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All are Entitled to Realize God (May 1, 2012)

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  • sadhak_insight
    All are Entitled to Realize God Shree Hari 1st May, 2012, Tuesday Vaishakh Shukla Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2069,Mangalavaar All naturally attain God-Realisation
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      All are Entitled to Realize God


      Shree Hari

      1st  May, 2012, Tuesday

      Vaishakh Shukla Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2069,Mangalavaar


      All naturally attain God-Realisation (Essential Truth, Divinity), but our attention is not in that direction, therefore It appears unattained.  Just as when you are engaged in some activity, do you ever feel that you do not exist?  "I do not exist" -  No one ever experiences the non-existence of themselves.  It is not possible.  You pay attention to your activities but not to your existence.  From this it is proven that our existence (I exist) is constant.    There may be a difference in activity,  but there is no difference in our existence.    But man's attention remains directed towards activity,  not towards his sense of existence.    He continues to do small,-big, great-ordinary, virtuous and sinful deeds,  and he regards himself to be the doer of all those deeds.  But he does not look towards that Divinity, that Truth,  the Illuminator, support and Guide behind that "doer." That knowledge, in the form of illumination, changeless element is never non-existent.  Therefore our existence (I exist) remains constant.  That itself is our true self,  and knowledge of this is knowing the self.  Having your attention on that, is self-realization.


      It is mentioned in the scriptures that you can attain Him, realize Him after  purifying your inner-self, and this is quite true.  However,  it is not that we are not entitled to realize that Divinity (God) without purifying the inner-self, at least I do not believe so.   

       Human body, is only for realizing this Truth.   Goswaami Tulasidaasaji declares -  

      Kabahunk kari karuna nar dehi | 

      Det is binu hetu sanehi ||        (Manas 7/44/3)

      `Affectionate God sometimes by His grace bestows the human body without any reason'. Along with bestowing this human body, He also gives us full right and freedom to achieve emancipation. This human body is only for God Realization.  God does not have such flaws, whereby He says that if one cannot realize God, then let Me make him a man.   Even a man appointed to a government post is in the designated position, if he is deserving and eligible.   No ordinary cow-herd boy can be placed in the post of a principal in a school.  Then how can God, make such a mistake, whereby He makes someone a human being, even though the person is not capable of doing the work of a human.  Such a thing is not possible. 


      When one has received this human birth, then one is fully entitled to realize God.  But man by himself accepts his defeat,  thus it is his mistake.  It is said that how can a man with impure inner-self, realize God?  But I say, that a man with impure inner-faculties, does not realize God with his inner-senses, as this Divinity (God) is beyond the inner-senses.   Is the self (our sense of existence),  dependent on the inner-senses?   No!  The inner-senses are the instrument,  and the "self" is the doer.   The instrument is dependent on the doer.  The doer is never dependent on the instrument.   The name of that equipment by which we get the work done,  is called "karan"  (instrument).   The name of the one who does the work is "kartaa" (Doer).   The doer is unsuccessful in performing the activities without the instrument.  However,  the Divinity (God) is beyond the instrument, i.e. how can the doer fail at remaining established in the Self?    It is said that he who desires to know the self through the inner-sense,  will recognize so only after purifying the inner-senses, however, if we disassociate (sever relations) with the inner-senses,  then surely we will be able to realize this.  Because the doer (self),  is not dependent on the instrument (inner-senses). 

      The inner senses are different, and the activities performed by them are also different,  but the doer is one and the same.  (to be continued)    

      Narayan !     Narayan !!     Narayan !!!


      From "Tattvik Pravachan" in Hindi and "Let Us Know the Truth" in English by Swami Ramsukhdasji

      Ram Ram

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