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Understand the Value of Satsang (Jun 1, 2011)

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    ... Ram Ram 1st June, 2011, Wednesday Jeshta Amavasya, Budhvar, Vikram Samvat 2068 Understand the Value of Satsang (Association with Truth) (Continued)
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      || Shree Hari ||
      Ram Ram

      1st June, 2011, Wednesday
      Jeshta Amavasya,  Budhvar, Vikram Samvat 2068

      Understand the Value of Satsang (Association with Truth)

      (Continued)   Goswamiji has said,

      Majjan phal pekhiye tatkaalaa |

      Kaak hohin pik bakau maraalaa || (Manas 1/3/1)


      This is the holy river where saints have come together.  By taking a dip in the holy waters, you will immediately be benefitted.  A crow becomes a singing bird and a heron becomes a beautiful swan.   A crow does not become a swan, he becomes a singing bird,  in other words, his color does not change,  only his speech changes (i.e how he related with the world).  Just as when a heron becomes a swan, his color remains the same,  but within him, he develops a discriminative faculty to distinguish the water from the milk.  The point is by bathing in the river of satsang, outwardly a crow and the heron look the same in appearance, but in terms of relating with the world and their discriminative faculty they undergo a transformation.  But who can recognize this?   "Vidwaaneva vijaanaati vidvajjanparishram"  In other words,  only a wise and learned man can recognize another wise man.  He who is a great saint,  he can recognize simply by seeing someone.  There was an old saint who once said - When he became a recluse, he went to Jodhpur, and there at Moti Chawk he went to Shri Guptaramji Maharaj and stayed with him engaged in reciting the Lord's name.  On seeing him,  Maharajji said that this man is kindled, in other words, the fire of detachment (vairaagya) is in him!  Now how can anyone other than a recluse, a detached person recognize this?   Similarly,  saints can recognize those who do satsang.  They listen to them and make out that this person has met some saint or the other.  You say that there are no gains,  that this is just on the surface.  It is not possible to remain, without being affected and influenced by satsang.  

      There is a story.   There was a group of robbers.  Of them, the oldest one used to tell everyone that "brother, do not go where there is  "katha-satsang"  (association of holy men and sharing of divine tales of the Lord) taking place, or else your work will stop.  If you are going somewhere and on the way if "katha" is taking place, then simply close your ears.  Do not listen at all."  Such was the training that was imparted to the robbers.  One day a robber was going somewhere when on the way a lecture of a holy person was going on.  That was the only road leading to where he was headed.  While passing by,  he shut his ears tight.  While walking suddenly,  a thorn pierced his foot.  With one hand he removed the thorn, and once again began to walk.  While removing the thorn, he heard a sentence from the satsang that deities (devatas) do not have a shadow. 

      One day the robbers  raided the king's treasure.  The king's soldiers went in search of the thieves.  The robbers used to pray to the divine mother.  One of the secret agents of the king,  disguised himself as a divine mother, stood in place of the deity of the divine mother.  When the robbers reached the temple, the divine mother said to the robbers.  You have stolen so much treasure but you have not offered anything to me!  I will destroy all of you.  By hearing this all the robbers became scared and began to ask for forgiveness.  They all said we will surely pray.  Now they lit the lamp and the incense, and began to do "aarti".  The robber who had heard the one sentence during the katha that deities do not have a shadow , he said that this one is not a divine mother (devi).  There is no shadow of a divine mother, but this one has a shadow!  Instantly on hearing this, the robbers got hold of the secret agent who was disguised as a divine mother and unveiled his true identity.  They said, you are the thief, not us?  We have not stolen anything.  The secret agent fled from there.  Even on listening to one sentence of satsang, there can be a change.         

             (to be continued)

      From "Vaastavik Sukh" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji

      Date : 1st June, 2011 - Satsang ka moolya samajhana


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