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Three Easy Paths for Salvation (Nov 1, 2012)

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    Three Easy Paths for Salvation (Kalyaan ke Teen Sugam Maarg) [Inline image 1] Shree Hari 1st November, 2012, ThursdayKaartik Krishna Tritiyaa, Vikram Samvat
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      Three Easy Paths for Salvation

       (Kalyaan ke Teen Sugam Maarg)

      Inline image 1

      Shree Hari 

      1st November, 2012, Thursday
      Kaartik Krishna Tritiyaa, Vikram Samvat 2069, Guruvaar


      Bhaktiyoga (The Path of Devotion)   continued.....


      Now a doubt arises, when God is present every-where and all times,  then why does He appear at a great distance to an aspirant?   If we think over it deeply,  we come to know that when an aspirant wants to attain God by the body, senses, mind and intellect which are acquired and lost, then God appears at a great distance.  The reason is that God is not attained by actions and objects, but by the self, through renouncing actions and objects.  Therefore an aspirant should want that he devotes the body-senses-mind-intellect to the service of the world and surrenders himself (the existent self) to God.  When the aspirant having a disinclination for the world from all angles, takes refuge in God, then God by His grace adopts him and makes him inseparable (identified) with Him  e.e. he becomes Gods own self. 

      When God pervades every space, time, thing, person, incident, state, circumstance etc.,   how is it possible that He be away from  us?  This is the rule that He,  Who is not away from us,  is not attained by action, but only by desiring Him.   If an aspirant does not regard both beings and objects that are acquired and lost as his and for him and has intimacy (the sense of mine) with God, then He will not remain distant from Him because in fact he is a part (ansh) of God  - "Mamaivaansho Jeevaloke" (Gita 15/7).  A man commits a mistake that he regards the things,  abilities and power etc.,  that he has acquired as his, but he does not regard He who has given these to him as His very own.  In fact these things don't belong to him,  but God belongs to him.  The moment an aspirant takes refuge in God by regarding God as his very own, at that very moment, God leaving aside the aspirant's past, He sees to the sadhak's (aspirant's) present, God does not look towards his conduct,  rather looks towards his feelings and sentiments - 

      Rahit na prabhu chit chook kiye ki  |

      Karat surati say baar hiye ki  ||  (Manas,  Bala  29/3) 


      God frees His devotees who take refuge in Him, from fear, sorrow, worry and doubts.  But the devotee should not depend on anyone else.  If he depends on others, has faith in others and is attached to others, then dependence on God is not intensified.  The person who perceives no one else besides God as his and who does not perceive any specialty in him,  he very easily depends on God  On becoming dependent on God,  nothing remains to be done for himself. Every activity done by him is God's worship.


      An aspirant should have relationship with God only to attain love.  The only method to attain love is – the sense of mine (apnaapan) with God.   When the aspirant accepts only God as his. His love for God is awakened.  With the awakening of love, egoism is totally eliminated.  With the wiping out of egoism,  distance, difference and separation from God – the three are annihilated.     (to be continued)  

      From book "For Salvation of Mankind"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji 

      Ram Ram 


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