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A Sadhak is Unmanifest, An Expression of Sentiments (Aug 2, 2009)

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    ... Ram Ram 2nd August, 2009, Sunday, Shravan Shukla Dvaadashi, Vikram Samvat 2066, Ravivaar Bhagwaan (God) says - Mayyaa tatmidam sarvam
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      : Shree Hari: 
      Ram Ram

      2nd August, 2009,  Sunday, Shravan Shukla Dvaadashi, Vikram Samvat 2066, Ravivaar

      Bhagwaan (God) says - "Mayyaa tatmidam sarvam jagadvyaktmoortinaa"  (Gita 9/4) "This entire Universe is pervaded by Me in My unmanifest form."  (Gita 9/4).  That which has a form is called an embodiment, personification, manifestation (moorti).  And that which has no form whatsoever, is call unmanifest, imperceptible form "avyakt moorti".  Just as Bhagwaan is an unmanifest, imperceptable form,  so a sadhak is also an unmanifest, imperceptable form -  "Avyaktohyamchityoyummavikaaryoyamuchyate"  (Gita 2/25) 

      A sadhak is not the body -  such talks are not in the scriptures, but in reality it is like that.  A sadhak is the "inner sentiments expressed through a body" (bhaav sharir).  A sadhak is a yogi (one with Equanimity,  united with the Divine).  He is not an enjoyer of sense pleasures (bhogi).  Bhog (sense enjoyments) and Yog (equanimity) are in conflict with each other.  An enjoyer of sense pleasures (bhogi) cannot be a Yogi (equanimous) and a Yogi cannot be a Bhogi.  A sadhak does not do any work, where his intellect gets gratification from sense enjoyments (bhog buddhi), rather he maintains equanimity "yog buddhi".  Equanimity is "yog" -  "samatvam yog ucchyate" (Gita 2/48).  Equanimity is also a sentiment "bhaav". Thus sadhak is "bhaav sharir"  i.e sentiments expressed through the body. 

      The "gross body" (sthool sharir) is changing every moment.  There is not a moment when the body does not change.  Paramatma has two Natures - "Prakritiyaan".  The body is "aparaaprakriti" and Jeev (embodied soul) is Aparaa prakriti.  Para prakriti is unmanifest, whereas Apara is manifest.  All beings in the beginning are unmanifest, then they manifest and later on they once again become unmanifest.  When one has a dream, then in the beginning one is awake, in between there is a dream and in the end he is once again awake.  Just like in the middle there is a dream, similarly all the beings are initially unmanifest, in between they manifest and in the end they once again become unmanifest.  If one has a dream then first one is awake, then in middle there is the dream state and in the end one is once again he is unmanifest.  Similarly all beings in the middle are manifest. 

      It is a principle that whatever is not there in the beginning and in the end, is not there in the middle as well -  "Aadaavante cha yannasti vartamaanepi tattathaa"  (Mandukyaa Karikaa).  Beings are unmanifest in the beginning and in the end;  therefore even though they appear to have a form, as such they are only formless. In a manifested form, no two individuals are alike, but in unmanifest form, all in all they become one.  Therefore in unmanifest form, all can attain Paramatma.  That which is attainable by all, He alone can be Paramatma.  That which is attainable by a few and not by others cannot be Paramatma, rather it is the world.  Therefore God Realization takes place in the unmanifest form or in an unmanifest state. 

      From "Param Vishraam Ki Praapti"  in Hindi pg 15 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

      Ram Ram

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