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Our Existence Remains Always AS IS (Nov 2, 2009)

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    ... Ram Ram 2 nd November, 2009, Monday, Karthik Shukla Purnima Our existence (consciousness) remains always AS IT IS ! Remaining established in that
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      Shree Hari:  
      Ram Ram

      2 nd November, 2009,  Monday, Karthik Shukla Purnima

      Our existence (consciousness) remains always AS IT IS ! Remaining established in that existence is "Tattvajnana". (Realisation; Enlightenment) ; and to mix something into that existence (IS-ness)  is "Agyaan" (nescience/avidya - opposite of Jnana)! In our existence there is no Aham (ego) ; but by mixing "aham" (I-ness) into existence (IS-ness), the existence (holding power) of aham (I-ness) becomes visible and (thereby) one perceives the absence of (an otherwise) natural, self evident existence.  In other words you become "vimukh" (facing away) from that existence ! If there is no "aham" (ego) then there is no Jeeva (embodied soul), rather there is only Brahma !! Jeeva is only because of Aham (ego, I-ness) ! Drop is already a part of the ocean; but only because of maanyata (assumption/belief /acceptance ) it is seen separately from ocean. In fact there is existence only of the water ! In element called water, there is neither drop nor ocean !!

      Never has any one experienced an absence of Self, but the absence of world is experienced by all. In fact deficiency is only of (ever) deficient ; and experience is only of (ever) experienceable. There is no dust, there is no broom, nor is there any effort of cleaning, there is only house. Similarly: There is no world, no tools (organs) nor any effort of disconnecting with world, ONLY existence is there! Except Existence ( IS ) everything else is "assumed" !

      (The Jeeva) Who has "assumed" connection with Ahankaar (egoism) that Jeeva only becomes "karta"( the doer) of sins and virtues; and becomes the bhokta (enjoyer/sufferer) of the results thereof. Jeeva only becomes happy and sorrowful. Jeeva only gets bound or gets liberated. But "Self", existence form, neither becomes karta (doer), nor bhokta (enjoyer), nor happy nor unhappy !

      If you dont give importance (existence) to Ahankaar (egoism)- then there is neither ahankaar, nor Jeeva (provider of importance/existence) ! If you dont provide existence (importance) to "seen/scene" , then there is neither "scene" , nor "seer" (nor 'seeing') ! Existence form element is automatically AS IT IS ! In that (element) there is neither experiencing, nor experiencer nor experienceable (trinity); neither knower, nor knowledge, nor knowable,(trinity) rather there is "trinityless", stateless- mere experience form, mere knowledge form (element) !!

      From "Jin Khoja Tin Payiyea " pg 42-43 in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.  

      Ram Ram

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