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Remain Alert (Mar 1, 2011)

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    ... Ram Ram 1st March, 2011, Tuesday Falgun Krishna Dvaadashi, Mangalvar, Vikram Samvat 2067 Remain Alert! Question: The Name Ram Ram is to be chanted from
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      || Shree  Hari ||
      Ram Ram
      1st March, 2011, Tuesday
      Falgun Krishna Dvaadashi,  Mangalvar, Vikram Samvat 2067

      Remain Alert!

      Question:  The Name "Ram Ram" is to be chanted from within the silentful depth of our heart or it is to be uttered aloud ? 

      Swamiji:  Whether you chant silently within, or you chant aloud, which ever way you chant, the name recitation should not be stopped.  "Tasmaat kenaapyupaayen manah krsne niveshayet." (Srimad Bhagwat 7:1:31).  In whatever way, your mind, your speech must become engaged in God.  For this one need  not look for any proper time or auspicious hour (muhoorat).  On attaining this human body, the auspicious occasion has already been received. 

      "soi tittha sutittha hai, soi baara subaara;

      bhadraa bhaagi maanavaa, sumaracaa sirajanahaara."

      Question:  Of the two, which is more essential -  chanting Name of God or doing the work of God ? 

      Swamiji:  This question is as good as when asked -  should I eat roti (Indian pita bread) or drink water?  Both are essential.  Recite God's Name and also do His work.  Name can be recited at all times, but activity (work) cannot be done all the time, continuously.  Therefore recite the name of God at all times, but do the work too as the occasion demands -  "Tasmaat sarveshu kaaleshu, maamanusmarah yudhhya ch," (Gita 8:7).  If any work congruent with scriptural injunctions is occasioned, then regard it as God's work and do it.  Recite God's name ceaselessly round the clock.  Let the name recitation never stop.  


      chahu juga chahu shruti naama prabhaau;

      kali bisesi nahim aana upaaoo."

      (Manasa 1:22:4)

       In all the four yugas (ages - satya yug, tretaa yug, dvaapar yug, kali yug) and in all the four Vedas, there is the deep-seated influence of the Name of God, but in this Kaliyug, the effect is extraordinary and special.   There is no remedy other than this of similar importance.  All the saints have unanimously sung the glory of the Divine Name with one voice.  In the actual name recited there can be differences.  Some may say "Aum", some may say "Ram",  some may say "Hare Rama" others may says "Om Namo Narayanaya" Thus there can be differences in the Name, but in the chanting of the Name  (Nama Japa), all are one. 

      Question:  Will "Praarabdha" (consequences of actions of previous births) be cancelled by doing Ram – Ram - Ram (Divine Name repeatition)? 

      Swamiji:  "Praarabdha" (consequences of actions of previous births) will naturally end by suffering or enjoying it.  Why be anxious about "Praarabdha".  The moment you suffer it, it goes away, it disappears, on its own.  It is being naturally and automatically cut asunder every moment. 

       Question:  What is the use of reciting the Name of the Lord "Ram Ram" superficially, when mind or attention is not centered on it?    

      Swamiji:  Even when recitation of "nama" is superficial, it does some good.  No activity is meaningless.  Utter any word and that will not go wasted.  Then God's Name belongs to God Himself.  It never goes waste.  It is never meaningless.  Not only that, the recitation of Name is of very great service and value to the three worlds.  The reason is that the "Shabda"  i.e. word, does not remain in one place, it soon spreads everywhere and gains all pervasiveness,  it gains  omnipresence. Because of this very characteristic of being universally widespread, it manifests itself like radio waves.  If anybody utters evil words, then he does great harm in all the three worlds.  If anybody mentally harbors ill of anybody, then, too he does wrong to the three worlds.  If, for example, you throw a pebble in a pond, it will create a circular wavelet with certain subtle vibration which remain invisible to the eye because of its extreme subtlety.  Similarly, even a small word when spoken can spread all over the three worlds.  Unthinkable is the power of the word –


      Thus even if someone utters the Name of the Lord with indifference, then too he will certainly be benefited.  What to speak off the Divine Name which is recited with affection and attention!  

      Narayana !  Narayana !!  Narayana !!! 

      From book in hindi "Acche Bano" and english "Be Good"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji

      Same message is available in  HINDI -  PLEASE VISIT:
      Titled "Saavdhaan Raho" on 1st March, 2011.
      HINDI : www.swamiramsukhdasji.org
      ENGLISH: www.swamiramsukhdasji.net

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