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Why the Difficulty in Attainment of God? (June 3, 2009)

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    ... Ram Ram 3rd June, 2009, Wednesday; Jeshtha Shukla Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2066, Budhvaar Question: From all that is being heard and read, God Realization
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      : Shree Hari:  

      Ram Ram

      3rd June, 2009, Wednesday; Jeshtha Shukla Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2066, Budhvaar

      Question: From all that is being heard and read, God Realization seems easy, then why the difficulty in attainment?

      Swamiji:  Our beliefs come in the way. We think God Realization is similar to acquiring worldly things. We see it as a process (that reqires a step by step approach) of reaching somewhere. This belief is the main obstical in God Realization. Worldly objects are acquired by actions (Karma), while God is attained purely by faith and realization. Worldly goods have to be created or purchased, while God is neither to be created or acquired from anywhere, God is 100% present, he exists at all places, all times, in all things, in all persons, in all conditions and all circumstances etc, with no change what so ever.

      Only a keen desire, an immense longing, vigorous search is essential, without which He is difficult to realize. The reason for the absence of eagerness is the identification with the world, with the body, with enjoyment of pleasures.  Just like a fish that is caught in a net is unable to free itself, similarly a person trapped in worldly pleasures is unable to turn towards God, Not only this, but a man attached to worldly pleasures and prosperity cannot even have a
      determinate intellect to realize God.

      Relishing worldly pleasures is an insult to one's discrimination. If a person gives due importance to his discrimination, then he will no longer indulge in worldly enjoyments and pleasures, especially with full knowledge that they are not permanent. Without considering them permanent, he cannot enjoy them. On awakening of one's discrimination, one's interest is no longer concentrated on the body, but on the eternal Self. Therefore we must give importance to our discrimination. When nothing is static, it is constantly moving towards
      destruction, on comprehending this, would there be any attachment to temporary

      From "All is God" in English by Swami Ramsukhdasji, Page 22

      Ram Ram

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