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Art of Living in this World - 2 (Aug 1, 2010)

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    ... Ram Ram 1st August 2010, Sunday, Shravan Krishna Shashti, Ravivar Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236 Art of Living in this World - 2 (continued)
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      | Shree Hari ||

      Ram Ram

      1st August 2010, Sunday, Shravan Krishna Shashti, Ravivar
      Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

      Art of Living in this World - 2


      Question -  If we serve others, but they give us trouble, what should we do? 
      Answer -  If they give us trouble, we shall attain the state of benediction very quickly.  By serving others, there is renunciation and we attain the state of benediction, while the troubles inflicted by others destroy our sins.  The destruction of the sins purify the inner sense.  Thus we are doubly benefited. Our duty is to give comfort to others and to satisfy their desires, not to get comfort and to satisfy our desires.  In order to satisfy others desires, two points are important.  The first is that their desire should be just and the second is that it should be within our power to satisfy it.  If their desire is just, but it is not within our power to satisfy it, we should express our inability and ask for pardon.  But if we have got the power, we should satisfy their desire.

      Question -
         On doing so we will be unhappy.
      Swamiji -  We will become unhappy only when we desire something from them and they wont do it.  If we desire nothing from them, then how will be become unhappy?  We are simply here because of their happiness.  It is only for their comfort and relaxation that we are here.  Therefore our work is only to make them happy.

      Question -  What if they cause us to pain and sorrow? 
      Swamiji -  If they cause us pain and suffering then we will very quickly attain salvation.  If we serve them and they give us sorrow, then it will be twice as  beneficial.   One is that by serving without a desire for anything in return, renunciation will take place and secondly, when they give us pain and suffering then our sins will be destroyed, by which the previous impurities in our inner faculties will be purified.  And if we serve them with a spirit of selflessness, then new impurities will not arise in the inner faculty.  Therefore find out how others can become happiness. It is not our duty to desire something for ourselves. Our duty is to satisfy their needs.  To fulfill their needs, two things must be kept in mind -  the other person's needs are righteous, and we are capable of fulfilling them.  But if fulfilling it is beyond our capability, then fold your hands and apologize to him that "I am not capable, I do not have the strength, therefore please forgive me."  If you are capable then fulfill the person's wishes.  This is the way to live in this world.

      Thus live in the world like a lotus leaf.  The leaves of a lotus plant, unlike a piece of cloth doesn't get wet.  Water droplets simply stay on the surface, without getting soaked in.  In the same way if we live in the world not for us, but for others, then we too like the lotus leaf will not get tainted i.e. we will not get entangled in the world. Therefore live in this world only to serve others.  Whatever we have received from others, continue to give back to them, and do not desire anything in return.  In this way by serving others we shall get out of our old debt and by not desiring anything from them, new debts will not arise.  On the other hand if we don't serve them, we shall continue to be indebted to them and if we continue to desire something from them, then we shall run into new debt.      

      When a man dies we grieve.  For this grieving, there are two reasons.  The first is that we have taken happiness and comfort from him and not given him happiness and comfort.  And secondly, we hope to get happiness and comfort from him.  If we had not taken happiness and comfort from him, then we would not be grieving
      on his death.  When there is no affinity at all with a person, then we do not grieve on his death.  Just as when a 90-100 year old man dies, then we do not feel so much grief.  Some have even said that his death is like a wedding (reason to rejoice).  Now what is the reason for this?  That now there is no hope of gaining any happiness or comfort from him.  On does not aspire within as to the kind of comfort he will provide, the benefits he will provide.  However when a 20-25 year  old youthful man dies, then one grieves a lot; because there was hope of gaining happiness and comfort from him.  This hope itself is the main reason for sorrow -

      "Aashaa hi param dukham nairaashyam param sukham |  (Srimadbhaagavat 11/8/44) 

      Have no desire from them and simply attempt to fulfill their needs.  By not desiring and wishing from them, there will not be any sorrow on their death.  Just as when someone became very ill at the age of fifteen, and at the age of 25 all the doctors said  that he will not live much longer.  He will surely die.  Since we have been serving him for the past ten years, and have not taken anything from him, nor is there any hope of taking anything from him, then on his death, there will not be much pain and sorrow.  Because the sorrow and unhappiness does not come from his dying.  Sorrow is the fruit of our desiring and wanting something from him.    

      Live in the world, but do not desire any happiness from it, rather only give happiness.  Keep on serving, but within our selves, simply eradicate all desire to take anything, then we will learn the art of living in this world. We will be freed from all bondage!  Desire to take itself is bondage.  Our intellect has turned upside down, because we think that we shall be happy, if we are served.  By being served by others, we will become indebted to them, then how can we become happy?   A sinful man can become free, but one who is in debt cannot be freed.   A sinful man can repent for his sins, or suffer the consequences of his actions,  then he will be freed from his sins.  But he who is in debt, or one who has committed a crime against another, will only be freed when the other forgives him.  Thus as long as we remain in debt in this world, till then we cannot attain salvation.  Therefore
      serve selflessly from those that we have either taken service from or desire service from,  then we will become free of debts.   (to be continued)

      From book in Hindi "Kalyaankaari Pravachan"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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