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God Realization is the Easiest of All (Oct 1, 2012)

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    God Realization is the Easiest of All (Sabse Sugam Bhagwat Praapti ) Shree Hari 1st October, 2012, MondayAshwin Krishna Pratipada, Vikram Samvat 2069, Somvaar
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      God Realization is the Easiest of All 

       (Sabse Sugam Bhagwat Praapti )     


      Shree Hari 
      1st October, 2012, Monday
      Ashwin Krishna Pratipada, Vikram Samvat 2069, Somvaar

      Man's makeup is of one kind, and a dog's makeup is of a different king, but "existence" (Is-ness) is one in both.   That existence is neither a woman, nor a man,  nor a "devataa",  nor birds and animals,  nor ghosts nor demons.   Similarly, that existence is neither a wise one,  nor an ignorant one,  nor an idiot,  nor a learned, nor an ascetic, nor a householder, nor a Brahmin, nor a Shudra, it is neither light, nor heavy,  neither small, nor big,   neither subtle, nor gross.  Whether it be a woman,  or a man,  a devata, or animal, or ghost, or wise, or ignorant, or a butcher,  or a saint and great soul,   or a realized soul,  or a lover of God, the existent element (state of being) is the one and the same in all.  That conscious existent element (satta) neither changes, nor disappears, nor comes, nor goes.   That existent element is our true self (swaroop).   That is all there is to it.   Besides this there is no other point.   What other better points that this are addressed in the scriptures, Vedas, in the Vedantic text ? If one talks about Brahma, than that too is existence. The mistake we make is that we blend something or the other with that existent element.  If we do not mix anything, then we are already liberated.!  If we blend anything, then we become bound.   I am a woman then you are bound,  I am a man, then you are bound,  I am a child then you are bound, I am youthful, then you are trapped.  I am sick person, then you are bound,  I am free of diseases, then you are bound.  I am wise,  I lack the understanding, then you are bound!  Blending anything at all with the conscious element is binding.  And not blending anything at all is freedom.   Besides the conscious existent element, we have no other form, characteristics.     This itself is Realization of the Essential Truth (tattvagyaan).  It is called "Brahmagyaan".  Let one read all the scriptures, the four Vedas,  eighteen Puranas, and study for thousands of years,  but you will not get any insights greater than this one.  There is no point great than this at all.  How can one grasp one?  Therefore saints have said - 


      बावर बेद बिदुष बावरियो, पोथी पुस्तक फंदा ।

      भोला नर मांही उलझाना,  à¤‰à¤²à¤Ÿ न देखे अंधा ॥


      Question -  Is that conscious element of a liberated soul,  and that of Paramatma,  one or is it different? 


      Answer -  That existence is one only, however due to the sense of I-ness (ego,  aham, I )  one perceives differences.    With egoism, distinctions arises and with distinctions all sorts of differences arise.   The real existence being free of egoism is without any differences.  All are naturally situated in that self-evident, existent element; however due to acceptance of the sense of I-ness,  they are unable to experience that oneness. 


      It is the aspirant main duty to not keep the sense of egoism alive.   "I am Brahm:  - this feeling keeps the sense of I-ness alive.  Because "I" is not "Brahma" and in "Brahma" there is no "I".   Blending "am" with "I"   and blending "am" with "I"  is called "chijjdgranthi".  This "I" in other words, "egoism"  is only assumed, in reality it does not exist.  Therefore wherever you place it, there it enters.  By entering the inert, it says  "I am the body", "I am rich"  etc. and by entering the sentient element, it says "I am Brahma" "I am pure, awakened and liberated atma" etc.   But in both the egoism is one and the same.     (to be continued)  


      From book in hindi "Tattvagyaan kaise ho?"   by Swami Ramsukhdasji 

      Ram Ram 


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