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Why the Delay in God Realization - 2 (May 1, 2010)

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    ... Ram Ram 1st May 2010, Saturday, Vaishaka Krishna Chaturthi, Shanivar Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236 If you want to realize God, then
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      || Shree Hari ||
      Ram Ram

      1st May 2010, Saturday, Vaishaka Krishna Chaturthi, Shanivar
      Vikram Samvat 2067, Sri Krishna Samvaat 5236

      If you want to realize God, then establish a relation with Paramatma, not considering yourself to be female or male.  This body has been received and will depart.  If you get stuck in this body, then how will you realize Paramatma?  God Realization will take place when you establish a relation with Paramatma.  Whether one is a bad son or a good son, he is a son indeed.  Even the bad son is still a son, and so is the good one.  Therefore however we are, whether we are good or bad, we are only Paramatma's. God Realization takes place neither to a female, nor to a male.  If you want to get married then consider yourself to be male or female.  A female will get a male.  How can she get Paramatma?  Similarly a male will get a female, how can he get Paramatma?  

      Paramatma is attained by a sadhak (aspirant).  Sadhak is the Self (swayam), not the body.  Even liberation is of the Self, not the body.  Therefore we are neither female nor male.  Rather we are Paramatma's (God's) and God is ours.  We are no one elses.  And no one else is ours.  Establish a deep relationship with the one you want to attain.  In realizing God the sense of being female and male are obstacles.  Those who consider themselves to be female and male, these are both obstacles.  The one who considers himself to be female or male is living in the body only, then how will he realize God?  I am God's and God is Mine – if you accept this than a major task will be completed!  This is not an ordinary spiritual discipline.  Your species "jaati" will become the same as God's, which as such is already the same. 

      Pride of species, lineage, knowledge, school of thought etc. are all obstacles.  You are the same species as God.  Our real relationship is with God, all other relations are false.  We are a part of God -  Mamaivaansho Jeevloke (Gita 15/7).  We are not an part of this world.  We are direct son and daughter of God.  We became worldly male and female later on   -  "So mayabas bhayu gosaayi"  (Manasa, Utter. 117/2) 

      Here a doubt may arise that "I am God's daughter"  - that on accepting so, may be the sentiments of female may remain in us!  As such, it is not the case.   If the sentiments of being female remain in accepting a  relation with God, then it will be wiped out.  God's relationship is extraordinary as it cuts off all relations.  Because all relations are false,  but God's relation is genuine.  God has said that you are my very own "ansh," Mamaivaansho Jeevloke (Gita 15/7).  How can a false notion last is front of what is genuine and Truth?  However if you continue to only give importance to "I am male, I am female",  then how will this go away?   "jadapi mrushaa chootat katheenaayi"  Therefore other than God server everything else.  -  "Mere toh Giridhar Gopal, Dusero na Koyi." Whether you meet God, or do not meet Him all your life, whether He is beheld or not, but we are only God's.   Bharatji has said - 


      Jaanahu Ramu kutil kari mohi.  Log kahoo gur sahib drohee |

      Sita-Ram charan rati more, anudin badhaoo anugrah tore ||  (Manas, Ayodhyaa.  205/1) 

      However we are, we are God's.  If we are good, then we are God's, if we are bad, then too we are God's.  Just like a married lady cannot consider herself to be single from within.  Similarly a devotee of God does not consider any other relation as his own.  Even the worst of worst sinners,  even one with the worst conduct, can consider God as his very own.  Because  this belief is the Truth.  All other beliefs are false.  Even if thousands of people tell you that you are not God's, then tell them,  you do not know this. Even if God Himself says that you are not mine, then tell Him,  that you may have made a mistake,  but I am not mistaken !  You must be that sure and certain!  So sure you must be!  


      As abhimaan jaayi jani bhore, mein sewak Raghupati pati more | (Manas, Arandyakand 11/11) 

      In this manner, with a firm conviction if one develops feeling of "my very own" (apnaapan) with God then there will be no delay in God Realization.  


      From book in Hindi "Sab Saadhano ka Saar "  pg 33 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

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