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Taking Refuge in the Lord (Sharanagati) - Apr 1, 2011

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    ... Ram Ram 1st April, 2011, Friday Chaitra Krishna Trayodashi, Shukravar, Vikram Samvat 2067 Taking Refuge in the Lord (Sharanagati) The Secret of Refuge
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      || Shree  Hari ||
      Ram Ram
      1st April, 2011, Friday
      Chaitra Krishna Trayodashi,  Shukravar, Vikram Samvat 2067
      Taking Refuge in the Lord (Sharanagati)

      The Secret of Refuge  (continued)

      Mother Yashoda says to Daau  (Balaram), the elder brother of Lord Krishna,  "Look after this Kanhaiya, because he is very innocent.  He should not go into dense woods etc.  Balaram replies,  "Kanaihya is very carefree.  He puts his hands into snake holes and does a lot of mischief.  They do not believe when anyone says that He sustains and preserves the entire Universe, because according to them, He is only an innocent loving child.

      A saint was narrating the glories of the Lord Krishna to the cowherdesses.  The cowherdesses said,  "The key of the treasure of His divine glories is with us.  He has nothing.  So how can he grant anything to anyone?" Anyone who has any desires should not approach Him.   Therefore only the ones who want nothing from him, not even in adversity or at the time of death, should go to Him. 

      Sage Valmiki says to Lord Rama in the Ramcharitramanasa,  "You reside in the heart of persons who love You naturally, without expecting any reward, because that is Your own seat" (2/13). 

      When a devotee has no desire of his own, the Lord, becomes loving to him and He resides in the devotee.  A devout devotee loves him for the Lord's sake, not for his own sake.  If he loves Him to get his desire fulfilled, it means that it is not true love, there is attachment, lust or delusion.  Therefore the cowherdesses gave a warning to travelers, saying,  "O' travelers, do not go by that way, because that path is very dangerous.  There is a naked boy, with dark complexion, who appears like an ascetic, but he robs the travelers, of the treasure of their hearts without any exception."

       (to be continued)     

      From book in Hindi "Sharanagati"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji



      Date :   1st April,  2011 -  Sharanagati ka Rahasya



      HINDI : www.swamiramsukhdasji.org

      ENGLISH: www.swamiramsukhdasji.net

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