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Who Are We Doing Everything For? - Part 2 (Nov 2, 2010)

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  • sadhak_insight
    ... Ram Ram 2nd November, 2010, Tuesday Kartik Krishna Ekaadashi, Vikram Samvat 2067, Mangalvar Who Are We Doing Everything For? Part 2 (Continued) Bhagwaan
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      || Shree Hari ||
      Ram Ram

      2nd November, 2010, Tuesday
      Kartik Krishna Ekaadashi, Vikram Samvat 2067, Mangalvar

      Who Are We Doing Everything For? Part 2

      Bhagwaan says "Mamevaansho jeevaloke" (Gita 15:7). This Jeev (Atma,
      Spirit, Soul) is a part of me only" This jeev is consciousness,
      pure, and ever blissful – "Ishvar ansh jeev abinaashi. Chetan Amal
      Sahaj Sukh Raasi." (Manasa Uttar. 117:1). In this Jeev (Self, Soul)
      there is no inertness at all, therefore what remains to be done for
      it? There is no impurity in it at all, therefore what can we try to
      remove or get rid off? It is blissful at all times, therefore where
      will you bring joy to it from? Everything that you have acquired,
      will be separated from you. To depend on things that you have
      received, to take their support, to have expectation of gaining
      happiness from them, to give it importance – these are all the primary reasons for it's downfall. I plead you please understand this
      point, then it will be a very joyful.

      That which we have acquired will not stay with us; because we call a
      thing as acquired which we did not have in the first place, and will
      not remain with us at some time. But Paramatma and His ansh (part)
      the Jeevatma (empbodied soul, Self), were there before and will
      remain after. To place reliance on this body, wealth-possessions,
      house-family, etc. to depend on those things that we have received,
      to give it importance is a major reason for one's downfall. What use will be those things that after coming together depart for one that is Eternal? Yes! We can certainly make proper use of these
      things. But to depend on them, and to expect happiness from them is
      a mistake. The main mistake is that we take enjoyment from
      that which we get. The attraction, infatuation and attachment to
      happiness, is the main reason for bondage. This attachment is the
      primary obstacle and mistake that prevents one from achieving and
      reaching the highest pinnacles.

      Whatever work that is done, it begins with "non-doing" and ends
      with "non-doing". Thus all actions (karmas) will inevitably have a
      beginning and an end. Therefore from these actions (karmas) that
      have a beginning and an end, the fruit received will also have a
      beginning and an end. Every activity has a beginning and end, and
      every object has a coming together and parting. Both actions and
      objects are in nature. The embodied Soul (jivatma) is a part that
      only belongs to, That "Supreme Consciousness Element"
      (Paramatmatattva) that is entirely separate from nature. Therefore
      he who is attached to actions and things, and believes his progress
      to be in those terms, is in delusion.

      It is a very surprising thing that on getting wealth, we consider
      ourselves to be great! If we have become great due to wealth, is it
      the money that is great or are we great? Without that wealth we
      would be only small! This money is something that you have earned.
      This wealth comes to you and then goes away. If it stays with you,
      then you go away. It will definitely not stay with you. Similarly
      he that considers himself to be great due to his knowledge,
      abilities, position, entitlements etc, is also making a grave
      mistake. In reality, you yourself are so great, that it is from you
      that these thing have got their significance. It is because of you
      that the money has attained significance, it is because of you that
      the food has got meaning, it is because of you that clothes have a
      purpose. All the things in the world have attained significance
      because of you. But you on the other hand, think you are great
      because of all that you have – this is a mistake. To consider
      yourself great or superior because of all the things that you have
      acquired is a big mistake. If this mistake is wiped out, then
      equanimity will come automatically; because we are naturally and
      innately established in equanimity; It is not resulting from effort
      or skill. We are to perform actions only to get rid of the
      attachment to actions, not for the purpose of gaining anything. (to be continued)

      From "Satsang ka Prasaad" in Hindi pg 18-19 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.



      Titled "Karma kiske liye - 2? " November 2, 2010.


      P.S: Please pass on to friends and family. Remember ! There is no greater service to humanity than bringing another person closer to Truth, and you have that power in your hands right now.

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