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That All Pervading Divinity Alone Is Our Nature (May 31, 2008)

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    ... 31st May, 2008, Saturday Jyeshtha Krishna Ekadashi, Vikram Samvat 2065, Shanivar In the Self there is no doership or enjoyership in the least bit - naivam
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      :Shree Hari:

      31st May, 2008, Saturday
      Jyeshtha Krishna Ekadashi, Vikram Samvat 2065, Shanivar

      In the Self there is no doership or enjoyership in the least bit - "naivam cinchitkaroti sah," (Gita 4:20), "naiva cinchitkaromeeti" (Gita 5:8). Whatever actions have been performed in the 8.4 million forms of life, none of them can reach the Self, because the department of Self is totally different from the department of action. So long as a spiritual aspirant performs actions for himself, his sense of doership (egois) persists, because without a sense of doership, performance of an action for one's own self cannot be proven. Therefore those spiritual disciplines which are practices for one's own salvation, continues to keep the ego safeguarded as-is. Whatever actions are done with egoistic notion cannot ever lead to one's upliftment and salvation, because egoism is the root cause of bondage (cycle of birth and death). Therefore a spiritual aspirant should not give importance to activity, and instead give importance to the Self.

      The body's relationship is with the world, and the Self's relationship is with Supreme Consciousness (God). The body is a part of Nature, whereas the Self is a part of Supreme Consciousness. Rather, it is not possible for the Self to be ever established in the body. But man out of his ignorance, assumes himself to be established in the body. In this there is a vital fact that a man inspite of assuming himself to be established in the Self, does in fact not become a doer or enjoyer - "sharirasthopi kaunteya ne karoti ne lipyate." (Gita 13:31). It proves that the realization of the Self as not being a doer or enjoyer is not attainable through any spiritual practices, rather it is a natural state. Therefore a spiritual aspirant is not to try to wipe out doership and enjoyership, rather he is not to accept it at all in the Self; because in reality, they are not in him. In Gita, God has explained the abscence of enjoyership by giving the illustration of ether and the
      abscene of doership by giving the illustration of the sun

      "As the all pervading ether due to it's subtleness, cannot be tainted, so the Self (Soul, Atma), being omnipresent and permeating everywhere, is not tainted by the body." (Gita 13:32)

      "Yatha sarvagatam saukshmyaadaakaasham nopalipyate
      sarvatraavasthito dehe tathaatmaa nopalipyate." (Gita 13:32).

      Divinity (existence) cannot rest in the body or in Nature (prakriti). It is all pervading like ether - "nitya sarvagatah" (gita 2:24). It pervades all bodies, within and without. That all pervading divinity alone is our nature.

      From "Manav Maate Kalyaan Ke Liye" in Hindi pg 92, in English pg 94 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

      Ram Ram

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