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Remain Ever Alert ! (Sep 30, 2008)

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  • sadhak_insight
    ... Ram Ram 30th September, 2008, Tuesday Ashwin Shukla Pratipada, Vikram Samvat 2065, Mangalvar So partra dukh paavayi sira dhuni dhuni pachitaai kaalahi
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      : Shree Hari :
      Ram Ram

      30th September, 2008, Tuesday
      Ashwin Shukla Pratipada, Vikram Samvat 2065, Mangalvar

      "So partra dukh paavayi sira dhuni dhuni pachitaai
      kaalahi karmahi isvarahi mithyaa dosa lagaai." (Manas 7:43)
      "he reaps torture in the other world and beats his head in remorse,
      wrongly attributing the blame on Time, Fate and God." (Manas

      He who wastes his time away, is incurring a great loss. That time
      which is for the contemplation of God, is engaged in sensuous
      enjoyments (bhoga). That time which is for benefiting others, for
      doing their service, that is instead being utilized in dragging them
      down, seeking favors from them - all this can result in great
      losses. Stay away from such losses and become Alert ! Even if
      animals are alerted and made cautious, they become alert ! Even a
      camel when instructed "Caution ! Careful! then he too begins to
      behave well, and same with a donkey. It is only man who by his own
      self has to become alert.

      Even and animal can understand what is told to him, just like by
      nudging a horse or an elephant, he begins to follow directions and
      give the riders a ride. But intelligent men, without any spoken
      words, are able to understand subtle things, because their intellect
      is capable of understanding the inner sentiments of others.

      Man has the capability of becoming alert on his own, but he is not
      utilizing this ability, he is wasting his time just like the birds
      and animals ! Here he is watching T.V., he is watching plays, but
      over there the King of Death is on his way ! Death is nearing !
      Right now the time that has been made available, is not to be wasted
      away. It has been given to engage in the best of best works.

      The two main works that he has is serving others and remembering
      Bhagwaan (God). You are able to take service from animals and trees
      etc., but they are not able to serve of their own will. The
      intellect and the capability to serve others has been given only to
      human beings, no one else has this capability. Similarly
      remembering Bhagwaan (God), to love Him, to have the inner
      sentiments that I belong to Bhagwaan and He is Mine, this too is
      only possible in human birth. Therefore man has to be alert at all
      times, he must be ever careful, ever cautious. In your house, write
      down in big letters and post it every where, so that your attention
      goes to it intermittently and you remain ever alert !

      The time being utilized very fast. When it is used up, at that very
      moment, you will have to die. Why are you dying? Because there is
      no more time remaining to stay alive. However intelligent you may
      be, however strong you may be, however much money you may possess,
      however big your empire may be, you have everything at your
      disposal, but at the time of death, it will be of no use.

      Therefore remain Alert ! There is a very simply - straight-forward
      solution, begin to recite "Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram " and within keep
      repeating every so often "Oh Father, Oh Master ! (He Naath). Bless
      me such that I may never forget you. "Mein Aapko Bhooloon Nahin".
      Rememberance of Bhagwaan, can destroy all adversities. "Hari
      smritih sarva vipadvimokshanam" (Srimad Bhagavad 8:10:55). It is
      a very straighforward, easy and a point of great importance. Only
      thing required is Caution ! Alertness! that the time is not
      wasted away. Even the recitation of one name, even if that much
      time is wasted away, it is a great loss.

      Ram Ram

      From "Saadhan, Sudhaa, Sindhu" in Hindi pg 671 and "Be Good" in
      English pg 48 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

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