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The key to immediate God-Realization - 1 (Jul 4, 2010)

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    ... Ram Ram 4th July 2010, Sunday, Aashadha Krishna Navami, Ravivar Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236 The key to immediate God-Realization - 1 The
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      || Shree Hari ||
      Ram Ram

      4th July 2010, Sunday, Aashadha Krishna Navami, Ravivar

      Vikram Samvat 2067,Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

      The key to immediate God-Realization - 1 


      The key immediate God-Realization is to have only desire for God-Realization. We think that like other worldly activities, we shall attain God-Realization by making effort.  But it is not at all applicable for God-Realization. God permeates every place, thing, time and man.  To attain that essence the inner desire is a must, because the Supreme-Essence is neither to be created, nor to be changed.  He is the same everywhere all the time.  The Supreme Spirit (Paramatma) has His full existence where you say "I am".  Therefore, we can attain Him by mere desire.  Nothing in the world except the Supreme Spirit can be achieved merely by desire.  The worldly things can be achieved by the combination of the three things – desire, effort and luck.  Suppose we want money.  To get it we should have desire, make an effort and have the luck, then only we can get it.  But God-Realization can be attained by mere desire. Desire will automatically lead to effort, though the attainment of the Supreme Spirit (Paramatma) does not depend on efforts; it is not the result of action. Whatever is created by action is perishable.  The Supreme Essence is neither born, nor attained by action, nor is perishable.  He is the same always.  We should have only desire to attain Him without having any other desire.  


      Time and distance are not obstacles to God Realization.   The only obstacle, is desire for  material things.  We are connected with the world only because we want our desire to be satisfied by the world. If we give up this desire, our affinity with the world will break-up, and as soon as we break up this affinity, we attain the Supreme Spirit.  He is already attained, but He can't be experienced because of our affinity with the world.  By having desires and making efforts we can achieve worldly things, but even if we achieve them, they have no value for the Self. 


      What seems like acquired (material things) will perish and you will get nothing but deception.  You will be deprived of God Realization.  The time and the human body will pass away.  Man has desire to acquire things which he lacks.  He has established the principle that the worldly progress is a great asset but it is wrong conception. If we attain the position which we could not attain earlier we think that we have made great progress. If I become rich or learned or famous, the people will say that I have achieved much reputation and honor from an ordinary man.  The so-called progress is merely an illusion because in the spiritual world wealth, knowledge, reputation and position actually have no value though they seem to be important to the worldly man.  But if we attain God Who is omnipresent, it is our bravery.  He who is ever existent can never be non-existent. 


      You are different from the material world.  You always remain unchanging and unaltered, while the world is changing all the time.  The childhood, the youth, the old age, the sickness, the health, the poverty and the riches all change but you always remain the same.  The material world cannot live with you and you cannot live with the material world.  No one including Brahma the creator of the world has got the power to live with the world.  The world also cannot live with them.  You are not established in the world.  There is a contraction between riches and poverty, sickness and health and childhood and youth. So how can they live together?   Similarly you exist and the world always changes. Therefore, how can you the unchanging, live with the world, which is always changing. You are not established in the world, you are established in the Superme Spirit (Paramatma) because you always remain the same, while the childhood, the youth and the old age all change. 


      When God is always established in you, how is it difficult to attain him?  It may be difficult, if you have to do any action, but you have to do nothing, therefore there is no question of its being difficult or easy. If you feel that this is a fact which can not be denied, why do you not accept it?  You yourself have created an obstacle.  You don't care to understand and accept this fact.  Santadasa says that in the world there are two kinds of people.  One like an owl and one like a crow.  They are neither worried about their being drowned nor have a desire to swim. 


      Our condition is like a crow and an owl because one can't see in the night and the other can't see in the day light, and we see neither at night, nor in the day light. The moment we keenly desire for God Realization, than He is attained.   When with deep anguish we try to find out what to do, where to go, whom to ask and how to attain Him, than He is attained.  Because by having this keen desire we get rid of other desires. So long as there are other desires, it means that our desire for God Realization is not supreme. To attain the Supreme Spirit, minimally we should have a supreme desire. Nothing can stand in comparison with Him.   

      From book "Benedictory Discourses" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji. 

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