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It is Essential for a Guru to be Realized Soul and Well-Versed in Scriptures (May 5, 2008)

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  • Sadhak
    ... 5th May, 2008, Monday Baisakh Krishna Amavasya, Vikram Samvat 2065, Somvar Tadviddhi pranipaatena pariprasnena sevayaa Upadeksyanti te jnaanam
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      :Shree Hari:

      5th May, 2008, Monday
      Baisakh Krishna Amavasya, Vikram Samvat 2065, Somvar

      "Tadviddhi pranipaatena pariprasnena sevayaa
      Upadeksyanti te jnaanam jnaaninatattvadarsinah." (Gita 4:34)

      "Understand that essential knowledge, by going to a Self Realized, Great Soul. By your obeisance and humble reverence, by serving him and with a simple straightforward heart questioning him, that great self-realized soul, will instruct you, in (that) knowledge of Truth (jnana)." (Gita 4:34)

      Comments - After describing in detail the method of attaining the essential Knowledge of Truth, then let us say, God is intending to express that simply by making someone a Guru, one cannot attain knowledge of Truth (jnana), and simply by making someone a disciple the Guru's duties are not complete. When one goes to a realized, great Soul, prostrates at his feet (surrenders to him), does all activities according to his instructions, and expresses one's keen quest and inquiry into the essential nature, then the Guru, will instruct the aspirant in the essential knowledge of Truth, without engaging in a Guru-Disciple relation.

      From whomever this knowledge of truth is attained, it is essential that that great Soul be realized and well-versed in the scriptures. If he is realized, but is not well-versed in the scriptures, then he will be unable to satisfactorily respond and remove the doubts of the spiritual aspirant's intense quest for learning and knowledge of Truth. If he is well-versed in the scriptures, but is not a realized Soul, then his messages will not be solid, firm, and geniune and therefore it will not have any influence or effect on the aspirant towards attaining realization.

      Of the two, realized soul and one who is well-versed in scriptures, being a realized soul is more important. In a realized soul, the knowledge of the scriptures is attained automatically. It is only from the words and messages of realized great souls that these scriptures were compiled. Their words are automatically and naturally in alignment with the scriptures.

      From "Gita Prabodhani" in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji pg 118

      Ram Ram

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