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Understand the Value of Satsang (May 31, 2011)

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    ... Ram Ram 31st May, 2011, Tuesday Jeshta Krishna Chaturdashi, Mangalvar, Vikram Samvat 2068 Understand the Value of Satsang (Association with Truth)
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      || Shree Hari ||
      Ram Ram

      31st May, 2011, Tuesday
      Jeshta Krishna Chaturdashi,  Mangalvar, Vikram Samvat 2068

      Understand the Value of Satsang (Association with Truth)


      You say - the talks of satsang are of no use -  so why have such thoughts arisen?  What has lead people to say so?  What is the gain of listening to satsang -  one said, then followed the second, then the third, and the fourth and then it became a mob!  There were 8-10 Brahmins with good conduct.  They had the thought in their mind that these folks are drinking alcohol.  If we drink alcohol, we will be thrown out of our post.  But just once we would like to taste and see how potent this stuff is and the pleasure and delight in it?  They all gathered in one place and closed all the doors, where no one could come inside.  Now they began to drink.  They were slightly intoxicated. One person spoke, do not shout!  Another followed and said do not make a noise, but in the process it became noisy.  One after the other, each said stop the loud noise.   It is just like that, one said,  talks of satsang tend to be of no use;  another said -  yes !  They are of no use,  the third said,  rightly spoken,  no use at all.  In this manner,  in his "yes"  you have blended your "yes", and created a hullabaloo.  You do not think with a cool mind how useful the satsang talks have really been,  in what ways it has been useful. 

      I have seen for myself that talks of satsang are of great value.  Those who do satsang, when they have differences of opinion and when one tries to resolve these differences, then very quickly the differences are resolved.  But he who does not do satsang, when one tries to resolves their differences, then they are not easily resolved, rather they begin to fight with us.  These incidents have actually happened.  I have wandered through villages, after villages and seen for myself, that in villages where no saints have visited for hundred to two hundred years, where there have been no satsang, the behavior and conduct of those people is like ghosts and zombies, like animals.  But in those villages where saints have visited, where there has been satsang,  they are unique and special in comparison to the others. 

      In those countries where great saints have given lectures and the listeners have listened intently with much interest, the men over there have been quite different compared to the other places.   The changes that have come upon you after listening to satsang, you will know these when you meet with others and hear them talk.   A satsangi brother, said to me that when I went to Katni and met the people who lived there,  and after talking to them, I came to know from them that I am very nice person.  Those who do not do satsang,  listen to their conversation, see their conduct and behavior, then you will realize that how useful satsang talks have been,  how many changes have taken place?  A singing bird is black and so is a crow; but when the rainy season arrives, then the way the singing bird sings, and the way that a crow, caws, you can tell the difference in their tone.      

            (to be continued)

      From "Vaastavik Sukh" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji

      Date : 31st May, 2011 - Satsang ka moolya samajhana


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