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Prayer to My Father (Nov 2, 2008)

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  • sadhak_insight
    ... Ram Ram 2nd November, 2008, Sunday Kaartik Shukla Chaturthi, Vikram Samvat 2065, Ravivar Prayer - Oh Father! Now, you will have to shower your grace on me.
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      : Shree Hari :
      Ram Ram

      2nd November, 2008, Sunday
      Kaartik Shukla Chaturthi, Vikram Samvat 2065, Ravivar

      Prayer -

      Oh Father! Now, you will have to shower your grace on me. Whether I
      am good or bad, however I am, I am Your child. Leaving You, where
      else can I go? Who should I talk to? Who will listen to me? This
      world is a jungle (like a huge forest). Asking from the world, is
      like crying helplessly in the forest. Besides you, there is no one
      else that will listen. Oh Great King (Maharaj) ! Who can I tell all
      this to? Who will feel any compassion for me? If I had good
      qualities, some distinguishing characteristic, then may be someone
      may possibly listen to me.

      Who will listen to a sinner? who will listen to one with no good
      qualities? Who will keep me with them? Oh Father! my Govind, my
      Gopal ! It is Only You, that keeps the cows and the bulls with you
      to provide them pastures (charaa). I am just like the bull! Totally
      an untamed creature! Only you can fill that role of providing. Who
      else is there that has the courage to accept me? Who has such
      strength, such courage ? What happiness or gratification can I
      provide to another? By taking me in also, what will they do? By
      giving me food, shelter, clothes, spending money, what will they
      gain from me? Who will take care of such a worthless individual? If
      there were some good qualities / characteristics, then they may take
      me in. It is because of your compassion, that somehow I get by,
      otherwise who would care?

      Oh Lord, even on acquiring a little qualification, I become
      arrogant. The talent is so very little, but I begin to believe that
      I am great, I am capable, I am a special devotee, I am an orator, I
      am so very clever, I am so smart, I am intelligent, I am a renouncer
      (tyaagi), I am so detached. I am filled with pride, Oh Bhagwaan. I
      have heard that you dislike the arrogant ones and you love those
      filled with humility. Since you do not like pride, you remove it
      from me. Take it away from me. A child that has been playing in the
      dirt, but is longing to climb into his mother's lap, the mother
      herself will have to cleanse him. Who else will do that? Will the
      mother take him in, only if the child takes a bath by himself? Who
      will cleanse me off these impurities? Father, if you do not like my
      impurities, You only will have to take that task upon yourself,

      Oh Father (He Naath), You are everything for me. Besides you, who
      else is there? Who will take someone like me and give me a hug?
      Therefore, Oh Father, knowing me to be yours, have mercy on me. Do
      this only out of your compassion and mercy, my Father.

      From "Bhagwaan Aaj hi mil sakte hai" by Swami Ramsukhdasji

      Ram Ram
      Radhe Radhe

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