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Do Not Give Importance to the Impressions on the Mind - Part 2 (Dec 31, 2009)

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  • sadhak_insight
    ... Ram Ram 31st December, 2009, Thursday, Paush Shukla Chaturdashi Question: Objects in the outside world form impressions on our mind thus affecting us;
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      || Shree Hari ||
      Ram Ram

      31st December, 2009, Thursday, Paush Shukla Chaturdashi
      Question:  Objects in the outside world form impressions on our mind thus affecting us; what should we do in such situations?


      Posting from 30th Dec, 2009

      Do not value, do not give so much importance to the impressions.  When we seem to like something, when it appears pleasing or likable to us, then there is desire to acquire it.  Even on forming such an impression the inner sentiments must be such that this thing is not mine.  Instead of giving importance to the impressions made by the object, value the truth.  By considering the impressions as significant, you lose sight of the real fact.  From today onwards have a firm resolve that I will no longer accept the impressions, rather I will only accept the truth.  Impressions are formed sometimes, not all the time; but when you consider these to be permanent then that is a mistake.  In truth, you are not the body.  The body that you had in childhood, it is not there anymore, but you are the same. Therefore please have mercy, and kindly do not give any importance to the impressions.  One should only be influenced and affected by the Truth.  If an impression of the untruth is formed, then it should not be given any importance.  The truth is that we are not the body and the body is not ours. 

      On the path of liberation, on turning towards God, neither the gross, nor the subtle nor the causal body is of any aid.  The body is of use to the family, to the society, to the world.  It is of no use to us at all.  Therefore engage this body, keep it busy in the service of the family, society and the world at large; this is an extremely important and an invaluable point.  Accept this point, then you will be ever happy.  It is nothing but a plain misconception that with this body we will benefit, that we will gain. 

      Neither the gross, nor the subtle, nor the causal body will be of any use to us.  By understanding this point, one can benefit immensely. The gross body engages in actions (kriya). The subtle body, thinks and reflects (chintan).  The causal body fixates on constancy, steadiness (sthirtaa) and samaadhi (deep meditation, a state of trance).  Actions, thinking/reflecting, constancy-fixity, deep meditative trance all these are not for you.  Do not place reliance on these.  Fundamentally what is useful to you is non-entertainment of any thoughts.  In the scriptures, `Samaadhi' (deep meditative trance) has been highly glorified, but that too will not be of any use to you.   Neither actions, nor thinking/reflecting, nor constancy-fixity nor `samaadhi' will be of use to you.  Similarly concentration, Pranayama (breath control), and awakening of Kundalini etc. are all of no use to you.  These are all products of Nature (Prakriti), whereas you are a part (ansh) of Paramatman (God).  They are not of the same class as you.  You are separate from all these.  Your oneness is with Paramatma (God).  Whether you believe in monism (Advaita) or dualism (Dvaita), whether you follow the Yoga of Knowledge (Jnana) or devotion (Bhakti), minimally at least accept that which has no relationship with this body, is of no use to you (self). 


      Continued from 30th Dec, 2009

      If this world leaves an impression on you, then do not be concerned about it, simply do not accept it, then it will go away.  By giving importance to the impressions of the world, you are depriving yourself of great benefits.  Therefore if impressions are formed, let them be, but in your mind understand them to be unreal.  Unreal objects can only leave unreal (false) impressions, how can they be real?   When someone cheats you off your money, his talks appears true to you, you become enchanted by him and then only you get trapped in being cheated.  Similarly letting worldly impressions fall you is absolutely letting yourself be cheated.  It is stupidity.

      One very important point is that the impressions are made on the body-senses-mind-intellect, not on you (self).  Objects can affect other objects which are of a similar type; thus impression is never formed on the self, which is of a different class altogether.  This body, this world is inert, whereas you the self, is sentient.  How can inert affect the sentient?  Inert can only impress upon the inert (body). This is the absolute truth.  Understand this point right now then at this very minute all work will be complete!  It is due to the eyes that impressions of sight are perceived.  It is due to the ears that the impressions of sounds are heard.  The significant point is that the objects of a similar type affect each other.  Hence, whatever impressions occur, do not consider it real.  The essence of the self is not affected by anything.  It is entirely untouched, untainted - "Asango hyaayam purushah" (Brhad. Up. 4/3/15).

      If mind-intellect is affected, let them be affected.   Mind-intellect are not ours.  These have the same constituents as the objects that make an impression on them.

      From "Salvation of Mankind"  in English pg 19-20 and "Manav Maatre Kalyaan ke Liye"  in Hindi pg 23-24 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.   
      Ram Ram

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