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Harm Caused by Dependence on Money - 1 (Jan 1, 2011)

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    ... Ram Ram 1st January, 2011, Saturday Paush Krishna Dvadashi, Vikram Samvat 2067, Shanivar Harm Caused by Dependence on Money - 1 First and the foremost we
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      || Shree Hari ||
      Ram Ram

      1st January, 2011, Saturday
      Paush Krishna Dvadashi, Vikram Samvat 2067, Shanivar

      Harm Caused by Dependence on Money - 1

      First and the foremost we must have an aim of this life, that in this very life we want to attain God Realization.  Whether the entire world goes against us,  but we want to make spiritual progress -  without such firm determination the bondage of life will not go away.   Have that single purpose, an aim, then all will be alright.   One who has become a widow,  or an ascetic (sadhu), they must totally turn towards God and become fully engaged in Him.  Besides that what other work is there for them?   The sustenance of their body will be taken care off.  How will it be taken care off?   God only knows! 

      Mostly we are of the understanding that first we must arrange for the sustenance of this life,  earn and accumulate money,  then we will do worship and adoration of the Lord.   Such intentions will not let you progress spiritually.   He who has accumulated money will not be able to make spiritual progress quickly.  The association with money will create an obstacle to his spiritual progress.  He who has nothing,  who does not know where the next meal will come from,  he will make spiritual progress quickly, as compared to one who hoards money and thereafter engages in spiritual discipline.  The reason is -  he relies on money.  When one depends on money, one cannot rise, this is a surety.   He who has no money or support,  he for whom meals are difficult to come by?  such as what will we eat tomorrow?   Such a person will progress spiritually very quickly. But he who thinks that he has money in the bank and from it's interest he will  be able to sustain, such a one will not progress spiritually, as quickly.  When there is dependence on money,  he will not be able to have exclusive dependence on God.  When there is any kind of dependence, then it will not let you attain God Realization.   It appears that if arrangements are made for money than becoming worriless he will be able to devote to worship and adoration of God, but in reality he will not be able to become free of worries.  

      God has said - 

      "Ananyachetaah satatam you maam smarati nityashah | 

      Tasyaaham sulabhah paarth nitya yuktasya yoginah ||    (Gita 8/14) 

      "O' Arjuna, the Yogi who perpetually thinks of Me and undividedly remains absorbed in Me, to him I am easily attainable." 

      Here the Lord says three things -  "Ananyachetaah", "satatam" and "nityashah."   The meaning of these three points is - 

      1. "Ananyachataah"  in other words besides God not having dependence on anyone else. 
      2. "Satatam"  that is, the day one engages in God,  from that very day onwards till death and
      3. "Nityashah"  in other words,  from morning to evening -  from the time one wakes up till one falls a sleep,  remains connected with God.  

      By these three points,  God becomes easily attainable.   He who has no other support besides That one God,  for such a person with exclusive devotion, God has said He is easily attainable.   He who has no support of anyone at all for food, clothing and shelter (home) etc., if he becomes engaged in God, then very quickly he can make progress.  Some men say that we do not have money, if we had money then we would engage in worship and adoration of God!  This is entirely a lie.   The dependence on money appears to be good,  but it is not good.   He who has nothing whatsoever,  who has no support of anything or anyone,  he must understand this to be God's immense grace.  He is very fortunate!  He will progress very quickly.  (to be continued)

      From hindi book "Sab Sadhano ka Saar"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji   

      Ram Ram
      Titled "Rupaiyon ke Sahaare se Haani" on Dec 31, 2010.


      ENGLISH WEBSITE :       www.swamiramsukhdasji.net
      HINDI WEBSITE:              www.swamiraumsukhdasji.org

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