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Why Must We Believe in God? (May 1, 2011)

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    ... Ram Ram 1st May, 2011, Sunday Vaishaak Krishna Chatrudashi, Ravivar, Vikram Samvat 2068 Why Must We Believe in God? (cont d) Question: What is the
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      || Shree  Hari ||
      Ram Ram
      1st May, 2011, Sunday
      Vaishaak Krishna Chatrudashi, Ravivar, Vikram Samvat 2068

      Why Must We Believe in God? (cont'd)

      Question:  What is the sampling of God? 

      Answer:  Jeevaatma (Embodied soul) is a sampling of Paramatma (God, Supreme Spirit).  God is eternal and unchanging and "Jeevaatma" is also eternal and free from modifications.  However, "jeevaatma" comes under the influence of "Prakriti" (Nature) and God never was, isn't  and never will be under the influence of "prakriti",

      All can experience their existence that "I am."  Is there any doubt at all, whether I exist or not?  There is never any test of your existence, nor does one ever feel the lack of their existence (non-existence).  The body was not there before and will not be there later on, but by paying attention to one's existence one does not ever experience that "I do not exist", Yes !  we can say we do not know about this subject,  but no one can say "I was not there" (non-existent) ; because  no one has experienced their own non-existence.  At present too this body is continuously moving towards not-existing, towards perishing. It is separating from us,  but no one can experience that I am going towards not-existing.  Rather one experiences, that the body is going towards not existing.  Only he can experience the non-existence, who is ever existing.  The knower of the "not-existent" can only be in the form of "Is" -  i.e. existence.   Thus from this it is proven that the "self"(swayam,  jeevatma)  is the real, existent,  in the form of IS-ness,  and is the knower of the body that is moving towards non-existence. 

      Whatever is seen, heard, understood in this world,  was not there at first,  will not exist in the future, and at present too it is moving towards non-existence.   As the world was yesterday, it is not so today.  Also, it is not at this moment, as it was an hour ago.   Therefore, this world is every moment moving towards non-existence, towards "IS-NOT."  But the support (foundation, base) of this ever changing world, the illuminator,  supporter,  the Almighty, the divinity, the essence "tattva" never changes.  Whatever is changing, in this world, whether it be in space, time, things, individual, situations etc, it is all happening in that which is unchanging.  Just as in the empty space in the sky, clouds are formed, then the clouds result in thundering and lightening,  and rain fall,  sometimes there is hail and snow;  however even though all is happening,  the space (sky) remains as-is (unchanging).  There are no changes in the space.   Similarly God is like the space (sky).  In all activities that are taking place in space, time, objects, individuals, situations and circumstances, there is creation and destruction.  Everything is constantly changing, but Paramatma (Supreme Spirit, Consciousness, God) remains unchanging AS-IS, free of any modifications.  


      Narayana !      Narayana !  Narayana !  


      From "Hum Ishvar ko Kyon Maane?"  in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji



      Date :   29th April,  2011 -  Hum Ishvar ko Kyon Maane?


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