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Exclusive Refuge in only God (June 1, 2009)

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    ... Ram Ram 1st June, 2009, Monday; Jeshtha Shukla Ashthami, Vikram Samvat 2066, Somvaar Exclusive Refuge in only God (Gita 18:66) Maamekum Sharanam Vraja
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       : Shree Hari:  

      Ram Ram

      1st June, 2009, Monday; Jeshtha Shukla Ashthami, Vikram Samvat 2066, Somvaar

      Exclusive Refuge in only God (Gita 18:66)

      "Maamekum Sharanam Vraja" Gita 18:66 - in this verse the term "Ekum" (only one, alone) stands for exclusive, undivided. Since "maam" (God) is only one, not many, therefore it is fitting and appropriate to understand the meaning of "Ekam"  here as "exclusivity". Also Arjun, using the term "Ekam" in topics of Sankhya Yoga and Karma Yoga in "Tadekam vad nischitya" (Gita 3:2) and "Yaschreya etayorekam" (Gita 5:1), had asked Lord Krishna to tell him definitely the one discipline by which without any doubt he can attain bliss (realization). Taking the same verses with "Ekam" God here intends to show that whatever different yoga paths there are to realize God, whether it be Sankhya yoga, Karma yoga or any other, of all the spiritual practices, the best discipline of all to attain bliss (God Realization) is one of "exclusive" refuge in only God (Sharanagati).

      In the Gita, Arjun has asked many questions with reference to the spiritual practices to attain his salvation, and God has even responded to those questions. Inspite of all the different spiritual practices, on seeing the Gita message at the end, it becomes clear that the essence of all the spiritual practices and the crown jewel of all spiritual disciplines is taking exclusive
      refuge in only God.

      In the Gita, God has time and again laid down the great emphasis on the merit of exclusive devotion.

      "Those that take refuge in Me alone, cross over this divine delusion of Mine." (Gita 7:14);  

      "I am easily attainable to the Yogi (ascetic) who always and constantly thinks of Me, with undivided mind." (Gita 8:14);

      "For those men that worship Me alone, I provide, what they do not have and preserve what they already have." (Gita 9:22);

      "Through single minded devotion, I can be seen, known and even entered into" (Gita 11:54);

      "I speedily deliver from birth and death,those who meditate on Me, with single minded devotion" (Gita 12:6-7);

      "Those who worship Me with exclusive devotion, transcend the three modes of nature" (Gita 14:26).

      Thus, having described the merit of exclusive devotion, the Lord gives the quintessence of the entire gospel of the Gita by declaring, - "Take refuge in Me alone,". It means that both the means, as well as, the end are God and God alone.

      Ram Ram

      From "Sadhak Sanjivani" in Englishi by Swami Ramuskhdasji

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