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An Easy and Quick Means to Realize God (Aug 2, 2012)

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    An Easy and Quick Means to Realize God ( Bhagwat Praapti ka Sugam Tathaa Sheedhra Siddhidaayak Saadhan ) Shree Hari 2nd August, 2012, ThursdayShravan Purnima,
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      An Easy and Quick Means to Realize God

        ( Bhagwat Praapti ka Sugam Tathaa Sheedhra Siddhidaayak Saadhan  )

      Shree Hari

      2nd August, 2012, Thursday
      Shravan Purnima, Vikram Samvat 2069, Guruvaar,  RAKSHA BANDHAN

      continued .....

      The reason for delay in the attainment of God, Who equally pervades everywhere,  is that we don't want  Him.  A sin is not an obstacle to His attainment.   If a sin is an obstacle, it means that a sin is stronger than God.  But it is not possible at all.  A man's mean mentality or mean act is called a sin.  A sin is not permanent.  By association of exalted souls (saints),  by chanting the Lord's holy names and by bathing in the holy Ganges,  sins can't stay.  Even the deadliest sin has no power to stay.  The reason is that actually sins have no existence.  It is only God Who exists.  God equally abides in sins and virtues, in good and bad, in the pure and the impure.   Some one said to me,  "Your God abides in hell."  I said,  "Our God equally abides everywhere.  He is in heaven and also in hells."  There can be no place devoid of God at all.  He pervades verywhere.  He is in heaven and also in hell.  Your ancestors must have gone to hell, therefore they must have informed you about His residence in hell?  There can be no place devoid of God.  He pervades everywhere.  If an aspirant has only desire to attain God, He will be certainly attained.  It may take only a day or two.  If an aspirant does not desire wealth, prosperity, praise,  respect, honor, glory or anything else, he will certainly attain God.  There is no doubt about it.   How to attain God?  If this question ever remains ignited within,  how can God remain hidden?   

      If am aspirant feels hungry, he should take food;  if he feels thirsty, he should drink water;  if he feels drowsy,  he should sleep.  He should not be obstinate.  He has not to relish food and derive pleasure from it.  Similarly,  he should not derive pleasure from water and sleep.  As a patient takes medicine, similarly when he feels hungry, he should eat food without relishing it.  Does a patient relish medicine or derive pleasure from it?  An aspirant should have the exclusive desire for God Realization.  What can be an easier means than this?  This desire is accompanied by other desires  -  this is the obstacle.  Every man whether he is a sinner or a fool,  he is eligible (qualified)  for God Realization.  No one is unqualified for God Realization.  He should have the exclusive yearning for attaining Him.  Any other desire besides it, is the stumbling block to His realization.  If he is not troubled by hunger,  thirst and sleep, there is no need to eat food, to drink water and to go to bed.  Can a man stay alive forever by eating food, by drinking water and by getting sleep?   Even while eating food, drinking water and getting sleep a man dies.  Food, water and sleep have no power to keep a man alive.  If a man can die of hunger, he can also die of eating food and drinking water.   One day every person has to die, then what new loss does he sustain, if he dies without eating food and drinking water?  Whatever has to happen, will happen.  But I don't ask you to die of hunger or thirst.   The reason is that when he is hungry and thirsty, he cannot remain  in balance.   Therefore if he feels hungry and thirsty, he should eat food and drink water;  if he feels drowsy, he should get sleep but he should not forget his essential need (avashyaktaa).  He should ever keep it ignited.  God Realization depends on us whether we realize Him in a moment or in days, months and years together.  It is our desire which makes a difference,  otherwise God Realization is instantaneous.  The Lord has declared - 

      Sanmukh hoyi jeev mohi jabahin  |  

      Janma Koti Agh naasahin tabahin  ||  (Manasa, Sundar  44/1) 

      As soon as we have an inclination to God, the sins of millions of births (lives),  are annihilated at  that very moment.  Sins, misconduct and defects have no power to hinder God Realization.  If anything can hinder God from meeting us, what bliss will that God be able to shower upon us?   Of what use is that Lord ?   There is the need of having an exclusive desire for Him.  An aspirant should take precaution that he should never forget to have an exclusive longing for Him,  then God Realization will neither be difficult nor be delayed.   

      Narayan !  Narayan !!  Narayan !!!  

       From book in Hindi  "Satya ki Khoj"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji              

      Ram Ram 

      If in doubt regarding the translation, please read the original Hindi message by Swamiji.

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