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Let Your Life Support Be Only One (Jan 1, 2010)

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    ... Ram Ram 1st January 2010, Friday, Paush Shukla Purnima Surrender exclusively to God - this is the crux of the Gita. I am only Paramatma s (God s) and
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      || Shree Hari ||
      Ram Ram

      1st January 2010, Friday, Paush Shukla Purnima

      'Surrender exclusively to God' - this is the crux of the Gita. I am only Paramatma's (God's) and only God is mine. It is the deepest secret teaching, God has revealed to us in His kindness and grace. "Sarvaguhytam" (highest secret, best of all secrets) appears only once in the Gita. Let us be free of all our worries and take refuge in God. He has already accepted us. The delay is created by us, and only due to our fault/mistake. Do not depend on anything else (money, family, friends, wealth, property, etc.). Only depend exclusviely on God. As soon as we become God's, as soon as we become His "Yes Man" (Haa Maharaj), everything will be OK. We will instantly become free of all worries.

      Paramatma (God) takes care of everything. He too is happy when we only look to Him for support. As far as we are concerned, we are dependent only on Him. Let us do whatever we do, remembering Him at all times. This makes Him very happy. There will be no obstacles in our way. The obstacles will automatically disappear by His Grace.  Let us surrender our Self at the lotus feet of the Lord and be content, be satisfied.

      Haa Maharaj! Yes O' Great One!

      Let us be without any worries.  Let us be ever joyous.

      The child rests in peace as he knows that his mother is there with him. He does not need to know anything else. His life support is only One - His Mother. Similarly, our life support is only one - God. No matter what sort of a person we may be - good, bad or ugly.  He (God) is ready and willing to accept us with open arms. He has taken all of us in His care. We must regard Him as our only support.
      Bhagwaan (God) is incapable of leaving anyone, anybody or anything.  We leave God, but God never leaves us. He cannot leave us. True devotee is satisfied and content as he has only one support and that is God.

      Haa Maharaj! Yes! O' Great One!

      The deepest secret of the Gita is Surrender to God. Become His Yes Man!

      Yes Maharaj ! Haa Maharaj!

      Lord Krishna has said so at the end of the Gita.   "maamekum sharanam vraj"  "take refuge in Me alone"  It is the main principle of the Gita. God says that He shall free us of all our sins.  He has said - do not worry, do not be scared, do not doubt His words, do not question Him, do not feel sad.

      As a devoted wife serves everyone, but her only support is her husband, similarly
      we should serve everyone but have only God as our support. This is the essence of the Gita.
      Become only God's.

      Nothing else will stay with us, nothing else can stay with us. Not even the body which we call our own will stay with us. We came with nothing in this world and shall go with nothing from this world. Good, bad or ugly, however we are, we are His and He is ours. Have confidence in this and accept this.

      Haa Maharaj!  Yes Maharaaj! 

      Let us all give ourselves to God and live and enjoy life in accordance to His principles.

      Yes! Haa Maharaj!

      "Karishye Vachanam Tava"  "I will do as You say"

      Now simply rejoice! 

      Summary of discourse by Swami Ramsukhdasji on 17th April, 2004 at 5 a.m.

      Ram Ram

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