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Let There Be No Insistence of a Particular Sect or Communal (July 1, 2009)

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    ... Ram Ram 1st July, 2009, Wednesday; Aashaad Shukla Navami, Vikram Samvat 2066, Budhvaar Question: The custom of making someone your Guru, what is that ?
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      : Shree Hari: 
      Ram Ram

      1st July, 2009, Wednesday; Aashaad Shukla Navami, Vikram Samvat 2066, Budhvaar

      Question:  The custom of making someone your Guru, what is that ? 

      Answer:  The custom of making someone a Guru is an assertion of communal entities, an established doctrine. Wherever there are religious communities and sects with their specific assertions, their it is not possible to attain enlightenment, there is no opportunity whatsoever for attaining essential knowledge.  It is the insistence of the religious sects or communities that prevents such cognition and right understanding.  And wherever there is comprehensibility of the divine (boddh), there the assertion and insistence of following a particular doctrine or religious sect does not remain. 

      If within there is intense longing of Truth, then all the inner insistences will be devoured by the fire, and right understanding will manifest.  But in what manner this right understanding will come about, no one can tell; because Bhagavaan (God) has many ways to teach, which Bhagavan alone knows. 

      Question:  You have said that through sects / communals (saampradaaya) one cannot attain enlightenment, then why are these various sects formed?

      Answer:  Those men that have become great in the eyes of people,  that masses believe them to be great, and further along the followers also started taking forward the principles and it's propagation thus initiating a sect.

      There are many sects that believe in the Vedas, scriptures, Bhagavaan (God) and manifestations of Bhagavaan (avataars); but of these sects, how far ahead have they reached that who knows?  Thus those men who desire their supreme welfare (upliftment) they must be insistent of only their salvation (supreme good), and not be insistent on a particular sect / communal. 

      If some sects  follow the Vedas, and are aligned with the scriptures, it is a good thing, but it is not a rule, it is not a law, that by becoming part of that sect that one can attain salvation.  The point of all this is that talks that lead to salvation are very personal and private, they are dependent on one's intense quest, and are not dependent on a particular sect / communal.  Therefore man must not be insistent on any one particular sect / communal, because supreme good (salvation, kalyaan) only happens on having a powerful, intense inner longing (lagan) and quest for Truth.      

      Question:  "Guru Govind dono khade, kaake laagu paay Balahaari Gurudev ki, Govind diyo bataaye." "when both Guru and God are standing in front of you, then whose feet should I prostrate to? The power lies with the Guru, who has shown us Govind (God).  What is the significance of this couplet ? 

      Answer:  Through a Guru when God is seen, then it is Guru's greatness and power; because they have made us behold (darshan) God.  If the Guru has not made us behold God, then making such a statement is a deceit. 

      Just like when asked, "did the father come first or the son came first?"  Then initially the only answer that is given is first the father is born, and then the son.  But in essence, when seen more deeply, it becomes apparent that it is only when the son is born, that a man gets the title of a "father".  If a child is not born, then the title of "father" is not proven.  Similiarly, when the disciple (student) attains enlightenment (boddh), when he beholds God, then the status of a "Guru" is claimed (proven, perfected).    

      From "Sacchaa Guru Kaun?" in Hindi page 26-29 by Swami Ramsukhdasji    

      Ram Ram
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