhu is he who even if the entire family perishes, then too he has no worries.  Because he is firm in his conviction that I do not belong to them, and they are not mine. 

       Regard all things in the world as God's and then do God's work.   No worries or fear remain. 

      Tumhi nibedit bhojan karahin |

      Prabhu prasaad path bhushan dharahin ||  (Manas,  Ayodhyaa.   129/2) 


      It is not just meals that we are eating,  it is the "Prasaad"  from the offering of food to the Lord.    If you wear jewellery or clothes, or whatever it be,  then regard it as a gift from the Lord and then wear it.   There is great significance of "prasaad" (that which is partaken by the Lord).    The inner senses are purified.   Sense of mine-ness and attachments all will go away.    If you offer a few sweets to the Lord, it becomes extremely pure.    Even a millionaire will want to partake in the "prasaad"  given with your hands and will be very pleased.    Are the millionaires starved of sweets?   Not at all! They are partaking in God's "prasaad".  Because, it has become  the Lord's holy and purified offering.  Why?   The reason is that now you no longer have any attachment or sense of mine-ness in it.   Even if you are distributing it,  then too it is not yours, it belongs to God.    (to be continued)  




      Date : 28th December, 2012    (Jeev Loutkar kyon aata hai?)

      From "Satsang ki Vilakshantaa" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

      Ram Ram 




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