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Beholding God Everywhere (Dec 1, 2011)

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    Shree Hari Ram Ram 1st December, 2011, Thursday Margshirsh Shukla Shashti, Guruvar, Vikram Samvat 2068 Beholding God Everywhere The cause of delay in attaining
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      Shree Hari
      Ram Ram

      1st December, 2011, Thursday
      Margshirsh Shukla Shashti, Guruvar, Vikram Samvat 2068

      Beholding God Everywhere

      The cause of delay in attaining that One Supreme Divinity is only one, and that is there is a lack of intense and deep yearning, and the reason for the deficiency is want of worldly pleasures. May we realize God, may we attain salvation, may we attain enlightenment, may we attain love of God, may we attain liberation, may we be free of birth and death, may we be released from all sorrows etc. - there should be an intense yearning for any one of these, that we cannot live without this. Just like if someone has an intense yearning for how can I see Gangaji? And there is a person who knows, points to a river that is flowing in front of them and says that this river itself is Gangaji, then how long will it take to see Gangaji? Initially in our view that river was present, now our understanding is that this is Gangaji - that is all there is to it !

      At one time some gentleman said to Sethji (Shri Jayadayal Goyandkaji) that please make me behold God. Sethji said, brother, I am incapable of that. The man once again requested, then Sethji said that I make you behold God, but you will not accept. If you accept then I will make you behold God. The man said, that you are well known to be truthful, therefore if you say so, I will accept. Sethji took him outdoors, and pointing towards the Sun he said, see, this is God! The gentleman said, I see the Sun daily. Sethji said- the scriptures have said that Sun is God. The Sun has a place in the five demi-gods as well. Therefore it is the Sun God - what is the doubt in this? The point I am making is that there is no delay in God Realization. However, there is not an intense and deep yearning, a longing to realize God, therefore there is a delay.

      If there is a hungry man at home then you give him lentils, grains, sweets, puri (Indian bread) etc. You can make anything and give him, but you cannot give him hunger. That hunger should be one's own. On there being a deep and intense yearning for God Realization, there should be no reason for delay. You are ready to see, and God is ready to see, then where is the cause for delay?

      God Realization is extremely easy! So easy, that no other work is that easy. Ease-difficulty, effortlessness-complexity, this is only where you have to put effort, to do something. Or if there is distance from the object that is to be acquired, then effort is required to get to it. Where there is nothing to be done, in that what is easy and what is difficult? What is complex and what is simple? How is God so easily attainable? Now let us think over this.

      This verily are the words of Lord Krishna -

      "Bahunaam Janmanaamante gyaanvaanmaam prapadyante |
      Vasudevah Sarvamiti sa mahatma sudurlabhah || (Gita 7/19)

      In the very last of all births i.e. in this human form, when a man of wisdom (jnani) takes refuge in Me, realizing that everything is God, such a great soul (mahatma) is very rare, indeed. (Gita 7/19)

      The point is man, animals, birds, trees, pole, building, land, clothes, etc., whatever is seen, heard and thought about by man, that all in all is God. Besides God, there is nothing else, not in the least bit. Accept this point right now, at present ! (to be continued……)

      From "Sab Jagah Ishvar Roop Hai" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji

      If in doubt regarding the translation, please read the original Hindi message by Swamiji.





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