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The Self is Free from Mineness, Egoism and Desire (Nov 3, 2008)

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    ... Ram Ram 3rd November, 2008, Monday Kaartik Shukla Panchami, Vikram Samvat 2065, Somvar This country, this city, this town, this house is not our Home. Our
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      : Shree Hari :
      Ram Ram

      3rd November, 2008, Monday
      Kaartik Shukla Panchami, Vikram Samvat 2065, Somvar

      This country, this city, this town, this house is not our Home. Our
      Home is God's home. We are His ansh (part of Paramatma). This is
      the easiest of all. We are mere travellers in this world. Only God
      is mine. We have to go to our own home. "Ishvar Ansh, Jeev
      Avinaashi, Chetan, Amal, Sahaj Sukhraashi". The entire Universe is
      merely an evolute of Nature. 'All our five senses and our mind
      (intellect) are all established in Prakriti (Nature)' (Gita 3:27).
      There is no you, me, this, that. "manasashtaani indiryaani" The
      five elements, mind, intellect and ego are all part of the lower
      nature while the Self is the Higher Nature. We are truly the
      essence, the part, the element of Paramatma. We should not get
      established in egoism, we should get established in God.

      'The self, though situated in the body, neither acts nor gets
      tainted.' (Gita 13:31). It is due to egoism, it believes it is the
      doer. This is not our work. We being a part (ansh) of Paramatma,
      He being the father, it is all His. If we become established in
      God, and not in egoism, our work will be done. This Nature and it's
      evolutes are not ours. Egoism, being a part of Nature, it is
      inert. Even though being established in this body we are neither
      doers, nor enjoyers. "I am" this I has been attached to "am" but
      actually we are only "IS" (Hu). All of this due to the illusive
      powers of Maya, makes us attach "I" to it. Just like "I slept
      well". All these things in nature are established in nature, but we
      are not any of these things. Due to having affinity we nature, we
      develop a relationship with gunas (qualities) such as purity,
      passion, inertia etc. It is due to egoism alone that it considers
      itself to be the doer. The minute he believes he is doer, he
      becomes the enjoyer. But if you are not a doer, how can you be the
      enjoyer. You are not in the least bit the doer. The department of
      the senses, is separate from the Self. Only the gunas (qualities)
      do. It is due to this sangh (association) with gunas (qualities)
      that man becomes trapped. But the truth is we are Nirgun (without
      any attributes and qualities). Inspite of residing in this body, we
      are beyond, qualities and attributes. Just like the sun - though it
      lights up the entire world, it neither acts, nor gets attached to
      any action that is done in its light. This is all very clear. Lot
      of good and bad work takes place in the light of the Sun. but the
      Sun has nothing to do with it. It is due to affinity with the
      gunas, that one becomes the doer, or the enjoyer. This is false
      association. "Anaaditvaa, nirgunaatvaa" I am not in them and they
      are not in Me. During sound sleep, the self always remains though
      the mind, ego and intellect merge in ignorance. The Self is free
      from mineness, egoism and desire. We should realise and accept this
      fact. We should therefore detach ourselves from these. It is
      only because of our created attachment to these that the Self is not

      A man of perverse understanding looks upon the Self as the doer. He
      does not see the Truth. (Gita 18:16). Gita 18:17 is a very
      important verse. 'He who is free from egoism and whose intellect is
      not tainted, though he may slay all beings, he neither slays, nor is
      bound.' This is a fact. It is the Truth. Therefore there is no
      doership in the Self. There is no egoism (Nahamkrito bhaavo). Such
      a great point. This bondage, this attachment, this ignorance, is
      all not in us, it is totally apart and separate from Us (Self). He
      who sees with the light of knowledge (jnaana chakshu, vivek
      chakshu), truly sees. Paramatma gives Arjun divya chakshu (divine
      vision) to be able to see this. But we can get to see this with
      Jnana chakshu (with light of knowledge), light of scriptures.

      We (Our Self) are different from the body. This is perceived by the
      eyes of wisdom. Human life is meant to be perceived by the eyes of
      wisdom. Satsang gives light. Darkness is wiped out completely.

      Summary of the morning discourse of Swami Ramsukhdasji on (14th
      March, 2004) at 5.20 a.m.

      Ram Ram
      Radhe Radhe

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