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Singularity of Devotion (Dec 2, 2012)

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    ... Singularity of Devotion (Bhakti ki Vilakshantaa) [The Green God Painting By Dhananjay Mukherjee] 2nd December, 2012, SundayMaargshirsh Krishna Chaturthi,
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      ||  Shree Hari   ||

      Singularity of Devotion

       (Bhakti ki Vilakshantaa)

      The Green God Painting By Dhananjay Mukherjee

      2nd December, 2012, Sunday
      Maargshirsh Krishna Chaturthi,  Vikram Samvat 2069, Ravivaar


      Utilize the worldly objects in the service of this world, this is Karmayoga and detach oneself from the world, this is Yoga of knowledge (Jnanayoga) and if one is fully absorbed in God, it shall become Yoga of devotion (Bhaktiyoga).  In the Yoga of action (Karmayoga), by selfless service there is detachment from the perishable world and then natural eternal union with God is realized.  In Jnanayoga by becoming established in the self, one realizes their inseparability (oneness) with Brahma  (the Supreme)  "mama saadharmyamaagataah"  (Gita 14/2).


      In the yoga of devotion by surrendering one's own self to God, he becomes God's very own (intimacy, kinship, identity)  – "Gyaani tvaatmaiva me matam"  (Gita 7/18).   

      There is lack of peace due to the association with the worldly objects and persons etc.  Therefore by  detachment from worldly things, one attains peace "tyaagaacchaantiranantaram"  (Gita 12/12)  "Peace immediately follows renunciation of the fruit of action."   By getting established in the self, there is Self-Realization.  By surrendering oneself at the feet of God, every moment increasing love towards God is attained.  If the devotee desires, he can attain eternal bliss for ever by detachment from the world and by getting established in the self, he can attain constant bliss and if he so desires by association with God, he may attain infinite bliss, this depends upon his choice.  A devotee may resort to any kind of Yoga, but should never depend on the world. The adoption of Yoga leads to salvation,  but dependence on the world leads to cycle of birth and death and to ruin. 


      The feeling of receiving anything from others is inertness and the idea of giving something to others is the symbol of consciousness.  One, who only goes on receiving, is inert (world).  If it be an animal, bird, tree, mountain, it is inert and if he is a man, then also he is inert.  One, who receives and also gives, is called "Jeeva" (knot between inert and conscious elements).  One who stops receiving and starts giving, he is called an "aspirant" (sadhak).  One who receives nothing from anyone, neither from the world, nor from God, he is a perfected (enlightened) soul.  God and his devotees both only give, they never take. 


      Hetu rahit jag jug upakaari |  Tumh Tumhaar sewak asuraari || 

      (Manas, Uttara.  47/3)         


      The desire for receiving something arises in that person, who has some sort of deficiency, and such deficiency always exists in the insentient, not in the sentient.  After totally relinquishing the desire for getting, Yoga of action (Karmayoga), Yoga of knowledge (Jnanayoga) and Yoga of devotion (Bhaktiyoga)  - all three are successfully achieved.   Indeed up to the stage of salvation, if there is any desire, it is called inert stage, therefore the devotees do not desire even salvation. 

      Ram bhajat soyi mukuti gosaayi |

      Anaicchit  aavayi bariaayi  ||  (Manasa, Uttara.  119/2)


      "One who is a devotee to God, to him salvation comes without asking." 

      If someone says that there is dependence in the devotion of God, independence is only in the achievement of salvation, he is right, but in reality there is independence only in devotion. 

      (to be continued)    



      Date : 30th November, 2012    (Bhakti ki Vilakshantaa)

      From book "Discovery of Truth and Immortality"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji 

      Ram Ram 




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