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How to Serve - Part II (Dec 29, 2008)

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    ... Ram Ram 29th December, 2008, Monday Paush Shukla Dvitiya, Vikram Samvat 2065, Somvar Question: For serving, neither do we have money, nor any power, nor
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      : Shree Hari :
      Ram Ram

      29th December, 2008, Monday
      Paush Shukla Dvitiya, Vikram Samvat 2065, Somvar

      Question: For serving, neither do we have money, nor any power, nor
      any intellect, nor any ability, nor any capability. Also, we don't
      have any material goods, but we want to serve, so how should we do

      Answer: (continued from Dec 28, 2008)

      Gist of Dec 28, 2008 - A very good question. Serving means - others
      are benefited and are happy. i.e. At present he is happy and in
      future he is benefited (liberated). Therefore heartily unite and
      become saddened by the sorrow of others and joyful in other's
      happiness - this service can be done without any money, without any
      power, without any other things. By serving with money etc., egoism
      creeps in, others are disrespected. We think we are serving, but in
      reality we are fighting/causing disharmony.


      What sentiments do we have within on one who does not believe in our
      teachings, does not believe in our principles, rather opposes our
      principle, our beliefs/doctrines/notion, opposes our spiritual-
      practice; yet propagates Divine Name (Ram-naam), tells people to
      chant Divine Name etc? We like the idea of him propagating the
      Divine Name (Ram naam) but we dislike the part where people are
      chanting the Divine Name by listening to him and following him.
      This is because he opposes our principle, our doctrines/notion,
      opposes our spiritual-practice etc. In this manner we do not give as
      much importance to spreading the Divine Name, as we give importance
      to the divergence of view/opposition. We are not lovers of the
      Divine name; but we are lovers of our preaching, we are lovers of
      our guru (spiritual guide). If you believe in our guru then
      everything is all right, but if you don't believe in our guru, then
      even by chanting Divine-name you will not gain anything- this is the
      attitude of a man of a particular system of opinions/doctrines. In
      reality if we truly adore the glory of the Divine name, then even on
      hearing the glory from the most atheist of atheist, from the
      lowliest of low men; it should make us happy within, it should fill
      our hearts with joy that ┬śWow, he has said such a wonderful thing".
      This is called service (seva).

      Another person's charitable work of suppying free food is going very
      well. He serves very good food and respects everyone. He is praised
      and honored by people. We too open a charitable entity, offering
      free food, but people do not glorify us, then do we feel jealous
      within or not? If we feel jealous then people have not been served
      properly. In reality we should be happy that he serves delicious
      food and we serve ordinary food. The charitable work which we are
      doing, if any other person also starts doing it then it sprouts
      jealousy, hatred in us. In such a case, we are not serving; it is a
      delusion that we are serving.

      By whatever means, through anyone, if service takes place, then we
      should be happy. Those who are serving, by seeing them and those who
      are being served, by looking at them, we should be happy that ┬śWow,
      it is such a wonderful thing! Even if we do not have a single penny
      to spend, but if we concur to the service and join in the happiness,
      then through us service has taken place! Now tell me, what is the
      difficulty in doing this? Nothing is required for this, only heart
      is required. Service is not provided through material things, but
      through the heart. (to be continued)

      From "Saadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu" in Hindi page 191-192 by Swami

      Ram Ram

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