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The Way to Live in this World (Oct 1, 2010)

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    ... Ram Ram 1st October 2010, Friday, Aashwin Krishna Ashthami Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236 The Way to Live in this World Gentlemen! Wife is
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      || Shree Hari  ||
      Ram Ram 

      1st October 2010, Friday, Aashwin Krishna Ashthami
      Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

      The Way to Live in this World

      Gentlemen!  Wife is also a place of pilgrimage!  Pilgrimage is Pilgrimage!  At home you have mother and father, the elders – the aged ones, they are all places of pilgrimage.  You disrespect them, you scold them.  You are in a very serious manner insulting them.  Even God cannot trust, those who censure and disrespect like this.  God does not trust a devotee that disrespects mother and father, in a wife that disrespects her husband,  the husband that disrespects his wife, those that disrespect and insult the family and cause pain and suffering.   Gentlemen!  Treat respectfully and hospitably, all those that are engaged in devotional worship, the elderly, the revered ones and those worthy of respect.   Behave properly with them.   When will you do it later?  Tell me?   This human birth will slip through your fingers then what will you do?   While the life-breath still remains, conduct yourself properly and serve all.  There will be immense benefits in the world, O'  great One!  Even the worlds beyond will be benefited.  God too will be pleased.  Saints, scriptures and great souls will be very happy.   Just as, on seeing the progress by a child, the mother and father are very happy, similarly the sages, saints, contemplative ones, the great men, they will all see your good conduct, good qualities and be pleased.  They will become very happy and filled with joy, knowing that these are very good children that are following the path of righteousness.   The sages, saints and God will all be served by this act.               


      "Aagyaa sam na susaahib seva"  To practice what is preached by the saints and sages, will be a great service to them.  "Sve sve karmanyabhiratah sansidhim labhate narah"  (Gita 18/45)   Devoted to his own inherent duty, man attains perfection (God Realization).  Therefore with great enthusiasm, with great intentness, serve!  And in the past if some mistakes have been made, then fall at their feet and ask for forgiveness.  The great men are ever ready to forgive.  Mother and father can forgive.   If you fall at the mother's feet, she will forgive.  Mother thinks about forgiving.  She does not consider it an offence.   Even if you excrete and urinate in her lap, then too she cleans it up. 

      A scholarly priest who said – I went to conduct a marriage ceremony; the ladies were adorned with silks, beautiful garments and jewelry.   A lady dressed in silks had a child in her lap that was exerting to urinate and defecate.   A woman sitting next to them said frantically and loudly – Watch Out!  The child is spoiling your clothes.  The mother said – Silence! Not so loud!  It will scare my little one and prevent him from completing his job, and become constipated and sick.   Madan Mohanji, a great scholar, and an ascetic from Kashi, had once shared this story.  He saw that the mother was so very tolerant.  Even though the other woman is warning her, that her beautiful sari will be ruined, then too she remained calm, not caring about her own clothes.   Who is like that in this world when it comes to serving?    (continued)

      From book "Sundar Samaaj ka Nirmaan"  in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji




      Titled "Sansaar mein Rehneka Tarika - 1"   dated Sep. 29, 2010.

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